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The 'I wanna be on the...' SSMB Hype Train image thread of me me me

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When you say Blank Background, you mean transparent? Or a white background? Either way, this sounds fun enough.


Transparent, thats the one.


Yeah, for some reason, the software I use can do 'layers' (no Ogre jokes) but it can't actually create an image with a transparent background, it has to fill it with white or black, which is fine, but when you attempt to load into it an image with one, thats when it starts to cry and bugs a little.


It's no a major problem, I can still use it, but it just means a lot more work at my end which takes time.

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Not sure how to make transparent backgrounds or whatever (and not even sure if this has a transparent background or not) but use the face from this. Not sure how to get it on it's own. 

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Sure, I'll sign up:




EDIT: Oh, just read the part about it being a face. So... I guess this could be jumping on or act as a wheel or...


Actually, I could probably make that work if you really want it.


it's mainly if people had an avatar which was literally a logo or text that will be the big problem. Body/entire characters are workable, but they won't look as good as a face.


Edit: Felix, LhanCat I can definately use those. Chaos Warp, that image will work on my computer, and I can make the image of Sonic work in the main picture too.


Edit 2: Felix I could have used the Jaba avatar if you want? But the Sonic one will work also.

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I wanted to use the N avatar I had before being this



But it's a bit grainy and a pain in the ass to get rid of most of the background because of it, so I'll opt for Druddigon instead - 


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I'd love to join in on this, even though im still classed as a novicely newish member, However My chao pic is completely tiny, If this is a problem I can try and make a seperate larger image of just its head and place that in here if that is easier for you, let me know :)avatarnewg.gif


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