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Summer of Sonic 2013

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If Jun's being announced separately... I'm assuming there'll be no Crush 40 this year?

Even for the announcement of Crush 40 to be at Sonic Boom 2013, I highly doubt it. But either way, there might be a chance (or not)

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And i just got told that i'm not going to be cosplaying as Mighty the Armadillo.


I want to now kill myself.


There's always next year.

And we have Jun.

And we have all you amazing sounding people.


I still wanted everyone to see my mighty cosplay.

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Hi everyone

Hopefully will be attending Summer of Sonic this year. Been a Sonic fan since Sonic 2 when I got it free with my MegaDrive (which I still own and is still hooked up to my TV). Got any tips for a first time attempt to get tickets?

If I manage to get a ticket for the event I plan to do some filming for my documentary I am making. The documentary is called 1UP: The Rise of Retro Video Games and its investigating the rise in popularity of retro video games over the last few years. I would like to get some quick interviews with people at Summer of Sonic so if anyone is up for it let me know.

My film has a Facebook page and it's facebook.com/1upmovie so if you would like to support the film please give it a like and check out the trailer!

Thanks everyone


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Tips for getting a ticket?


  • The page is at http://register.summerofsonic.com/, so be there in plenty of time.
  • The current time on the server (which determines when the tickets are released) is shown on this page, so you can have a better idea when exactly to refresh the page.
  • Select your number of tickets and click the submit button ASAP.
  • Relax :)

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Behold... the SOS FAQ.




Please give it a read, even if you have been to previous SOS' as there have been a few changes this year and one very big change.


opening and closing times,


Aim to open at 10am, festivities start at 11am. Closing time will be around 7PM.


Will there be an afterparty?


No idea.


I have a good couple that might be a big question for cosplayers.


Will there be changing rooms/facilities to get into our awesome outfits?




Will there be any lockers or places we can put stuff during the day to save carrying it around?


Regarding places to get changed... there are toilets there, though as for a more comfortable room, that we don't yet know. I've not seen the venue yet, I have asked about this and it's something that will be looked into.


As for lockers, I don't think that there are... however, there is a cloakroom run by the people who own the building, there is a small fee to use it. Not sure what it is, you might be able to find more information on the westminster hall website about that one.

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Does the persons parent/guardian count as the person who purchased the ticket, or can someone from one group be a parent/guardian of another group? I'm going with 4 other people, so that makes 5 and there's one adult. Due to family constraints there are children in another group. Can the parent in our group count as a guardian in the other group?

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Well hello everybody.  I can't believe I've just been successful in bagging a couple of ticketssmile.png .  Can't wait to meet you all.  Those tickets went super quick.  Anybody know exactly how quick?

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