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Badnik Mechanic

Rumor: Massive Sony Sale starting tomorrow

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Ok this is a really odd one, but if anyone is near this store, you might wanna get there early.


According to David Aardsma...




 Yes the baseball player. He went into the Tampa Sony Store and discovered that they were having a 50% off sale, but 50% off what? EVERYTHING!


TV's, Blu-Ray players, music systems, memory cards... Playstation 3's... Vitas! EVERYTHING!


You want the source? Sure thing.



As a heads up, Sony store in tampa has a ridiculous sale right now. 50% off almost everything. PsVita for $100


The problem? Well, he made this tweet 21 hours ago, and nobody else has seen anything like it anywhere. So is it just this one store? Or is the sale starting everywhere this Saturday?


Well, why not call the store? Problem is when this news broke and hit sites like Gaf and redit, the store has since closed so nobody has been able to varify it.


If anyone on SSMB is near this store. You might wanna get down there for some crazy deals.


Edit: Someone at Gaf is claiming that the store in Tampa had indeed had a crazy sale.



most games worth owning gone but 50%. 25% off vitas, 50% off the memory cards only 4, 8, 16 gigs left. Headphones are 60%.



25% off the god of war ps3 bundle too.




Edit: if anyone is going to this, would you be willing to pick me up a Vita memory card?

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Edit: if anyone is going to this, would you be willing to pick me up a Vita memory card?

Did you miss the sale not too long ago? AT&T was selling $100 Memory Cards for $50. It was a steal! Wait a minute, you're from the UK though. I guess it makes sense.


Apparently, the PSVita 3G is being phased out so they're also doing a sale on that.

Most US Sony stores have drastically reduced the price of the 3G-compatible model of the PlayStation Vita with some retailers claiming the model is being phased out.

The 3G model - that comes with an 8GB memory card and voucher for a free game if you sign up for data coverage - is on sale for $199.97, down from its usual $299.99 price. To put this in perspective, the model without 3G retails for $249.99 and isn't on sale, suggesting that Sony is phasing out the 3G model. Joystiq called up every Sony store in the US to clarify the sales. An employee at the Denver location said the sale was indefinite and suggested this meant the model was being discontinued.



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Ok, I thought this sale might be old. I swear I heard of it somewhere and I just checked.


i went to the sony store earlier and i saw that they are having a huge clearance sale to prepare for the incomming ps4. alot of good to very good deals they had ! this sale is untill supplies last. remember guys check the red tag items as each sony stores stock is probibly differint. heres what i saw

ps vita games

.smart as: 9.97$
.the mj experience: 9.97$
.lumines: 9.97$
.lil deviants: 9.97$
.reality fighters: 9.97$
.shinobido 2: 9.97$
.army corps: 9.97$
.hot shots golf: 9.97$
.gravity rush: 14.97$ (great deal for an amazing masterpiece !!!!!)
.silent hill book of memories: 19.97$
.starter kit with 4 gig memory card: 29.97$
.metal gear solid collection: 19.97$

ps3 games

.record of agarest war 2: 4.97$ (trades in to gamestop for 24$ after bonuses !!!!!!)
.doom 3 bfg edition: 9.97$ 0__0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
.silent hill downpour: 9.97$
.lollypop chainsaw: 9.97$
.sorcery: 9.97$
.jepardy:: 9.97$
.inversion: 9.97$
.game of thrones: 9.97$
.starhawk: 14.97$
.mass effect 3: 14.97$
.mlb 12 the show: 14.97$
.medal of honor warfighter: 14.97$
.ncaa 13: 19.97$
.ratchet and clank collection: 19.97
.journey collection: 19.97$ (this game is strait edge approved !!)
.epic mickey 2: 24.97$
.lego batman 2: 24.97$
.sonic racing transformed: 29.97$



Up to 75% off on most items.


This upcoming sale might be a part of the current sale or might be different. Could be a store to store thing. Unless...

Apparently one of the New York Yankees (who play spring training here) tweeted yesterday that the Tampa store had everything 50% off. I was off work today so I stopped by this morning. This isn't the case, things are ranging from 25-50% off and right as they were opening today they pulled all the ps3's and Vitas for redistribution. I believe yesterday they were 25% off. Games were extremely limited. They did have discounted vita memory cards still available, but otherwise a bust.

Not everything is 50% off. Everything is off by UP TO 50%.


So yeah, basically the deals are here and there and are different for each Sony store. May as well check it since they stuff can be up to 50-75% off.

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So wait, what about this 3G sale? Is this still going or not?

If its true that it is being phased out, then that means the sale will only stop when they run out of units. You could always call to check if they have any.

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