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Muramasa: Rebirth

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Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a side scrolling platformer which is set in a Japanese inspired world in which you battle your way past various Ninka's and other Japanese inspired warriors. It was originally released for the Nintendo Wii.


Now, the Vita version is getting a new edition, It's called Muramasa: Rebirth and it's awesome.


The original Wii version had a western localisation, however it was quite bad, the translations were really badly done with huge chunks of the dialogue missing and only the bare essentials of story being left in.


Well... Aksy's is fixing that. Due for release in June, the game features a completely new translation and well... just see for yourself.










Even more comparison shots here.


In addition to the new translation, there are also 4 additional characters included as well as various DLC episodes planned


Best part? it's a physical release!


The bad news? There are no plans for an EU release right now, so if you want it and don't mind the lack of DLC you're gonna have to import. And yes theres a limited edition too.



Also comes with an OST CD (not pictured).


And some gameplay of the Vita build.



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The translation isn't considerably better or worse imo, but it'll be interesting to re-read it.


That is.. assuming it comes to EU. I hope it will eventually, because I'd really like that dlc :c

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