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The Last Guardian

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You guys act like the PS3 is dead or something. Persona 4 was a late PS2 title and that didn't stop it from selling well and getting critical acclaim. Persona 5 is a PS3 game too. I'm pretty sure The Last Guardian is staying on PS3.


And none of Team ICO's games are that short so.. nothing to worry about.

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So, IGN Russia reported that the game has been cancelled, but Sony's Scott Rohde has reaffirmed that the game has NOT been cancelled.


I was wondering what the fuss on Twitter was about this.. seems like it's a whole lotta nothing.


It's nice to know the game is still being made, but development hell is development hell.

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So we're still stuck on the merry go round of knowing nothing about Last Guardian's development or release? Gnnnnhhh..

Well there's no big Sony exclusive coming out later this year on PS4 since Uncharted 4 was delayed. Maybe E3 will announce the Last Guardian to replace it?? 8D

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