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Combat/Enemies in Sonic


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I'd probably super-simplify this (going off of SLoW's control scheme (Wii U Pro Controller)).


General movement:

Left stick - Movement

B button - Jump

A / LZ button - Spin Dash / Roll

Y button - Homing Attack

X button - Ring Dash

RZ button - Parkour mode

Right stick - Camera


Aerial - specific movement:

B button - Double Jump

A / LZ button - Bounce Attack

RZ button - Jump Dash


Just have the homing attack be assigned to one button. Press the button to hit enemies on the ground and in air. Some enemies have crazier attack/movement patterns, or cannot be hit with a homing attack, so the best way to attack them is to normally jump into them, or roll.


Outside of that (and the normal SLoW setup), I can't really see any other idea as to how Sonic and combat work that well together without over-complicating it, or making it just /not/ fit a game like Sonic at all. 

On a 3d plane? Considering Sonic's speed that's always a sketchy proposition unless there's some sort of assistance feature for attacking enemies that way. Maybe not a full-on homing attack (that's already in the moveset), but a function that moves your jump in the general direction of the enemy so you still have to use manual jumping skill to do it but it's not too hard in 3d?

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How about having the ring dash do cool looking light speed attacks on certain enemies? So you have 2 attacks, some enemies can't be hurt with a HA some can't be hurt with a LSA and come can be hurt with both?

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