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Animated music: Chemical Plant zone

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Woah, that's a pretty interesting idea there dude. Pretty awesome seeing how you interpret the music through some simple shapes and patterns. What are you using to make this stuff and what brought you to the idea? Awesome work, seriously.


I am currently using Adobe Flash


but people tell me that I should learn to use Adobe After effects.



I've also done the rival theme from Pokemon Black and White 2

and Thriller from Michael Jackson


it is a pretty long story about how I came up with this idea


but this is the short version


I was just listening to a song and listened to each individual instrument.

And I just thought that someone should animate it to show all of those instruments, so people could hear those instruments better when they can actually see them move.

so when I found out that nobody had done it before, I just went with the idea and just animate some of my favourite video game songs.

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This reminds me heavily of synesthesia which is a condition I've always wondered if I have (but instead of sights, sound triggers emotion?). Either way, I was almost mesmerised by your videos, so for that I say a job well done. 


It's interesting how you've paired certain colours with certain sounds too.. I find that interesting smile.png

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