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I'm extremely, extremely bored. Link me to any one pony episode, and I will watch it in its entirity. I will only give you this one chance to make me think the show is worth my time.

Sisterhooves Social.

I watched that nearly everyday.


And before I could send this message, ninja'd. I don't dislike Lesson Zero, but I'm not sure if it's the best suggestion for first episode...

Lesson Zero is one of the best season 2 episodes.

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I suddenly wish my birthday was March 20th...

June 6th is not that bad I guess, I'll just have to settle with recreating the battle of Normandy on D-Day with my army of Mayor Mare clones.

You'll have to go through my army of Apple Bloom battle ninja clones, first.

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>Destroyed Equestria with best pony.



Anyway, you can now vote in this little poll for the episodes you want to see in the "We Ponies" Mare-A-Thon.

Of course, this might not be so interesting for us international bronies, but it would be nice to see the final results. (I don't think the Hub is going to be giving numbers though, I'm just going to expect one of you to watch the whole thing and say which episodes were shown)

le episodes I chose list: (in no particular order)

- Suited For Success

- Bridle Gossip

- Green Isn't Your Colour

- The Best Night Ever

- Lesson Zero

- Dragonshy

- Sisterhooves Social

- Winter Wrap Up

- Sweet And Elite

- Secret Of My Excess

*feels like picking pokeymans for battle*

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Forever tied to Zecora?

If my birthday were one day earlier, I'd have been tied to Pinkie instead. Why couldn't you push me out a little earlier, Mom? :V

(so when do I go about doing this? Today is my birthday after all)

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