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An old interview with Yuji Naka

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I have no idea if this is known or scanned or what-ever, but just posting it's here so it's there.


So I'm just going through whats effectively the last of my old videogame magazine collection and I came accross an old interview with Yuji Naka from the May 2002 edition of Gamesmaster.


Theres nothing ground breaking... but there are one or two interesting tid bits. And some of the hindsight comments Shigsy said towards online gaming are hilarious. Though it does show just how smart Yuji Naka actually is, especially in his responce to online gaming.


GM: Do you feel Sonic's a rival to Mario now he's appearing on GameCube in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle?


YN: I've always thought that Mario and Sonic were rivals, even on GV, but they're on friendlier terms now.


GM: Do you prefer the GCC and GBA connectivity to online gaming? Shigsy has said that online gaming isn't important to him.


YN: I don't think either is better than the other. I think each has its good points. For me, it depends entirely on the game itself. It's difficult to develop a game within an internet structure and internet provider.


GM: Do you discuss games with Shigsy, and will you work with him?


YN: Since Sonic Team have done games on games on GV, I've had more opportunities to meet and talk to Shigeru at Nintendo HQ in Kyoto. Our relationship is now closer. I think it's interesting that I could work with him. Personally I wouldn't mind doing it, but it would be difficult working in different companies. I refer to him as the god of videogames.


GM: Will Sonic Team ever make darker, less cartoon games.


YN: I don't think it's necessary to make a realistic game. I think the most important thing is to entertain people and thats what we do best. I think realistic games get boring. People need imagination for enjoyment.


GM: Will you update Samba De Amigo or Nights for new consoles?


YN: If I can do it easilly then I want to do it, but it takes time to get the most from the new hardware.


GM: Got any new ideas for wacky controllers with the Samba maracas?


YN: I've just developed the GV controller with a built-in keyboard, which was copied for Final Fantasy. I hope I'll get new ideas but I don't have any just yet.


GM: What are you playing at the mo?


YN: Sonic on my i-mode mobile, which is basically 18 minigames. The phone service is coming in to holland and Germany in April, and I'd like to do Sonic on European phones if I could.


GM: What kind of game would you like Sonic Team to do next?


YN: There was a time when I wanted to do a game for every genre. My priority now is to make an interesting game. An idea will come first, then a game.




If I find anything else interesting during my clear out I'll post it.


No I cannot scan the articles (at the moment at least).


GamesMaster Jun 2001 Issue.


They have a feature on Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast.. nothing new, don't see any really interesting/unknown screenshots... but this made me laugh.


"The rubbishly-named Rouge"

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I'm convinced that Miyamoto still hates online gaming, I think Iwata is dragging him backwards kicking and screaming into modern gaming.

And this is exactly why he needs to be either replaced or given much less influence over everything but gameplay mechanics.


But back to topic, it's good to see into the past like this. What they wanted to do back then.  

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