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Legosi (Tani Coyote)

Immortality - A Decision

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How would a peaceful immortal and mortal world be able to co-exist? Knowing Human Nature this would lead to conflict. I would find it ironic the very thing people are striving for here would lead to our demise.


The same way people who are cursed to die in their 20s due to some horrible disease and people who live to be in their 100s can peacefully coexist. We're just increasing the number of years.


I see no reason there would be conflict if the treatment's available for everyone. If you don't like being mortal you can get it, and if you dislike being immortal you could pull your own plug.


Where conflict would arise is one group wanting to force its way on the others, but I'm a laissez-faire kind of guy. If someone wants to be mortal, let them, and same goes for the other group. Whenever someone starts saying immortality's not natural and the like, I put my hand up, stop them, and say that's fine if they believe that, but they better NOT try to stop me from becoming immortal if such a treatment was available.


What exactly would be ethically right or wrong with making my dog immortal? I already legally own him as property, so what quandary exists from expanding his lifespan and quality of life?


Yeah, it'd be a non-issue. Especially given that they get fixed anyway.


Now, breeders wouldn't be happy at this development, but as I always say: if your line of work serves no further purpose, time for it to go!

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