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The North Korea Thread: Threats, Propaganda and a brewing Holocaust


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SEOUL, South Korea — The U.S. Geological Survey said Tuesday
it had detected a magnitude 4.9 earthquake in North Korea, but neither
Pyongyang nor Seoul confirmed whether North Korea had conducted its
widely anticipated third nuclear test.

The South Korean Defense Ministry said it was trying to determine
whether North Korea had conducted a nuclear test. Nuclear blasts can
create tremors but they are distinct from those caused by natural


North Korea's powerful politburo vowed to continue firing
"powerful long-range rockets," but a statement Tuesday made no mention
of Pyongyang's promise to conduct a nuclear test.

The United States and its allies have been on edge since North Korea
said last month it will conduct its third nuclear test to protest
toughened sanctions over a December rocket launch that the U.N. called a
cover for a banned missile test.

North Korea's powerful National Defense Commission said Jan. 23 that
the United States was its prime target for a nuclear test and long-range
rocket launches. North Korea accuses Washington of leading the push to
punish Pyongyang for its December rocket launch.

Last October, a spokesman from the commission told state media that
the country had built a missile capable of striking the United States,
but did not provide further details. A missile featured in an April 2012
military parade appeared to be an intercontinental ballistic missile,
but its authenticity has not been verified by foreign experts.




The hell.


North Korea doesn't seem to give up, do they? IIRC, they recently released a video of a New York like city being burned in flames. Lets hope they don't become stupid and actually do something.


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They've done this more than once. Here's the thing though. North Korea ain't shit. The South is so much more advanced, Pyongyang would be fucking steamrolled. Or better yet, if the North ever reached Seoul and the soldiers saw the lights and the wealth and the food, their heads would explode and the war would be over. The only reasons the South hasn't shut the North down is China, and absorption of 30 million desperate people on reunification.

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To anyone who's worried about this, I'm of the opinion that those bumbling dipshits are no threat whatsoever. They can't even make a decent propaganda video; They had to steal footage from MW3 and the video's actually been removed at this point due to a copyright claim by Activision (I'm sure Google pissed themselves laughing at this point). Also, they're stuck with cold-war era technology, their country has no money and almost no skilled labor capable of creating an effective nuclear weapon.

If they were to fire a missile at the US, it would promptly be shot down and they'd get a volley of much bigger missiles raining down on their pathetic little country and that would be the end of it. I'm sure that nobody in the international community would take kindly to NK firing missiles at the world's largest military superpower. I'm pretty sure even China would be on their ass in a heartbeat.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. You're right, I don't actually know anything but it comes down to common knowledge in this case. They think they're hot shit. They are not.

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The fastest way for North Korea to dissolve as a government would be to invade the South. China would turn tail and run, and North Korea would lose before even getting off TV after declaring war.

This would be the best case scenario if only the DPRK didn't have nukes in the first place.


Which makes me ask, are they even capable of actually launching the damn thing towards the in the first place? And actually come back in re-entry to hit their target? Because after seeing them get an (unstable) satellite into space last year after who knows how many attempts, I'm wondering how that hypothetical war would end up if they had decent technology for it.


Which would probably be irrelevant if they did (aside from sad fact that thousands or so South Koreans would die from the nukes; not trying to downplay that tragedy), because that would be an outright declaration of war and China wouldn't even bother to come to NK's aid.

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Are North Korea's nukes ever that good? NK is so far behind most of the world that I'm not worried about this at all. Hell for all we know their nuke might malfunction and kill some of them.

NK's nukes are perfectly capable of exploding, but it's launching them that seems to be the problem. And last I checked, their rocket tech isn't that good, to say nothing of re-entry methods.

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You know there's only one country in the entire world who's ever actually used nuclear weaponry right? And hint; it wasn't an Asian one.

N.Korea are just doing what every single country in the world are doing right now, waving their dicks in each others faces.

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And? I'm more worried of Israel and Iran at this point. Them both acting like five-year-olds around their weapons. 


Israel and Iran might talk a big game, but neither is insane enough to actually go nuclear. It's not as if Iran is about to seize Israeli territory and literally wipe it off the map, and Israel has plenty of conventional methods of bitch-slapping Iran if or when it deems it necessary.


North Korea is different - the regime isn't afraid of nuking anyone. They are the closest the world has ever come to a mad man with a nuke, and if you back them into a corner there really is no telling what they'll (try to) do.

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Are North Korea's nukes ever that good? NK is so far behind most of the world that I'm not worried about this at all. Hell for all we know their nuke might malfunction and kill some of them.


They have the ability to explode nuclear material and have for some time now, but about the most they could do to deliver it is drop it as a bomb; and every attempt at a missile launch so far has shown that they don't have a complete grasp of reverse engineering the pre-Vietnam Soviet technology that most of their weapons are comprised of.





In comparison, South Korea has so much military spending and modern equipment that Israel would even double take; and much like the situation with Japan it would be trivial for them to become a nuclear state if the need arose to do so.

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The only reason certain surrounding nations even support North Korea anymore is because they don't want to deal with a refugee crisis in the event of war, among other things. China, I believe, has stated that it won't support North Korea if it shoots first.


Really, North Korea would get steamrolled in this day and age if it weren't for the fact that it could easily hide behind China. Were it to attack South Korea, they would get obliterated in very little time.

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Kim Jong Un is trolling, Pyongyang Style! wink.png


Seriously this is nothing more than North Korea trying to make its Military Penis look bigger then it actually is. Its a Cold War Cliché. We will condemn them put sanctions a few years later we unsanction them and negotiate and then they do another test and the cycle repeats....


The only way this would stop peacefully is if North Korea goes Bankrupt and is unable enforce its people and the regime collapses like it did in the 89 with the Eastern Bloc Communist Countries.sleep.png

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The US couldn't get away with nuking North Korea without solid evidence that they launched a nuclear strike against them first, and even then they'd have to be working feverishly behind the scenes to ensure that Russia, China et al won't decide to side with NK.

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North Korea could lob a nuke at America, and if by some miracle it actually hit there would be no reason to deploy nukes in retaliation. Within spitting distance of North Korea are two of the US' most powerful allies, plus several US military bases well within bomber distance. There is no need to glass the capital with nuclear weapons when there is enough conventional armaments already there that could do the same without any of the fallout (literal and political).

And North Korea doesn't have the ability to use first strike as a military tactic.

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