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What's Your Favorite Music from Sonic?


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Chyeah, buddy! Hell Yeah, I fucking love this track to death, and consider it Eggman's definitive theme. Some of the auto tune and remixed vocals sound a bit robotic, which naturally fit Eggman like a glove, and the redone instruments just give me goosebumps. I could listen to this track all day long!

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Sonic Rush and Rush Adventure's soundtracks, as well as the entire Japanese Sonic CD soundtrack we well, I think. Sonic Colours' whole soundtrack coming very close to my top favorite as well. Adventure 1's tracks are super amazing and contains Red Hot Skull, which is one of the best songs in the whole series, IMO. 

I never noticed until recently, but "Supporting Me" from Sonic Adventure 2 has bits of Live and Learn in it during the choruses... That string section!

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Its hard to pick an absolute favorite but some that really stand out...
Starlight Zone -  Sonic 1

Sonic 2 -  Metropolis

Azure Lake - Sonic 3 (2 player)
Endless Mine - Sonic 3 (2 Player)
Lava Reef Zone - Sonic and Knux
Angel Island Zone - Sonic 3
Ice Cap - Sonic 3
Ending Credits - Sonic 3
Sky Sanctuary - Sonic and Knux


(God Sonic 3 had some killer music)

Rusty Ruin - (Sonic 3d blast Saturn)
Open Your Heart - (Sonic Adventure)
Supporting Me - (Sonic Adventure 2) Glad to know its getting some love, SUCH AN AMAZING TRACK
Lost Colony - (Sonic Adventure 2)

King of the Ring (Sonic Arcade) Best Arcade Track in my Opinion
Sonic Electronic (Sonic Arcade)
They Call me Sonic (Sonic Arcade)

Rooftop Run - Sonic Unleashed

Chun Nan - Sonic Unleashed
Door Into Summer - Knuckles Chaotix

Sonic Colors - Flying Wisp Music (Reminds me of 3d blast Saturn Style music)
Sonic Colors - Aquarium Park Map Music
Sonic Colors - Planet Wisp (Once again Reminds me of Sonic 3D blast

Sonic Advance -  Angel Island

I know there is some I'm leaving out but there you go...


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It is so, so hard to choose favourite tracks in Sonic games, and favourites are also changed through time. My favourite tracks used to be Emerald Hill Zone, Launch Base Zone, and the various special stage tracks. They are still great, just like most tracks. Since picking a favourite track is so hard, I will just list the three that currently pop up in my mind the most:


Special Stage



This track has always appealed to me very much. Gathering Chaos Emeralds was always one of the most fun things to do in Sonic games, for me, and hunting for entrances in Sonic 3 & Knuckles was so much a blast. This music takes me back to the final parts of hunting for a Chaos Emerald, and it always felt great, even if I failed, because the music was awesome and cheering me on all the way!



Seaside Hill Zone



Although I had played classic Sonic games to death on emulator, Sonic Heroes for PC was the first Sonic game I bought. I liked its style. Although it sometimes felt more clumsy than fast, even in speedy parts of levels (keeps running into wall or bugging and falling off loops), it was still fun. What really hooked me at first was the music, and particularly Seaside Hill Zone's track was so welcoming and happy, while still full of action. I loved it, and I still do a whole lot so.


Tropical Resort



I had not played any Sonic games for such a long time, so on my way home from last SoS (2012), I figured I had some extra cash on me and for once wanted to buy something related to Sonic when I stumbled across Sonic Colours and a classic connection of Sonic games in one game at the airport.


I used to be a fan of Sonic Advance 2 & 3, though things do change. Most Sonic games I play do not have non-spindash boost, for instance, but it did not take long to get used to. It was fun, and even introduced 3D-ish gameplay at certain parts of levels and boss fights. Though once again, since music plays a big part in games to me, it was what gave the biggest impression, and I started falling in love with the Tropical Resort tracks pretty quickly. This was at a time when I had not listened to Sonic music for a while, but these tracks alone dragged me right back in there. So much fun and magic pushed into them. I linked to the lower quality version of the act 1 track instead of the Wii version for a reason. This is because it is the DS version that I played, and it does sound slightly different, and it is that version that I associate with when I think of Sonic Colours and Tropical Resort. That version simply drags me back more for some reason. The full Wii version can be found here.

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I pretty much love most of what Crush 40 did. When I was in highschool, I had a habbit of making my own CDs to listen to. I'd often put certain Crush 40 Songs on Sonic themed CDs twice. Like, I even like the music they did for games I didn't really like very much, or haven't played at all. About the only Songs they did I'm not wild about are "Sonic Heroes", and their cover of "His World", and even those aren't without it's charm.


I think Sonic Adventure 2 might have my favorite Soundtrack in the series, but it could be that I have sentimental attachment to that game, and that my friend actually got me the soundtrack one christmas ( with a copy of the OVA ), and I listened to it through most of highschool.


I think with the Genesis games, my favorite tune is Flying Battery Zone. Toxic caves being a close second.

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This is the most recent "favorite Sonic music" thread I can find; forgive me if there's a newer one.

I need to start off mentioning Final Egg, "Act 2" in Sonic Adventure. This theme is so underrated. It really brings about a feeling that the player is on their last leg, about to be doomed if they don't hurry and act fast. Awesome guitar work, as usual with this soundtrack, but this one is just so amped up. Sadly, only Sonic gets to play the stage with this music, and it reverts back to the "Act 1" music later on. It would've been cooler to end with this one. But the first song is also a favorite of mine, just the second slightly above it in my book.

I'll also add Hot Shelter's "Act 2" music, used for Gamma's stage and the second half of Amy's. It's similar in a way, but more electronic and not as "impending doom" vibe.

Honestly Sonic Adventure is just full of amazing stage themes, and they add so much ambience and atmosphere to the game. Some of my favorite standouts, besides the ones already mentioned:

  • Speed Highway, "At Dawn". Didn't think a piano ballad type song could work for a stage like this, but it does.
  • Ice Cap, the snowboarding music. How can you not get pumped up hearing this??
  • Casinopolis, "Dilapidated Way". Just has a very "cool" vibe to it.

But really I could easily listen to any stage theme from this game and enjoy it.

For Sonic Adventure 2, my favorites are: the Knuckles rap songs (of course), Eternal Engine, Security Hall, and Cosmic Wall. Oh and not a stage, but the Chao Karate music from SA2B is godly.

Sonic Heroes was meh to me but I enjoyed some of the music. Ocean Palace, Power Plant, Hang Castle, and Frog Forest mostly.

Oh and Sonic Shuffle... the end credits theme was too good for this game.


Moving onto Classic 16-bit games...

For Sonic 2, my definite fav is Casino Night, 2-player. Rumor has it, it was meant for Cyber* City Zone, a scrapped level. (*Yes, Cyber. Not Genocide. That was an error. It wasn't meant to be called that. Stop calling it that.) But it fits the casino very nicely, similar to Dilapidated Way from SA1. But the entire game's soundtrack is amazing.

For Sonic 1, my favorite is Scrap Brain, followed by Marble, then Spring Yard. Can't get enough of these songs.

Sonic 3... hard to pick favorites. Again, could just say "the entire thing". But I'll point out Death Egg Zone because this one often gets overshadowed by the other great music.

Also I'll thrown in the Mega Drive/Genesis version of 3D Blast, because it had some great music in Rusty Ruin Zone and Diamond Dust Zone (curse Chronicles for ruining this one).


8-bit games also had some great songs!...

Sonic 1: Bridge Zone (which Janet Jackson later copied?), and my favorite, Scrap Brain Zone. I love this one more than the 16-bit one tbh. Really sinister sound to it.

Sonic Triple Trouble: the level when you're on a train. Lol. Forget the name but this song is great.

Sonic Chaos: Mecha Green Hill Zone, this is my jam.

Sonic 2: Crystal Egg Zone. Even though I never got that far. ;-;


Now for the Advance games...

Advance 1: Ice Paradise Act 2, which is very happy and upbeat. Angel Island Zone. And my favorite is Egg Rocket Zone. Why do final levels always have such awesome music?

Advance 2: Sky Canyon. Level was hell, but the great music helped me tolerate it. Music Plant had fun music to go with its theme as well.

Advance 3: Route 99 had a nice theme, too bad the level was pretty awful. Twinkle Snow zone had good music too.

Also, for Advance 2 & 3, the 2-player music (with only 1 GBA cart) was amazing. Should've been in the main game! And in all of them, the Chao Garden mini-games had a fun theme.

And of course, can't forget Sonic Battle. Probably enjoyed this one more than the Advance trilogy tbh. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Chaos all had great music for their arenas, and the end credits theme was... too emotional. ;-;


I think that's all I can think of for now.

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On 4/9/2013 at 3:50 PM, ElectricParrot said:

I'll admitt, some of the more recent Sonic games haven't been Sonic's best, but the music in those games have been top notch, even Sonic the Hedgehog '06. I want to know what your guys' favorite music is.

I remember I shared a similar opinion in Reddit once. Hehe...didn't go too well.

Anyway I stand by the original Sonic CD OST, especially You Can Do Anything. Followed by Live and Learn.

Styles like Sonic 3, SA2 and the Rush series also really stand out to me as some of the strongest, most impressionable OSTs so I thought I'd give those an honorable mention. 

My overall outlook is that even if I don't necessarily feel much of the newer music is necessarily "Sonic", at the end of the day, most OST's do consistantly match the style of whatever particular game they are in.

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The game is polarising to say the least but in my opinion THIS is the best theme for any Sonic game ever and when this kicks in at the end after the epic finale of Eggman Land and Dark Gaia......... Nothing has come close in the franchise.


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