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Infamous: Second Son (PS4)

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All the powers are different. They essentially have the same layout to prevent button soup like the second game, but they all feel a bit different. Since I don't want to spoil the powers, I will just use Smoke and Neon as an example. The Smoke power is best used when you are up close and personal. It's dash has invincibility frames so you can get up close without taking damage. Its charged shot works like a shotgun so don't be an idiot and try to use it for long distances or use it on small targets that are distances. The missile works in the typical manner, but the grenade is like smoke bomb. It stuns the enemies(It might be different if you go the evil route so yeah) so you can get up close and take enemies down. The neon power is the exact opposite. It's dash is faster and has longer distance, but don't try to get up close and personal with it because it takes damage. Unlike the smoke power, it's single shots work like a high caliber rifle(If I could compare the smoke powers single shots, it would work like an Automatic since the other powers have crazy rate per fire). The grenade holds enemies in place for a split second so you can either get clean head shots or clean leg shots so you can take them down instantly(leg shots work for the non-lethal good take downs). It works like a sniper rifle power. The only draw back is that you can't switch between them at will. You have to drain the source of the power to switch them. Like if you have a neon power and want to switch to smoke, you have to find a chimney or a blown car or some shit.


The control feels different from the other Infamous games like you don't have to aim anymore...really. It is weird to describe. Like the camera always has a reticule or crosshairs so you don't have to stop and aim or slow down. Just focus your camera on an ememy and let loose. Of course, if you want to be precise, you can stop and aim like the old games(probably best if you did that with the neon power), but nothing too different. You can stay on the move and fight(absolute must with the smoke power like if you aren't moving then the fights drag on). 


All and all, it was a good game. Not an amazing game, but an Infamous game. I guess they decided to tone down the whole "we want to create the most powerful character in video game history" because Cole would wreck Delsin's shit. I guess they felt that there was no need to compete with Prototype anymore.

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So does this game offer up a good explanation for why there are more conduits running around, because I felt that itcheapened the impact of I2's endin to mem.

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So does this game offer up a good explanation for why there are more conduits running around, because I felt that itcheapened the impact of I2's endin to mem.

The official explanation from the devs is that some conduits resisted the effects of the RFI, depending on how far away they were from the blast.

That's what they said at least. I don't have the game yet.

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So does this game offer up a good explanation for why there are more conduits running around, because I felt that itcheapened the impact of I2's endin to mem.

Kind of. Well it pretty much that the ones that were far from Louisiana were not really effected.The developers did not really connect with the previous games at all. You wouldn't have known that this was an Infamous game if it weren't for the terms such as Conduit or the intro setting the tone for everything. Cole is not referenced in the game at all and I did not come across any of the previous characters.


I really might have missed half of the game since I don't really like doing Evil Playthroughs so I could be missing shit. It is kind of weird that I am having trouble remembering shit. I might have missed stuff so I will 100% the game when I feel like picking it up again, maybe.


EDIT: Just realized that what was on before may have been a spoiler. My bad.

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Also posted this on GAF - 


Just beat the game. Good playthrough, watched the evil ending on YouTube. Can't imagine why anyone would purposely choose to be a completely unlikeable irredeemable dickbag like that but whatever, I guess a lack of player freedom and arbitrary "choice" between two extremes is part of the "charm" of this series. ._.
I dunno. I might sell it. I really, genuinely wanted to love this game. I thought inFamous 1 was decent, didn't like 2, but was really excited about everything I saw of this one. Promises of a more serious story, a more interesting and lively setting, a more interesting and likeable main character, and a variety of fun powers to use. ... Except, I ended up wanting to use neon the whole time because levelling up powers is time consuming and boring, and


was a shitty power to begin with that I actively avoided using whenever possible. 

Traversal with neon was a ton of fun, as well as with smoke. Movement in this game is fantastic and a very welcome improvement over the others. I loved the setting and soundtrack, and I was initially interested in the story. Graphics were gorgeous as well, I'm amazed that a launch window open world game is such a vast improvement over everything from last gen visually.
Combat was mediocre though, and the story was unbelievable dumb. And... ugh, I can not stop going back to how much I hate the fucking karma system. The back of the box says that "the choices (I) make will affect everyone around (me)?" Bullshit. What choices?

I went into Seattle wanting to be a good guy, but ultimately kill Augustine. Not only was I heavily discouraged from doing this with Redneck Smoke (who I also wanted to kill) because of the dumb way the skill tree ties into the karma system, but I was also not even given the

choice of killing Augustine

. Fuck that noise. Ugh.

Oh, and I loved how at the beginning of the game, I literally thought to myself: "

Haha, I don't care what arbitrary bullshit justification and tragic backstory they give her at the last second, nothing justifies what she just did.

only to see literally exactly that happen at the end. Was waiting for the part where she said "

Those humans... they hated us and treated us like monsters even though we did nothing wrong... that makes it okay for me to murder old women and innocent villagers...


In retrospect, that producer/director coming to the verge of tears during that PS4 conference is even more fucking embarrassing, considering the game's plot and theming is piddling.
It pains me to trash it so much, too, because I really can see how much love went into the game's development, and I appreciate that. But lord, with how awful the story is I don't know if I should just conclude that Sucker Punch decided that their audience is stupid, or they're just awful writers. The ultimately serviceable but not spectacular gameplay isn't enough to hold itself up on it's own imo, and coupled with the other stupid nonsense I just end up feeling extremely lukewarm toward it as a whole.
Sorry guys. :/ I wanted to like it. I really did.
edit - also Reggie was the only character I liked, just wanted to throw that in there

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I totally agree with Discoid, dood.


While others might swoon over the graphics, I played through the whole thing and never felt such emotion. I barely noticed. It's just that for me, graphics are the least important aspect to a game. Plus I can't tell the difference between PS3 and PS4 graphics, you could spout the techie stuff, specs or whatever, but you'd be wasting your time, it all goes right over my head.


I also mentioned before, that I felt it was too easy and having completed expert mode, I still think that. I did die more on that run, but still flied through it. Although I did like to dive into the fray every chance I got, so I was making it easy for them to kill me. On that subject, I do prefer the classic health bar over the annoying black and white, blurred, your about to die shit.


A couple of things about the story...

I found Reggie's death all too predictable. Seriously, maybe it's my personality, but I instantly noticed how close the brothers were and thought, "Reggie's gonna die eventually." 

Regarding that, Neon girl and Video boy, managed to survive that same situation. Why couldn't Video boy save Reggie? He did it for Delsin earlier in the game. I dunno, Maybe he was saving Neon girl, as her powers wouldn't have helped in that situation, but it was never clearly explained. That annoyed me.


They also seemed to be a clear contradiction. Near the end Augustine claimed that "no Conduits had been killed" during her "mission," while one of the loading screen text parts, that tend to disappear before you'd finished reading them, clearly stated that the DUP were more likely to kill there target, than bring them in alive. So...which is it??


Could've really done with some more side missions too. Or at least, better ones. The hidden camera and secret agent stuff, didn't really feel like missions as no traveling was required. They felt more like collectibles that you shoot.


It's not all bad, it's an easy Platinum Trophy if you fancy playing the story twice. Still have to sit through all the cut-scenes though...

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