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Battle of the soundtracks- Sonic 3d blast

Chaos Incarnate

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So, back in 1996, Sega hired traveller's tales to develop the so called Sonic "3d" blast. While it wasn't received too well, due to not utilizing that much 3d, was from an isometric viewpoint, and was focused on rescuing birds. However, the game still has its fans to this day. While I rage quitted after Rusty Ruin, I did get some enjoyment out of it, mainly for one aspect: the soundtrack.


Most discussion around 3d blast these days focuses on comparing the two completely different soundtracks: the Genesis version by T. Maeda, Jun Senoue, and Masaru Setsumaru, and the Saturn Version by Richard Jaques. The Genesis version entertained people for its catchy melodies, while the Saturn version impressed with Cd quality audio and heavy focus on atmosphere. While the Genesis soundtrack is usually considered superior by most, the Saturn Version still has a high number of fans.


Right of the bat, I'm going to say the Saturn version bored the absolute fuck out of me. While I won't deny the effort into making these songs, and that they're highly competent, I honestly couldn't find any of them in my head, with the exception of the special stage theme.



I find this an incredibly upbeat jazzy song that makes me feel better when I'm down. Aside from that.... meh.


Now, Genesis is a completely different story, being tied with Sonic 3 and K as my favorite genesis soundtrack. I always found Green Grove, Rusty Ruin, Spring Stadium, Diamond dust, Panic puppet, and the final boss theme stuck in my head.  However, Panic Puppet definitely assured I'd like the Genesis soundtrack more than the saturn version.



I always went back and watched the intro movie just to hear this song( never got to the actual level, seeing as how I give up after Rusty Ruin.) You can even hear a remix of this and green grove in Sonic Adventure ( which are awesome remixes, by the way). 


Anyway, I hope fans of the Saturn soundtrack won't be offended, but hey, that's just my opinion. If you enjoy it, then more power to you. Which soundtrack do you prefer?

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Saturn/PC version, by far. It sounds a lot more polished and smooth than the Genesis version. I suppose that has something to with the Saturn and PCs having better sound quality, but I really think the Saturn music sounds better. However, I will say that the Genesis music is a lot more catchy than the Saturn music, and both soundtracks are very good.


Also, the ending music for the Genesis version is definitely a lot better. The ending music itself for the Saturn/PC version is very good, but I just couldn't stand the singing. In my opinion, it sounded kinda off key.

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Considering that Sonic 3D Blast on Win95 was my very first Sonic game, the Saturn version had an impression on me like no other video game had at the time, and it's one of my favorite soundtracks in the entire series. It's pleasant sounding, cinematic, and melancholic. Moreover, it feels very video game-ish in a way I simply can't describe, similar to how I feel towards the first Ape Escape's music, but with modern sounding instruments that makes it an extremely high quality experience. I have very little qualms with any of the level themes, the only one I outright dislike being Spring Stadium 2 for just sounding so out of place compared to the other songs. Rusty Ruins fits right in with other hauntingly beautiful Sonic themes such as Aquarium Park or Jungle Joyride Night. Green Grove is one of the warmest sounding intro levels in the franchise, Volcano Valley harkens childhood fantasies of traversing through caves Indiana Jones style, and Gene Gadget and Panic Puppet are such good endgame music and so god damned pretty.


But the Genesis version is still very good, and it fits the game well enough. What drags it down for me though is that I don't like how it sounds. The quality of the music feels like a step-down from the classic 2D games, and the instruments feel much less diverse. It seems like Jun Senoue took far more cues from this game for Sonic 4 than he did from S1/2/3/K, which is a shame because I would love to hear how Genesis!3D Blast sounds with a much richer sound font. I'm also rather bitter that there's currently no way to play Sonic 3D Blast on modern consoles with the Saturn's improved visuals and alternative soundtrack. I still have my original PC disc around here somewhere, but from my experience old PC games are a hassle to get running again and I would much rather see the complete Saturn version (with its 3D special stages) re-released someday.


Due to the lack of means of playing Sonic 3D Blast as how I originally experienced it as a kid, I've very rarely revisited the game within the last decade. The Genesis soundtrack is alright but it's just not how I knew the game.


You're My Hero however is a terrible song and I hate it and if it weren't for its somewhat nice sounding remix in Generations I'd wish it would have never been made.

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The Mega Drive soundtrack wins it for me, due to nostalgia, and it sounds more alive imo. The tunes are more memorable and catchy too.


I've grown to like the Saturn soundtrack over the years, but it doesn't feel as right. It's not the soundtrack I'd whistle to while I play.


Good ol' Jun. This tune was the shit when I was a kid.
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I grew up with the Genesis one so I'm pretty partial to that one.


The Genesis soundtrack remains to be one of my favorite Sonic soundtracks thus far honestly (I really enjoy the game as well). I thought a majority of the tracks were really composed well and pretty thick in arrangement. Every track to me seems to fit it's level trope perfectly and makes it interesting enough to kinda keep you timeless there in that little world. Some personal favorites are Green Grove's bgm, Diamond Dust, and the Special Stage music.


I enjoy the saturn one as well, but like I said at first, it wasn't the one I grew up with. While that's kinda weird on the surface to let something as trivial as that sorta keep you away from choosing a favorite soundtrack just off it's sound, it's not really. My first experiences with the game and what I grew to associate the level's looks and tone with are what I first heard with it I guess.


IDK, they're both great to me, I hope there's a fancy ass version in the future where we can choose which soundtracks we want to play with to truly compare them side by side in game.

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While the Saturn OST is good init's own right, I'm going with the Genesis OST on this once. For a couple of reasons:


1. I like the tracks better.


Like I said, the Saturn version has some good tunes, but the Genesis version has AMAZING tunes. For example while this



is a great song, this




is nothing short of awesome.


That being said, each soundtrack has songs I don't like The Genesis version at its worst is just bland. Take Spring Stadium's music:



A bland, unmemorable song for a bland, unmemorable level


However, the Saturn version at its worst is awful.



Jacques really overdid it with the sound effects here. They're so annoying and they just ruin the song. I also dislike he whole circusy theme.


So yeah, Genesis version wins, IMO.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that Volcano Valley's music in the Saturn version is really unfitting for the aesthetics of the game.



^This does not sounds like it comes from an isometric Sonic game with tinny graphics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiSP3kWiTPs, however, manages to set the tone perfectly for the level, while still sounding it belongs in the game.

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Overall the saturn version is better, I like just about every song it all fits, except you're my hero ick and spring stadium 2. The genesis version is pretty close to a tie, but there aren't near as many memorable tunes in it, green grove is good I guess, rusty ruin reminds me way too much of the song that plays in dkc3 when you're in a dusty warehouse, volcano valley is alrght, gear zone oh man love that tune and panic puppet zone is perfect, the final boss theme is sooooo fitting it's kinda haunting, especially since it's in a dark room, heck the final boss is better in the genesis version, because of the creepy blackness all around.

Just listen to this theme:

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My experience of 3d blast is only with the Genesis version. I enjoy it for the most part, although I rarely play it these days. I rate the soundtrack as the best that was made for a Sonic game on the Genesis. The music seems to fit the level themes incredibly well. I like how it followed 3&K's example in that the music track for Act 2 was slightly different from Act 1, but still keeps the same kind of theme (with the exception of Puppet Panic Act 2). 


I get a real kick out of the upbeat tracks for Green Grove, Spring Stadium and the special stage theme. The tracks for Rusty Ruin. Volcano Valley and Diamond Dust seem to suit the atmospheric feel of those stages perfectly. Once I got to Puppet Panic Zone (near the end of the game), I was blown away by the music in that stage. Act 1's track (which was also used in the opening cutscene) feels like it doesn't really fit the stage, but it's undeniably very enjoyable to listen to. The music for Act 2 is quit simply awesome. It's dramatic, adds to the tention, the fact that you are moving through a level which is part of a massive Eggman-like structure, lets you know your near the end of the game and that shit is about get real.


I still have my original PC disc around here somewhere, but from my experience old PC games are a hassle to get running again and I would much rather see the complete Saturn version (with its 3D special stages) re-released someday.


I've never played the Saturn version of 3d Blast. I have listened to the soundtrack and watched playthroughs of the game. I really hope that it gets released on current generation consoles at some point. If SEGA did that and included both soundtracks then surely that would be a big win.


From what I have heard of the soundtrack, I would argue it's so impressive that it would have sounded awesome in one of the modern 3d Sonic games. Some of the tracks like Rusty Ruin Act 1 and Diamond Dust are godly. The soundtrack has clearly been designed to fit in with the superior graphics and atmospheric-weather effects that you get on the SS. 


Diamond Dust is my favourite level in both versions of the game in terms of how it looks and sounds.

Below is the music track for DD Act 1 for the Genesis and Saturn. I love them both:



- a beautiful track that fits the snowy theme very nicely.




- sounds like i've woken up on Christmas morning and it's snowing outside.

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Most of the tracks I know of are the Genesis version, so I'd have to go with that one.


I do like the Title Screen remix of "You're My Hero," though.

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I never really cared for the Saturn-soundtrack.

The Genesis-soundtrack however is outstanding. I remember playing the game mostly to hear the music in Diamond Dust and the ruin and llava stage. Well, before i accedentely knocked over an empty glass that fell on my Mega Drive causing the game to go into the Level Select screen. Tried just to tap the cartridge after that and it went to the Level Select Screen again. Oh memories!

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Saturn/PC times a million billion willion.



The Mega Drive version is okay but it's just so whiny sounding.  I agree with Sean that the soundfont is just "off" somehow, especially compared to the original trilogy.  I do have a soft spot for Volcano Valley in particular in this version though.



But the Saturn/PC soundtrack is just so atmospheric and varied and pretty and hnnnng.  I adore Rusty Ruin, Diamond Dust and Panic Puppet in particular.  Also even though it's just a beefed up remix of the regular boss theme, I way prefer the final boss theme in this version.  It was cool that Jun did something different with Final Fight on Mega Drive, but it was a calm mix that never MAJORLY got going for me.  Just felt flat throughout.




As for You're My Hero... I actually really like it and was overjoyed when I recognised it in the Generations' remix.  The lyrics are absoloute balls though lol.



Oh, for the record I had neither game growing up, but I played the Mega Drive version via emulator and Mega Collection several times before picking up the PC version and discovering the Jacques soundtrack.

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I'll do the same thing I did with CD, and pointlessly compare them.


Green Grove Zone Act 1: Tie. The Genesis one is of course famous for being remixed for Adventure 1's Windy Valley. But now every time I hear the Saturn version, I can't unhear the various Sunset Shore themes from the Before the Sequel fangame, and since those were some of my favourite tunes in that game...


Green Grove Zone Act 2: Tie. See Act 1.


Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1: Tie. The Genesis version is in my opinion one of Sonic's best 16-bit tunes. Meanwhile, the Saturn version sounds like it'd belong in Donkey Kong Country 3.


Rusty Ruin Zone Act 2: Tie. They're both really, really pretty-sounding, each of them being majestic in it's own way.


Spring Stadium Zone Act 1: Genesis. It's likely the more fitting of the two, although the Saturn one does sound like you're walking by the casino on a busy night.


Spring Stadium Zone Act 2: Saturn. This one is so ridiculous and loony that you can't help but have your spirits lifted.


Diamond Dust Zone Act 1: Tie. You have the Saturn one, which sounds like the little kiddies are out making snowmen and having fun in the winter time, so the thought of that puts a smile on my face. But then you have the Genesis one which, while undeniably happy and cheerful, also harbors (to my crazy mind anyway) a feeling of sad isolation. That combination of two opposites to make music, despite probably being completely unintentional, is something that gathered my intrigue.


Diamond Dust Zone Act 2: Tie. Ditto.


Volcano Valley Zone Act 1: Genesis. I've grown to like the Saturn one as time goes on, but the Genesis one is one of my favourite Genesis themes in not only 3D Blast, but all Genesis Sonic games. In fact, it's one of my favourite lava level themes of all, even moreso than Lava Reef.


Volcano Valley Zone Act 2: Genesis. See Act 1.


Gene Gadget Zone Act 1: Saturn. The Genesis version is great, but I love the Saturn one. Love it. It would serve well as music for a disco zone...


Gene Gadget Zone Act 2: Genesis. Regardless of whether this zone actually belongs to Robotnik or not (it probably does), this music reminds me a bit of Smithy's Factory from Super Mario RPG, and giving how this area happens to look fairly similar...


Panic Puppet Zone Act 1: Saturn. We must respect the Genesis version for the later remix of it in Adventure 1's Twinkle Park, but for the scene of just entering a somewhat military-ish fortress that's meant to give off the sense of you getting closer to Robotnik, I believe the Saturn one fits more.


Panic Puppet Zone Act 2: Genesis. The espionage-esque Saturn version is very nice, but I like the Genesis one for a finale more. I feel it fits a climactic tower climb (or statue climb, in this case) more, and the tune itself is upbeat yet uncertain, as if to ask whether Sonic will win this time or not. It's a different kind of final level tune, and I can always appreciate that.


Boss: Tie. On one hand, as an avid fan of the ridiculously evil US boss theme from Sonic CD, I was bound to love the Saturn version's boss theme by default. On the other hand, the two Genesis themes have that nostalgic factor for me, and I feel there's a sense of subtle menace in both of them.


The Final Fight: Genesis. I do enjoy the Saturn version's dramatic remix of the already morbid regular boss theme, but ultimately I prefer the Genesis version for not only having it's own tune, but by being a change of pace for boss music. It's quiet and almost lonely-sounding, which I think fits the scenery (or lack thereof) of that version's Final Fight perfectly. And like Volcano Valley, it's found it's way to become one of my favourite Sonic tunes on the Mega Drive in ever... There's just something about it that makes me keep listening to it.


Special Stage: Saturn. An easy one, this.


Intro: Genesis. It's HellfireComms' fault.


Credits: Tie. Simple as it may be, the Genesis one has a nice country-esque touch to it, and I do probably like that one a little bit more. As for the other one... *sigh*... It's You're My Hero. It's annoyingly catchy. I didn't want this. Stop laughing.


Then you have the Genesis version's Options music, and the Saturn version's various item themes and Game Over. Like Sonic CD, they're both wonderful soundtracks overall, and I can't choose one over the other.

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Both soundtracks are awesome.  Each of them have some really catchy tunes and I really like how Jun Senoue  decided to bring some of the tracks into Sonic Adventure (Jun, you're the man!).  However, I gotta give the edge, to the Saturn soundtrack. (BTW, I played the Genesis version long before I heard the music for the Saturn version so no nostalgia preference here :P).  The CD quality of the Saturn version just impressed me so much. I don't much care for Rusty Ruin act 1, Spring Stadium act 2, or the boss music but the other levels just sound so great.  It starts out with the surprisingly fitting theme of Green Grove, then goes to the soothing sounds of Rusty Ruin act 2, the casino-esque music of Spring Stadium act 1, the Christmas-esque  melodies of Diamond Dust, the epicness of Volcano Valley, to the sexy techno of Gene Gadget. Richard Jacques you've won me over!

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The Genesis soundtrack is just a beauty to my ears. The Saturn one's not too memorable, though.


Green Grove act 1 at about 55 seconds is where awesomeness REALLY starts to kick in. I love that freakin' tune.

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