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Rethinking Sonic characters

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Incase if the topic at top doesn't make much sense I'll explain more here.


If you were to change a Sonic character to your liking, who would it be and what would you change.


For me personally I would change Shadow.

I would change him from instead of being "The Ultimate Life form" to being a time traveler.  I would have him instead of being able to make do chaos control with a Chaos Emerald but change to "Time Control" using a Time Stone.  With 2 Time Stones he can time travel (Sonic 06 for anyone), and when he has all 7 he can go into his Superform.


So technically I'm only changing his chaos abilities with a Chaos Emerald to with a Time Stone.


So what would you change and who would it be.


Let me know.

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Shadow as a time traveller? No.


Pretty sure we've got a topic like this somewhere...

Maybe this place has but it is possibly so old that it would be rather challenging to find.


As for the "No" thing.  I'm after a internet fight I just want to see what you people would do if you could.

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