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Thought I should make a thread dedicated to the things I create that even I have no explanation for, and this happens a lot.


These are videos, renders, animated GIFs, and even some games/demos I slap together in Unity3D


Anything with blood, sexual references, or harsh language I will be putting behind spoiler tags

just for notice.


Okay, first off, a pair of gifs I have made for forum reactions (maybe a third), but haven't had the heart to use.


I suppose not, lets go!




That was the first, and bound not to be the last amount of spoiler'd content.


Then we have a couple from Augmented Reality, which is a lot of fun may I say





After playing with this program named 3D-Coat for a bit, I had made a LOT of horrors...

Some examples include a couple of things in Team Fortress 2 currently, skins.


that IS Nigel Thornberry's head, yes.


3D-Coat has caught a lot of madness from me, so here are some more things I concocted






That last one is Creepy Faced Woody, from the meme.


Before I lay off this post for now, one last thing. For those who have seen/been scarred by my Amy Rose video... I have made a 3D Version of the mask/outfit....



Okay, that is all for now. Sorry for the incoming nightmares

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