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[Fiction] The Literary Works of ChaosSupremeSonic

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So yeah, been doing some conceptualizing and planning for a while, and I’ve said in the past that I wanted to write a Sonic fanfic. So now I’m actually gonna get started on the idea...that and to be a challenging rival to Komodin on the fanfic front. tongue.png


First things first, I need to set a few disclaimers:

  1. Uh...well, these are gonna be fanfics...so...if you don't like fanfics, well...this is probably not gonna be your cup of tea, if that wasn't obvious already.
  2. This is a culmination of as much of my arguments I have made, such as the use of the Master Emerald that I happen to be famous for debating over *hint hint*. So if you happen to notice some of my debate points being made use in my fics, well congradulations!
  3. I plan to make big use of mood whiplash, meaning there will be some dark and serious moments as well as some light and cheery ones. If you don’t like dark/edgy or light/cheery, then this probably isn’t gonna be your fancy.
  4. I also plan to make use of ideas and influence from every material out there I can make use of from Archie Comics Sonic and Game Sonic, and possibly other sources if possible
    • Note: There will be NO SatAM characters or any new characters from Archie. They will all be game characters set in the game world, including the Nocturnus, Kukkus, GUN, and the Babylon Rouges
    • 2nd Note: I’m going to do my damndest to make sure I don’t create any new characters. I wanna stick with just the ones that are available, but I don’t think I’ll need to create much, if any, new characters that haven’t been seen…and that includes NPCs from games like Unleashed.
  5. One of the more important things to note is this: I’m a plotter. I like to plot and outline things and create them based on that. So much of this has already been planned beforehand, so if you have any new ideas don’t expect me to make use of it from the get go unless I feel I can make some room for it.
  6. Probably the most important: Eggman is NOT going to be treated like a bitch. He’s not going to be killed, and while I’m going for some dark moments I’ll try to be careful with making characters wanting to go after his head. Really, I’m an Eggman fan myself, so I’d like to respect this guy’s character.

Anything else is subject to my decisions on what to do next. So without further ado, let’s start by getting the overall major character list out of the way.


  • Heroes:
    • Team Sonic
      • Sonic
      • Tails
      • Knuckles
    • Amy
    • Cream and Cheese
    • The Chaotix
      • Vector
      • Espio
      • Charmy
    • Big (let's see what I can do with this guy, shall we?)
  • Anti-Heroes:
    • GUN
      • GUN Commander (renamed GUN General)
      • Team Dark
        • Shadow
        • Rouge
        • Omega
    • Babylon Rouges:
      • Jet
      • Wave
      • Storm
  • Antagonists:
    • Eggman Empire
      • Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
      • Metal Sonic
      • Orbot
      • Cubot
    • Nocturnus Clan
      • Imperator Pir'Oth Ix
      • Procurator Shade
    • Battle Kukku Armada
      • Great Battle Kukku XV
      • Speedy (if possible)
      • Dr. Fukurokov
    • Nack the Weasel
  • Characters that I want to use, but currently have no place for them:
    • Blaze
    • Silver

I request your praise and critique on the works as they come. I'm dead serious about the critique; feel free point out any screw ups if necessary, just be respectful and not be a dick about it.


And without further adieu, I shall commence the writing. Check back for updates.

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So here's a bit of a tease for those still keeping an eye on my topic. Right now I have all 8 plots listed, 5 of them outlined with 2 of them in the process of getting outlined, and 1 of them that needs special consideration.


So here are the 8 stories I plan to make (title's may sound generic or stupid, but that's to keep them a secret so you guys don't figure out what I'm gonna make too easily XP):


  • Book 1: Sonic Revolution*
    • Sonic's intro
    • Tails' intro
    • - Knuckles' intro
    • - Villain Interlude
    • - Zoo Land Assault
    • - Shogun Casino Crash
    • - Into the War Zone
    • Chapter 8 - TBA
  • Book 2: Angel's Invasion
  • Book 3: Sonic Resonance
  • Book 4: Nocturne Freedom (actual title pending)
  • Book 5: Angel's Fall
  • Book 6: 4-Pronged Showdown (actual title pending)
  • Book 7: The Win (Now you know this definitely isn't the actual title)
  • Book 8: The Loss (And the same as book 7)

*This is the one that needs special consideration. But I'm also kinda being pre-emptive about it just in case. XD


The next update will also be a tease. It'll show the outline of the chapters and the characters that will be involved, and then after that I'll actually post the writing. Stay tuned, my future readers. wink.png

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Eh...you know what? I'll just go straight for the writing instead. Here's Ch 1 of Sonic Revolution. Much of this work goes to Johnny Boy, so give him some credit too...had to ask for his permission to use it due to it's connection to another plot of mine, hence the special consideration. But I'm sure he'll love it. laugh.png


Sonic Revolution

Story and Concept by: Johnny Boy

Written by: Johnny Boy

Co-written by: ChaosSupremeSonic


Characters used:

  • Heroes
    • Team Sonic
      • Sonic
      • Tails
      • Knuckles
    • Amy
    • Cream and Cheese
  • Anti-Heroes
    • GUN
      • Team Dark
        • Shadow
        • Rouge
        • Omega
  • Villains
    • Eggman Empire
      • Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
      • Metal Sonic
      • Orbot
      • Cubot
    • Nocturnus Clan
      • Imperator Pir'Oth Ix
      • Procurator Shade
    • Battle Kukku Armada
      • Great Battle Kukku XV
      • Speedy
    • Nack the Weasel

Edit: Forgot to add Metal Sonic and Nack into the list...


Chapter 1


                A bright day was out. A perfect time to go running, a favorite hobby of a certain blue hedgehog named Sonic. He was enjoying the sharp breeze hitting his face as he bolted around a large forest like a supersonic jet, sprinting at 600 miles an hour. He ran through the trees, zig-zagging past the rocks, running over rivers and streams, and came across a large cliff that ramped above the trees below. He picked up speed as he ran towards the cliff.

                Time to fly. He thought as his feet left the ground and he went soaring into the air.

                Sonic had a bird’s eye view of the forest below, his hands spread like a bird as he took in the sight while gliding in the air. But then he looked off to his right and noticed something out of place: smoke rising from the trees.

                “What the heck’s going on down there?” he said to himself. Was it a fire? Or was it his long time foe Dr. Eggman stirring up trouble once again? He had to check it out, but he had to wait until he descended before he could run over towards the funnel of smoke.

                He landed far off from where he would like to be. But it wasn’t an issue with him given his speed. He raced over to the source of the smoke, and saw the burning remains of several orange colored robots. He heard a lot noise, a bunch of clanging and the crash of smashing metal as he saw a pink hedgehog with a massive red and yellow mallet fighting off a group of round, grinning robots like the ones that were already destroyed coming at her with lasers and swords.

                “Amy?” he shouted as he stopped near her, gaining a split-second of her attention.

                “Sonic? Perfect timing!” Amy leapt over towards the gold robot that was guarded by two orange ones. That looked like their leader. The orange robots held up their shields to protect the gold one, deflecting the blow from Amy’s hammer as they threw her back. They raised their lasers at the pink hedgehog, who traded a fierce glare right back at them.

                Without a moment’s hesitation, Sonic jumped into the air, curled up and threw himself at the robots before they could fire their shots. Their shields were knocked away, making them very vulnerable to another assault. Amy quickly pounced back at them and bashed them flat into the ground. The last one standing was the gold robot.

                Sonic and Amy inched closer towards the robot as it walked back. It was in trouble now. All of its troops destroyed, left against two hedgehogs that took them out. Only one thing left for it to do now...It took off deep into the forest, waddling away as the two hedgehogs gave chase. Sonic ran in front of it in seconds.

                “No ya don’t!” Sonic grinned as he threw his curled-up body at the robot. He knocked the robot towards Amy, who readied her hammer as the robot flew closer. She jumped up and smashed the robot flat, driving her hammer deep into the ground and left a circular imprint of where her mallet struck.

                 Afterwards, Amy dusted her hands and the rest of herself off as Sonic walked up to her. “Hey, Sonic. Came to rescue your damsel in distress?” she flirted.

                “Yeah, I’m not seeing much ‘distress’ from someone who smashed a bunch of warmachines.” Sonic brushed off, looking at all the destruction she caused before he arrived.

                 Amy smiled and continued to joke. “Well, what else would you be here for?”

                 Sonic gave a light smack at the front of his face and slid it down as he shot a stern look at the pink hedgehog, as if the answer should have been obvious. “Amy, will you knock off the flirting? What the heck were you doing here fighting these robots in the first place?”

                 Amy’s smile went to a frown. “I was on a nature tour with a group of people here. Then, out of nowhere, we got ambushed by a bunch of Eggman’s robots. The tour group got captured and flown off somewhere while I was busy trying to fight these guys off.”

                “Well, looks like you did great with the ‘fighting’ part.” Sonic couldn’t stop looking at the dozen of smashed robots spread around them. They continued through the forest, hoping to find out a motive for the kidnapping.

                “Sonic, this isn’t the first time this happened either. Before the tour, the news reported that there were others getting abducted across the world!”

                “What the heck would Eggman want with kidnapping all these people anyway?” Sonic asked.

                “Who cares? Eggman’s up to no good, kidnapping people against their will. Isn’t that enough of a reason to stop him?”

                Sonic smiled “Well, when it comes to Eggman, there’s always a reason to stop him. I just think someone like him would have a cause for doing it.” He looked around wanting to know where the robots could have taken the people before realizing that Amy would have seen where they went. “So, any idea where they took the hostages?”

               “Somewhere past the mountains.” Amy pointed. “There’s a resort called Zoo Land past them, and we can get some things if necessary.”

               Sonic looked ahead at the mountains, then back at Amy. “Well, what’re we waiting for? Let’s go!” He grabbed Amy by her arm.

               “Sonic, wait…!” But before she could say anything else, Sonic took off with her tailing behind him in the air. Amy was used to being in high speeds…she just didn’t think Sonic would be so impulsive and so sudden, hence why she was screaming as they traveled through the forest at high speeds. But it was obvious that there was something odd going on, and Sonic wanted to get to the bottom of it as soon as possible.

               They came across a large open area with an outpost off to the right with a sign in front of it that that read “Welcome to the Sacred Forest”. This was where Amy’s tour group began. “Sonic, hold ON!” Amy shouted once more, planting her feet on the ground to act as a break as they dug through the gravel as they slowed.

               Sonic stopped running and and looked over at Amy for an explanation in their sudden halt. “What’s wrong?”

               “Well for one, I think you may have sprained my shoulder yanking me around like that!” she glared at Sonic, with her hammer pointed at him. Sonic raised his hands and let out a nervous chuckle, hoping that he wouldn’t be smashed. Amy lowered her hammer and looked around the area. “This is where my group came from; I think we should see if there’s anything we can use.”

               Amy proceeded towards the outpost before a laser flew from behind them and created a massive hole in the ground between them. The blast sent Amy flying backwards into Sonic and knocked them both to the ground. They picked themselves up and dusted off before hearing a maniacal laughter from the source of the laser.

              “Not so fast, rodents!” said a raspy voice on a speaker.

              “Oh great…it’s him.” Sonic said dully.

They turned around to see a large spider-shaped mech on top of the trees. It leapt down to the ground in front of the outpost. It leaned over and revealed an ovoid man wearing dark blue glasses inside the cockpit. The man was dressed in red coat akin to a military long-coat with three gold buttons displaced away from his center, with black pants that hugged his body like a jumpsuit. White marks lined down his sleeves and around his suit where the gold buttons were, and a pair of goggles rested on his head. His most distinguishing feature was a large mustache that grew on his face like whiskers underneath his large, pink nose. And this was someone who Sonic was clearly not too excited to see.

               “Hey Eggman, how ya doin’? That’s a nice toy you have there.” Sonic joked.

               Eggman gave a wide smile. “Oh, I’m so happy to hear that. Perhaps you’d like to play with some of my favorite parts?” Eggman readied machine guns on the mandibles of his spider mech.

               Amy was in no mood for the jest between the two. “Eggman! What did you do with all those people?”

              Eggman glanced over at her. “Oh them? I just took them up so they could play in a little show I have planned. But do you really expect me to just tell you everything?” he cackled.

              “Well, it’s what you usually do.” Sonic snarked. Eggman stopped laughing and looked at the blue hedgehog shooting him a mischievous grin before he fired a laser from the front of his mech at Sonic. Sonic dodged the shot as he leapt to the trees. “Nice aiming!”

              His taunting only prompted Eggman to reveal a larger cannon raising from abdomen of his mech. Sonic’s face went from a smile to a look of shock.

             “Uh oh.” Sonic leapt from the trees to his right before Eggman fired a large stream of superhot plasma at him. The blast cut off the top of the trees as Eggman strafed the shot to hit Sonic before it finally dissipated. Eggman grumbled as he had to wait for his cannon to recharge. He watched as Sonic bounced from the branches before stopping to look back at him.

            Sonic landed onto the ground to get Eggman to focus on him. Amy readied her hammer from behind, so Sonic tried to keep Eggman’s attention on him. “Okay, so you got even more bite. I respect that. But you know how this always goes, you attack me, I fight back, you lose and then you run back to wherever your base is for the next part of your plan.”

            Rather than wait for his cannon to charge, Eggman fired two heat seeking missiles at Sonic. Sonic jumped back into the trees and waited for one of the missiles to get close for him to jump on top of it and ride it into the air. Amy took opportunity of a distracted Eggman and leapt into the air to crash her hammer on top of the cockpit. But Eggman revealed an energy shield that made the impact bounce off without harming the mech.

            Eggman laughed. “Nice try, Ms. Rose. But you didn’t think I wouldn’t be prepared for something like that, did you?” Amy growled at him laughing down her attempt to strike him before noticing Sonic fly back down towards Eggman.

            “Yo Egghead! Try this on for size!” Sonic leapt off the missile as it flew straight into the mech. But after the fire and smoke cleared, the mech was still unscratched. “What?”

            Eggman turned to face Sonic and Amy “After all these years of fighting you, I’d like to think I know you well enough to try a stunt like that.” He looked at his controls and noticed that his energy cannon was fully charged. “Well now, time for some roast hedgehogs!”

            Eggman fired his cannon once more, forcing the two hedgehogs to scatter. But what he didn’t expect was the second missile to come straight for the heat from his cannon and damage his mech’s abdomen on impact. “What the…!” Eggman was puzzled as to why the missile hit him instead of Sonic. Then he realized it was due to the heat from his cannon.

            But what he didn’t realize was that Sonic found a way past his shield. Sonic discovered that the shield was lowered when Eggman was in the middle of attacking and up when he wasn’t. “Well, there’s a cliché.” He said to himself. He ran over to Amy to tell her of the mech’s weakness. “Amy, when Eggman is attacking, the shield is down. So let’s force him to attack one of us while the other gets a hit in.”

            Amy gave a sharp grinned. “Oh, consider it done!”

As soon as they finished, Eggman got his mech back on its legs and faced the two. “Well, I’m in a hurry, so let’s wrap this up, shall we?” Eggman readied his cannon for another blast.

           Sonic and Amy realized this was their opportunity. “Now!” Sonic shouted.

           They went off in separate directions, forcing Eggman to choose his target. He went for Amy, knowing she was much slower than Sonic. “Let’s get you out of the picture.” He said. He released a small pulse of energy from his cannon before Sonic rammed himself against the cannon’s side and knocked the shot off course.

           “Why you little pincushion!” Eggman turned his mech around to shoot at Sonic with his machine guns, leaving himself open for Amy to deliver a wallop at his cockpit with her hammer before jumping off. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

           Eggman was frantically trying to focus on one of the hedgehogs running around, trying to get a clear lock on one of them while trying to keep his shield up. But every time he tried to get a shot off of one of them, the other would take notice and attack. Every chance they had, they tried to damage the energy cannon before it let out a mild explosion and was rendered useless.

           Eggman was furious. He turned his cockpit around and fired a tether from the tip of his abdomen to latch onto the trees. Sonic ran into the tether and got tripped to the ground. He picked his face off the ground and looked at his foe. “Hey, why didn’t you think of this before?” he taunted.

           Eggman turned around and charged his smaller cannon from the front of his mech. Sonic tried stand up and run, but realized his legs were sticking together from the tether as well as anchoring him to the ground. It was like some webbing that limited his ability to walk, if not run. And now he was in real danger. Before Eggman could fire, Amy quickly ran in to knock Eggman’s mech to its side to save Sonic from certain death. Realizing that it was struggling to get up, she continued to bash at the cannon to keep it from firing, then bashed at the legs to put the mech even more off balance.

           Sonic quickly tried to get himself unstuck so he could help Amy out. As soon as he was free, he noticed that Eggman was pointing his mandible-looking machine guns at her while she went to work on denting the armor. He quickly ran over to push her out the way before they fired.

           Amy looked over at Sonic, and quickly thanked him before they faced Eggman after he finished righting himself. His mech’s two front legs being damaged beyond repair kept him from moving around too much, so he let his mech rest its body in the air as it engaged its hovermode. “Just when you think you have this guy…” Amy complained.

           “You blasted rodent’s are gonna pay for this!” Eggman threatened.

           “Gee, wonder where I’ve heard that line before?” Sonic taunted, before throwing himself at Eggman once again. Eggman’s shield was up so it deflected Sonic away, but the attack made the mech move a bit towards the large crater behind it. Amy had an idea.

           “Sonic, keep attacking it!” she shouted.

           “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Sonic and Amy both leapt towards the mech, pounding at it with as much force as they could to send it off to the edge of the crater. And when it finally reached the end, it tumbled off into the center with its body laying upside down as it’s legs struggled to right itself. Now it was wide open.

            Sonic and Amy went down and continued to bash on the mech as much as they could, damaging every bit of its armor and destroying its weapons. Eggman was shaking with fury in his cockpit as he tried everything to get back up. But after reading every weapon on his machine was rendered defunct, he settled down and realized that the machine was lost. He pressed a large red button off to his side to release a bright pulse of light that threw Sonic and Amy into the air and out of the crater, slamming them towards the trees.

            Sonic stood up and rubbed his head from the soreness of the impact. He looked over at Amy and tried to help her up. She was somewhat dazed from the impact. “Oh Sonic…will you marry me?” she asked in a dream-like trance.

            Sonic looked on her in confusion, then dropped her back on the ground as a response. “Um…yeah…anyway.”

            “Ow!” Amy exclaimed. “What was that for?” She seemed to be back to normal…

            “Well you seemed to be out of it, so I just made sure you got back to your senses.” Sonic smiled.

            Amy gave him a mild smack to the ground with her Piko-Piko hammer. “Jerk.”

            Sonic couldn’t help but laugh as he stood back up to continue smacking away at the machine before a large explosion came from the mech. And from that point, Sonic knew that the fight was over. “Well that’s that.”

            A large spherical vehicle rose up from the smoke, with Eggman still inside. “Not yet.” Said Amy, readying her hammer for another attack.

           “Wait.” Sonic stopped her, much to her frustration. Eggman then flew off towards the mountains where Amy last saw his machines take the tourists.

           “Why’d we let him get away?” Amy shouted. Any other time she’d be okay with it, but she wanted to go rescue the kidnapped hostages from Eggman.

           “Because now we know for certain where Eggman is headed, which means we have a better clue of where he may have kept the hostages.” Sonic explained. “Do you really think he’d tell us if we held him captive?”

           “Well, maybe.”

           Sonic smiled. “Come on, let’s go.”

           He grabbed Amy by her arm once again and was about to run off. But this time she jerked away, not wishing to be yanked away like last time as she shot Sonic a sharp glare. “Sonic…”

           “Oh…okay, okay. Fine.” He said in response. He walked over behind Amy, and swept her off from her feet with his arms. “Better?”

            Amy smiled. “Much better.”

            Sonic knew what was on her mind. “Hey don’t get any ideas, alright. We’ve got more important things than your little fantasies.”

            Amy rolled her eyes. “Oh shut up and run.”

            Then Sonic and Amy took off over to the mountains and off to Zoo Land where Eggman was headed.

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Well, Chapter 2's up. Took me a while to organize.


Chapter 2


     Tails was always full of energy as he tinkered around in his workshop and worked on improving the mechanics of whatever he had his mind on. To some, it was hard to believe that he was such a prodigy at the age of 8 as he was already building such complex machines for his age. And that intelligence only served to benefit him as his knowledge keeps people from treating him too much like a child. Sure he was a kid, but this little fox had wisdom far beyond his years…although that didn’t always prevent the kid in him from coming out at times.

     But what he also loved just as much was flying around. He seemed to love traveling the skies as much as he did hanging out with his friends. Whether it was with his twin tails he could spin as a helicopter, or in his biplane he dubbed the "Tornado" that he was currently taking on a test drive, it was what made him feel energized. All the work he did in improving the plane seemed to pay off as he was noticing no problems with the plane.

     He flew over the town below him, making loop-de-loops and various other acrobatic maneuvers in the air. Then he tested the plane’s second mode as its wings went from a bi-plane to an X-shaped mode with its tail section elevated and revealing a rocket for extra thrust. He flew even faster than before, making the same runs as he did when the plane was just a biplane. After enough testing, he was ready to set the plane down…

     Then he noticed some birds flying straight towards him. “Well that’s odd.” He said. He decided to move out of the way to avoid colliding with them, but then the birds changed their course to stay in front of him. It was as if they wanted an intentional collision with him. “What the heck? Are they CRAZY?!” he shouted.

     But as he came closer to the birds, he noticed that they were mechanical looking instead of actual living birds. And they were clearly hostile. This struck him as strange; he knew something was going on, possibly with the news of people being abducted across the world. Were these birds connected to it? Was it Dr. Eggman up to his old tricks again?

     “Okay then. If you want a piece of me, come get it!” Preparing for evasive maneuvers, Tails flew higher into the sky knowing the birds would come after him. He didn’t want to go down into the town and risk the population below being caught into what he was about to do. When he felt he was high enough, he made a U-turn and went to face the mechanical birds and opened fire with his plane’s machine guns. The birds dodged the shots and returned fire with their lasers. Shots grazed Tails’ plane as he flew past them and forced them to scatter.

     But before Tails could turn back to face them again, the robotic birds were already back in formation and shot their lasers at his fuel tank and wings. The plane was spinning out of control and losing altitude as the young kit tried to right the plane in mid-flight. But it was no use as the controls failed to respond. But at least he prevented the birds from being a threat to the city, having flown high in the air and far away from them to do anything. It was too bad that he might end up crashing in the middle of nowhere himself and be short on help. But he’s been able to manage before, and he can find his way back…hopefully.

     Tails bailed from his plane and activated his parachute as he watched the plane fall. He looked through the clouds and saw another city below. “Oh great, and here I thought I was keeping these things away from people.”

     Then the birds flew towards his chute and began to cut the lines connected to him with their beaks. “Are you serious?” he asked with a dull expression. After the chute was cut, he plummeted from the sky with his hands crossed in front of him. The heights didn’t seem to scare him very much.

     After a short while he twisted his tails and began to unwind them like a helicopter, slowly stopping his fall as he flew over towards the city. He noticed that the area he was in was like a medieval kingdom in Christmas time. “Well this clearly isn’t the town I was over at first…”

     He was about to make his landing towards one of the tall buildings before one of the birds dove down at him like a bullet and smacked into him. Tails started having trouble keeping himself alert before the impact finally knocked him unconscious a few seconds later. Then he went tumbling down from the air, his impact softened as he landed in the trees before finally touching the ground.

     “Tails…? Tails…!” said a high voice. He couldn’t tell who it was, he was already trying to wake himself up.

     He then sprung up, alert and agitated. He wanted to know what the heck it was that led those birds to attack him. Then he looked to his side and saw a tan-colored rabbit wearing an orange sailor’s uniform standing right next to him. “Wait…Cream?” he asked.

     “Are you alright, Tails?” she asked.

     Tails rubbed his head where he was attacked. “No…but thanks for asking.” He looked around to see that he directly inside the Christmas-themed medieval area. “Where…exactly am I?”

     “Holiday Kingdom.” Cream answered.

     “Geez, who the heck comes up with all these names?”

     Cream looks behind her and quickly pushes Tails behind the bushes. “Hide!” she exclaims.

     They peer over the bushes and see birds in uniform with blue helmets and visors walking around the pathways. “Who the heck are they?”

     “They call themselves the Battle Kukku Armada, and they took over this area before you came around. They took Cheese away from me, and they never told me why.” 

     Tails peered at the birds once again. “Yeah, well they look ‘coo-coo’ alright.” Tails looked around to see where he could fly off to. He sees an unguarded tower a few yards away from them. “I’m not gonna stay here and do nothing. Follow me!”

     They both flew up to the tower to get a better view of the area. Tails looked down and saw some of the birds flying low underneath them, seeming to be unconcerned with what was above them. Apparently they believed that since they took control of the region, then don’t need to be that high on alert of infiltration. And Tails figured he’d use this to his advantage. He looked over at Cream and realized something else. “Where’s your mom Vanilla?”

     “She was captured too.” Cream cried.

     “Well this is just perfect…” Tails looked around and saw a taller building near the tower. He wasn’t sure if there were any patrols there, but he figured he could take them out if there were any. “Is your mom still in the area?”

     Cream shook her head and shrugged that she had no clue. Although she was just with Vanilla not too long ago before Tails fell from the sky, so she may still be around. Tails decided to bring Cream with him and fly up to the building so they could get a better vantage point, and save anyone in need of help if they could manage it. When they reached the top, they saw a dozen of the Kukkus standing guard on top of the building.

     “Rats!” Tails said under his breath.

     The Kukkus had hovercrafts and transports that were loading people onto them. Seems like Eggman wasn’t involved in the kidnappings, at least as far as Tails knew. They then spotted Vanilla about to be put onboard one of the shuttles. “Mom!” Cream said aloud.

     Tails quickly ducked himself and Cream behind one of the air conditioning vents to prevent the Kukkus from spotting them after Cream’s outburst. Tails sternly held his finger up to his face, telling Cream to keep quiet. Then he peeked from the corner to continue observing what was going on. He spotted the largest of them who appeared to be the leader. He wore a black hat ending with a tail at the back and had skull-like emblem on the front. He wore a burgundy shirt with a collar that looked like a feather duster, and he completed it with green skin-tight pants that seemed to connect to his high-heel shoes. “Wow, this guy’s fashion sense is hilarious.” Tails laughed.

     The large Kukku turned around, hearing Tails giggling from behind the vents. “Come from back there or I'll blast you out!" he demanded.

     “Aw nuts!” Tails and Cream complied, showing themselves in front of the large Kukku and Vanilla.

     “Tails? Cream?” Vanilla asked.

     “Ah, so that’s who these little tykes are?” said the large Kukku.

     Tails wasn’t intimidated. “What of it?”

     “My apologies, I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.” The Kukku bowed and gave a wide smile. “I am Great Battle Kukku XV (the 15th), leader of the Battle Kukku Armada. And you seem to be very non-compliant with our authority over the region.”

     “Yeah, well with a name like that, I’m surprised you have any kind of authority.” Tails snarked. Cream however, was quite fearful of these kukkus, especially their leader.

     But the Great Battle Kukku only laughed at the fox’s snide remarks. “Yes, it is quite a mouthful, isn’t it? But rest assured, my authority is legitimate.” The Kukkus behind him readied their blasters at Tails and Cream.

     Cream stood behind Tails, who kept on a brave show. “You’re the ones who took Cream’s Chao, Cheese, right? We want him back!” he demanded.

     GBK was amused at the young fox standing up to him, so he raised his hands signaling his troops to lower their weapons. He chuckled. “Perhaps I did, perhaps I didn’t. But I’ll let you humor me: if you want to know anything, you’ll have to fight me for the answers.”

     “Oh please, I’ve fought aliens that looked more intimidating than you.” Tails ran up to GBK, curled up into the air and threw himself at the large Kukku. The Kukku held his hands up and blocked the assault, but the impact pushed him back quite a distance before he lifted the fox and threw him back towards Cream.

     “My my…aren’t you quite a feisty one? I would never figure someone your age could have some strength to him.” GBK smiled. He raised his hand and twitched his palm back at him in a “come at me” gesture. Tails went for another attack and threw himself at GBK, who simply blocked the attack once again. “A shame you’re quite predictable, however.”

     Cream saw the distracted GBK and tried to get her mom away from her captives unseen. She hid her mom behind the vents she and Tails came from then ran over to help Tails. He was still trying to force himself to hit the GBK, but all he was doing was just inching him back as the GBK’s heels dug into the concrete. Cream lunged up and kicked the GBK in his head, knocking him off balance, but sending Tails veering off into the air.

     Tails stopped himself from falling off the building by twisting his tails into a helicopter and hovered in the air. The GBK stood back up, correcting his hat as he looked onto Cream. “Well, now. This is getting more interesting.” The Kukkus around him readied their weapons to help their leader before being stopped once again by the GBK. “No. Get these people onboard the transport crafts. I can handle two children by myself.”

     The Kukkus complied and loaded the rest of their equipment and the rest of the hostages onboard their shuttles and took off. They left one ship behind, in case GBK decided to fall back. GBK looked onto the two children.

     He rolled up his sleeves keeping his wide grin. “Now, let’s take things up a knoch.”

     He punched the ground, cracking the concrete and making a hole under the children’s feet as a show of strength. He knew the children could fly, and wanted them to take to the skies. The children flew into the air above the center of the roof. Even better than what he was expecting, as he leapt high into the air, clasped a fist into his other hand, and raised his arms to hammer Tails back down to the surface and further crack the concrete. Then the GBK grabbed Cream out of the air before he landed back onto the ground, further damaging the pavement. Tails saw an opportunity to use the GBK’s strength against him.

     Cream was struggling to escape the GBK’s grip. “Well, aren’t you a spitting image of your mother?” he said, glancing over to Vanilla behind the vents. “I find it rather disturbing that she would allow someone your age to be fighting adults. But I suppose that’s where our similarities lie.”

     Cream then grabbed GBK’s wrist and sunk her teeth into his hands to force him to let her go. The pain from her bite made him shake her off in a shouting fit. “Mundane, yet effective.” GBK complemented.

     Tails threw himself at GBK once again knowing he would block the attack, but he was hoping the GBK would use his extraordinary strength and fracture the ground more if not break it. And as he expected, the GBK held his large hand out and clasped the fox. Tails braced for impact as the GBK prepared to slam him into the pavement, but before his body touched the surface Cream kicked the GBK once again. Tails slipped from the GBK’s grip as the kukku’s hand came crashing down onto the pavement and heavily cracked the concrete. GBK looked over at Cream with slight agitation, but he kept his wide smile on his beak.

     Tails looked down as he saw the cracks getting larger underneath the GBK. The GBK proceeded to walk over to Cream, unaware at the damage below his feet. And before the GBK could get half way over towards the rabbit, Tails leapt high into the air using his tails like a helicopter to gain extra height before dropping himself feet first onto the GBK. The GBK looked up at the plummeting fox. He raised his hands to catch the fox's feet and stop his attack, but the impact was enough to make the pavement collapse underneath him as he went falling down a few stories below. Tails jumped from the GBK's hands and used his tails to hover in the air.

     He and Cream went over to Vanilla afterwards, thinking that the fight was over and wishing to have a quick celebration before seeing the GBK leap back to the roof unharmed. He was still smiling, but he wasn’t advancing towards them anymore as he went to his hovercraft instead. “Well, that was an excellent show. But I’m afraid playtime is over for now.”

     As the GBK got into his vehicle, Cream just remember what it was they were fighting him for.

     “Wait. Cheese!” she cried as she went to stop the GBK. But his vehicle already took off into the air. She tried to fly off after him before he turned his vehicle around and shot at her with a net to send her back down.

     Then he voiced over his speaker. “You really want that chao soo badly, don’t you? Well if you can find me again, I might consider giving him back.”

     Tails flew off after the Kukku. GBK could have fired another net, but he decided to weaken the fox’s morale by simply taking off in a burst of speed. Tails gave up trying to chase him with his tails alone, but he figured he could still find a way to keep track of the Kukku’s trail. He spotted where his Tornado plane had crashed after being attacked by those robotic birds, and flew down to see what he can fix up. Cream followed him as she carried her mother with her.

     Tails landed to see how bad the damages were to his plane, before turning around to see Cream and Vanilla following him. He was puzzled. “How exactly are you able to carry your mom so easily.”

     Cream shrugged. “I carried Big and Amy at the same time, and you know how heavy Big is on his own.” 

     Point taken. Tails thought as he pulled out a repair kit from his plane and fixed the damaged fuel tank in the tail section. As soon as he finished the repairs on his plane he readied it for lift off. He looked back and Cream, and was reluctant to ask for her involvement. But considering what she’s been through for her age, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. “Well since I’m going after these loons, you wanna come along and see if we can find Cheese?”

     Cream turned to her mother to ask if it was alright. “Can I?”

     Vanilla was concerned, but she knew Cream could take care of herself. “Just make sure you stay safe.” And that was all Cream needed to hear before jumping into the plane with Tails before he flew off.

     ‘Stay safe’, she says.Tails though as he smiled. We’re going after the fiends who kidnapped a bunch of people. Not exactly safe.

Tails ignited the engines of the plane and he and Cream flew off into the skies as they went after the Kukkus.


Now to begin work on Chapter 3 with Knuckles....cool.png

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Hey, hiya doing everyone? Sorry for the delay, but Chapter 3 is up!


Chapter 3


     A large island floats high above the ocean. The breeze shakes the trees in the forest regions, cause mild sandstorms in the desert areas, and only further adds to the blistering cold in the polar parts of the massive continent. Its entire biosphere was mostly quiet, save for the few animals living in the leafy areas of the island.

     A red echidna named Knuckles sat in front of a large altar, protecting it and its large green emerald rotating at the center. He was the only sentient being on the island, apparently the last of his kind. He seemed very bored and lonely, wondering what he could do to pass time on the island. There was nothing to be alert about, no threats coming his way that he was aware of. He doesn’t have to worry about anything coming by to steal the large emerald behind him that kept the island afloat, and he knew every point someone could try to come by to take it. Not that they could easily succeed given how heavy the large emerald was.

     Knuckles let out a large yawn, getting further bored as time passed him by. Sitting around doing nothing was just a drag. He stood up and decided to make his way off into the forest. Before he could step past the trees, he hears an unnatural rustle coming from his right.

     “That’s weird.” Said the echidna as he went to investigate. He goes off deep into the woods to find the source of the sound. He makes his way past the massive rocks and mushrooms as he ventures further and further. Then he stops, awed by the sight before him.

     He rubs his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things. Before him, below the incline he stood upon and near the edge of the island, were other echidnas like him coming out of portals! But they were different, clad in black and silver suits with glowing sigils marked on the helmets that they used to veil their faces. And they seemed to posses odd weaponry, some unlike anything he’s ever seen before. He even saw a few golden robots with large bulbous blue eyes and lacking a mouth.

     He was curious to know what these echidnas were doing popping out of the portal, and what they were doing at all. But he didn’t seem to care, as leapt out from the bushes to greet them. “Hey!” he called out towards the other echidnas. “I can’t believe it, there are actually more of us?” Knuckles slid down the incline to introduce himself. “I’m Knuckles. Last echidna on Angel Island. Or at least I was until you guys came.”

     The echidna was overjoyed that he was no longer the last of his kind. Although maybe he’ll wish he was better off that way, as none of the other echidnas seemed interested in returning his greeting. Things felt uneasy for Knuckles, as he looked around and saw the menacing gaze of the other echidna’s glowing blue eyes pierce through him.

     Through the crowd of echidnas floated another figure dressed in a purple cloak that fanned from his gear-shaped collar. He wore a white mask with three protrusions that grew from the head, and looked like a bird’s claw from the front. He carried a golden staff with a C-shaped gear at the top. And emblazoned on his cloak, cufflinks, and gloves were blue markings similar to those of the suited echidnas behind him.

     He approached Knuckles and stared down at him with his cold blue eyes. “Greetings, Knuckles of Angel Island.” His voice was eerily calm and regal. He gave a slight gentleman’s bow to Knuckles as he levitated. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Imperator Pir’Oth Ix of the Nocturnus clan. It has been a few years since we’ve set foot on this land.”

     Knuckles still felt a bit uncomfortable with the look of the other echidnas, but he figured that the one floating in front of him was their leader. So he relaxed a bit. Ix seemed friendly as far as he was concerned. “Well it’s nice to meet you, Imperator Ix. I don’t think I’ve seen you here a few years ago.”

       “Nor have I seen you.” Ix said back. He floated past Knuckles and stared at the incline he came down from. “Now that we have the pleasantries out of the way, I would like to know where the Master Emerald is located.”

       Knuckles was confused at this request, and stood on alert. Something seemed to be wrong here. “Why do you want to know about that?”

       “To claim our right as the ruler’s of this world. The Master Emerald’s power is the key in giving us the power to reign.”

       Knuckles raised his fists in a boxer’s stance. “Great. You sound like Dr. Eggman talking like that.”

      “Dr. Eggman?” Ix floated over to Knuckles. “And who is this ‘Eggman’?”

      “Let’s just say wou two look like you could get along with each other with all the ego and technology you two have.”

      “Interesting.” Ix voice was calm, as if he wasn’t intimidated by Knuckles or a new competitor to him. “But I don’t think I should be worried about this ‘Eggman’.”

      Another rustle came from behind Ix. Two other Nocturnus soldiers came back after scouting the area and studying the locations. “Lord Ix.” Saluted the scout. One of them stepped forward. “We’ve finished surveying the landscape. Evidence of wear and erosion has spread in the Knuckles clan palace, and shows signs of aging.”

      Ix looked onto his scouts in confusion. “Aging? Are you sure?”

      “Yes sir. From the tests, it appears as if 4000 years have gone by since we were last here. And aside from this lone echidna from the Knuckles tribe-” the scout pointed at Knuckles. “There appears to be no other form of sentient life on the island.”

      Ix looked back at Knuckles. “4000 years…” he repeated to himself.

      The roar of rocket engines filled the air around them. The group looked into the sky where the sound was heard, and saw a large red warship flying by. It was shaped like a large triangle, with serrated edges behind it. And on its sides was a black and white image of a large grinning man with a whisker-like mustache.

     “Eggman?” Knuckles questioned. Ix squeezed his staff in anger, the others Nocturnus echidna’s backing away as they saw his hand shake.

     Three jet planes marked with a large G inside a large blue and red circle were in pursuit of the large aircraft. They appeared to be drone aircraft as there were no pilots in any of them, not even the sight of a cockpit. The jets launched missiles at the warship, only for the warship to deflect them with an energy shield that surrounded it. The warship then opened several hatches on its top and revealed plasma cannons that opened fire trying to ward the jets off. One of the jets got shot down and flew towards the island, hitting the incline and bursting into flames.

     Everyone crowded around the wreckage as the other two aircraft continued to exchange fire between each other before flying out of sight of the group. Ix stared long and hard at the wreckage, and Knuckles could tell that the man was frustrated.

“Look. I don’t know what makes you think I’m going to hand you the Master Emerald, but it’s not gonna happen. Get off my island!” Knuckles demanded.

     Ix looked Knuckles, his fury only intensifying from the red echidna’s words. He slashed at the air with his staff, shooting a crescent of green energy that knocked Knuckles towards the rocks. “I don’t think that choice is yours to make.” Ix growled. He looked over at his soldiers behind him. “We’re on a schedule here! Dispose of this defiant wretch while I go off to find the Master Emerald.”

     Knuckles picked himself up from the rubble before he saw Ix depart from the area. He tried to jump up and fly over at the albino echidna. “Wait!” But before he could even tug on Ix’s cloak, one of the Nocturnus echidna’s intercepted him and knocked him back to the ground. Ix glanced over as he continued in the air towards the Emerald Alter, leaving Knuckles to fight off his forces.

     Knuckles picked himself up and looked at the Nocturnus that stopped him. He curled his hands into a fist and sent the black-suited echidna flying towards the other soldiers, knocking  several of them to the ground. He walked towards the large group of Nocturnus still standing. “I said get the heck off my island. If you wanna be stubborn about this, I’ll be glad to knock some sense into you!”

     Knuckles pounced towards the Nocturnus and slammed his fist to the ground, cracking the earth underneath them as a show of strength. Three unlucky Nocturnus were too close to the edge when he did this as the ground crumbled below them and sent them falling into the ocean. Blue energy blades sprouted from the grey bracers on the Nocturnus’ wrists as they all readied themselves for a fight. Knuckles smiled before throwing himself fist-first at the nearest Nocturnus and sent him flying backwards into another group.

     One Nocturnus snuck up behind Knuckles and stabbed at his back with their energy blade. Knuckles felt a large shock go through his body before it subsided. He felt weakened, drained, as if the strength was just sapped out of him. He knew that those energy blades would be trouble, but he didn’t know now much until now. With as much strength as he had left, he rose up and punched the Nocturnus towards the incline. “That’s some cheap trick you got there.” He said, his voice straining as he tried to stand.

     Two Nocturnus pounced at Knuckles, both up them receiving a solid punch to the face from the red echidna as his fists cracked their face-masks like glass. A dozen Nocturnus were left standing, and they were determined to take out Knuckles. 3 of the broke away from the group in order to tend to the injured while the rest grouped up around Knuckles. Knuckles leapt over to the debris of the destroyed GUN drone and picked it up before throwing it at them. They all leapt out of the way as the steel frame skidded on the ground before one of them managed to get a punch off of Knuckles before another seemed to appear out of nowhere and stab at him with their energy blade once again.

     Drained, but still determined to fight, Knuckles grabbed the Nocturnus by the arm and swung him in circles before releasing him towards a group of three other Nocturnus. Only six were left unharmed. They marched forward, blades ignited as they were about to pounce on Knuckles again.

     Suddenly, the ground started to shake violently. An earthquake? No…at least not an ordinary earthquake. Knuckles recognized what the shaking meant: Ix had found and taken the Master Emerald. And without that Emerald’s power keeping the island afloat, the island was falling towards the ocean. The echidna’s tried to keep their balance before Knuckles saw the lights on the Nocturnus’ face masks blink brightly. As soon as the blinking stopped, they activated a device on their wrists and just vanished.

     That was one problem that was Knuckles didn’t have to worry about. He quickly ran back to the Altar to see what Ix had done with the Master Emerald. When he reached the altar, he was shocked at what he laid his eyes upon. The Master Emerald was still there, but it was dull and gray as if the color was completely sucked out of it. “NO!” Knuckles shouted as he tried to reach the altar amidst the shaking.

     When he reached the Emerald he looked behind him and saw Ix calmly floating in the air as he followed the island’s descent to the ocean. The white echidna hand held a glowing bright green orb of light as he chuckled gleefully towards Knuckles. “I left the Master Emerald itself alone, just as you wished. I’ll just make do with its energy instead. I thank you for your cooperation, Knuckles.” Ix’s body started glowing a blinding blue light before he vanished.

     The shaking came to a violent stop as the island touched down into the ocean. The impact sent Knuckles airborne for a brief moment before he planted his face into the grass. He stood up, wanting to see the extent of the damage around him. The altar was still intact, the ground was still kept together, but he wasn’t sure about the rest of the island. He walked towards the islands edge to see the ocean around him and what, if any, pieces of the island may have broken off. He didn’t see any pieces of land drifting away from the island, so he relaxed with the knowledge that the island was still intact. “Man thank goodness this place is durable.”

     He looked up and saw land a few miles out into the distance. At least he has somewhere to go off the island. The Master Emerald isn’t under any threat now that its energy was sapped from it. But Knuckles really wanted to get back at Ix and take back that energy. The thoughts were just pouring into his head. Who was Ix? Why were the Nocturnus echidnas? Where did they come from? More importantly, where did Ix take the Master Emerald’s power and what was he planning to do with it?

     Knuckles knew that whatever Ix was planning wasn’t going to be any good if Ix’s desire to be the ruler of the world was any indicator. And with Eggman and GUN duking it out, it would only cause more problems for Knuckles to find Ix. But at least Ix has some competition, which could work in Knuckles’ favor.

     Knuckles looked back onto his island behind him. “I’m gonna get you back in the skies!” He looked forward at the land a few miles away from him, ran ahead before jumping into the air and flying off into the distance.

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*Whistles* This was pretty awesome, CSS and Johnny. Finally had some time to read this, and I really like what I read here. There's a lot of action here and the characters are being used very well so far. What really caught my eye is how Every 'main' character was either confronted, or ran into, a villian that had an pretty big role in their lives. If anything, this is shaping up to be something epic.


If you two are willing to make more, I'm willing to keep on reading whenever I can.

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Right...so here's an update announcement.


Still working on Chapter 4 while in the process of handling other writing projects and work. I'm going to rearrange the books and let Revolution be Book 1, Angel's Invasion be Book 2, and then Sonic Resonance be Book 3. It would be nice to give a sense of the adventures being more self-contained than interconnected until I get mid-way into the books, but with a few references to previous adventures here and now.


Also, while having some time occupied, I figured I'd let you guys get a read up on the planned outline of Revolution and a taste of what'll go on:



Chapter 1 – Sonic set up

Chapter 2 – Tails set up

Chapter 3 – Knuckles set up

Chapter 4 – Villain Interlude

  • GUN Situation rooms. Team Dark deployed.
  • Eggman Sequence
  • Battle Kukku Sequence
  • Ix Sequence

Chapter 5 – Sonic in levels 2 and 3

  • Fights Egg Chopper and Egg Snowman

Chapter 6 – Tails in levels 2 and 3

  • Fights Fang the Sniper and E-123 Omega

Chapter 7 – Knuckles in level 1

  • Fights Ix

Chapter 8 – Knuckles in levels 2 and 3

  • Fights Nocturne Scorpion and Rouge

Chapter 9 – Sonic in levels 4 and 5

  • Fights the Wrecker and Shadow

Chapter 10 – Tails in levels 4 and 5

  • Fights Kukku Battle Ship and Kukku Tank

Chapter 11 – Knux in levels 4 and 5

  • Fights Shade and Egg Robo

Chapter 12 – Sonic in levels 6

  • Fights Metal Sonic

Chapter 13 – Tails in level 6

  • Fights Speedy the Kukku

Chapter 14 – Knux in level 6

  • Fights Nocturne Dragon

Chapter 15 – Egg Alcatraz (Sonic’s Final Level)

  • Fights Egg Monger

Chapter 16 – Kukku Mountain (Tails’ Final Level)

  • Fights Grand Battle Kukku

Chapter 17 – Nocturne (Knux Final Level)

  • Fights Ix

Chapter 18 – (Secret)

Chapter 19 – (Secret)


Be on the look out for Chapter 4...


CSS out.

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Here's Chapter 4 guys. You're gonna love this one!


Chapter 4


GUN Headquarters


                Soldiers and intelligence officers ran back and forth in a large moon-shaped room as they delivered intel to the analysts. Their frantic chatter filled the air as they tried to address a crisis that was spreading across the planet. Large flatscreen monitors arced across the walls as surveying every corner of the world the base had an eye on as the soldiers kept their eyes on them and reported their findings based on them.

                The GUN General sat in an elevated in a chair in the back room, rubbing his temples as he took in all the information that was coming to him by his subordinates. Civilians were getting abducted, cities were being conquered or overrun by hostile forces, and his forces were getting decimated. Although he had soldiers sent to each and every hotspot with the most severe areas taking top priority, he wasn’t getting any response back from these areas, and that was only making things evermore tense as seconds felt like minutes while they raced to quell the crisis zones.

                “Sir, Westopolis Command has stop responding!”

                “Station Square has come under attack!”

                “3rd Platoon has been wiped out by unknown aggressors in-!”

                It was too much to take in. And to say nothing of how thin his forces were spread. Given that GUN was the only force in the world capable of repelling the threats, it took a toll on their resources in combating them. And the choices were only making the General’s grey hairs even paler by the minute. Eggman was bad enough, and now there are 2 new threats that seem to have came out of nowhere and locked them in a 4-pronged conflict. The only saving grace was that none of them have allied with each other; in fact, they seem to be going at each other’s throats, which gives some breathing room for GUN soldiers across the globe.

                “Sir.” Responded a feminine voice from behind the General.

                The General looked over at saw a female bat with a heart-shaped breastplate connected to her skin-tight body suit. “Yes, Rouge. What is it?”

                Rouge walked forward. “With your permission, I request that you deploy Team Dark to investigate the attacks as well as the kidnappings. It could be that a certain doctor is up to his usual tricks again.”

               The General massaged his temples once again as he tried to collect his thoughts. “It’s not just Dr. Eggman this time. While we’ve spotted him taking direct action in these attacks there seems to be other parties involved, and not affiliated with us.”

               “Such as?”

               “Some group of birds called the Battle Kukku Armada.”

               Rouge rubbed the back of her head. “What kind of title is that?”

               “You tell me.” The General responded. “There are also reports of an echidna sabotaging a large number of our local forces in the coastal regions.”

               “Wait…you mean Knuckles is fighting against us?” Rouge gasped.

               “Negative. The reports identify this echidna as female. Very agile and equipped with cloaking technology that allows her to sneak right under our soldiers’ noses and wipe them out.”

               Rouge raised an eyebrow. “You’ve gotta be kidding?”

                “I wish I was. Seems like your old acquaintance isn’t alone as far as his kind goes.” The General looked back towards the main monitor. “However, this does pose a risk: this being another echidna, Knuckles might be influenced to assist her, whatever her motives may be. Your primary objectives are to stop any aggressors in the regions. But if possible, see if you can find out what this echidna’s plans are and if Knuckles is involved or not.”

                Rouge stood erect and saluted. “Yes, sir.”


                Rouge walked out of the room, where a black and red hedgehog with white chest fur stood outside leaning against the wall. His voice was relaxed, but indifferent with smug look advertised on his face. “So what’s our orders?”

                “Oh quit being coy.” Rouge deflected the question. “As if you don’t know.”

                The hedgehog kept his smug expression. “Kinda why I asked.”

                Loud thuds were approaching the two beside them. A massive red and black robot with a greek Omega symbol (Ω) etched on its massive shoulders joined into the conversation. “Attacks have become rampant across the globe. GUN forces stretched too thin. Struggling to contain the threat.”

                The black hedgehog shrugged. “What else is new?” he scoffed.

                “An invisible echidna.” Answered the robot.

                “Yeah, okay that is new. What’s Knuckles doing involved in this?”

                “It’s not Knuckles.”

                The hedgehog scowled. “Gee, thanks for the tidbit. That narrows it down a lot.”

                Rouge turned to the black hedgehog. “Listen, Shadow. Along with Eggman, we have 2 new factions causing havoc in the world, and the General wants us to investigate and stop any further ones from reaching beyond their hotspots.”

                “Now was that so hard to explain?” Shadow asked, his sarcasm only annoying Rouge further.

                “Cute.” Rouge smiled, rolling her eyes as she continued. “I take it you don’t know about the factions? The militarized birds called Kukkus, and the echidna playing ninja with our forces?”

                “And suspicion of the possibility of other echidnas.” Added the robot.

                 “Pretty much what Omega said.” Rouge continued.

                “So we split up and deal with each one of these threats while GUN regroups? Sounds like a typical plan to me.”

                “Well, we want to see if Knuckles is also involved in this.”

                “Oh please, you just want to take off with his jewels like you always do.” Shadow joked.

                “I steal his Emerald once, and suddenly it becomes my hat. I’m surprised to see you cracking jokes, Mr. Moody. Maybe you and Sonic should get together sometime and trade notes.”

                “Looks like I hit a nerve.” Shadow continued.

                Omega spoke again. “All factions appear to have separate interests. Shootouts have sparked where Eggman and the Kukkus. The echidna is also taking out squads of the other faction’s troops as she continues.”

                Shadow laughed. “A girl echidna? Oh this is gold.”

                “Time is being wasted listening to you two mocking each other. We must deploy now.” Omega pressured.

                “Right.” Shadow separated from the group. “Well I’ll go on and stop Eggman, my tin friend. Last thing we need is you blowing up the area trying to destroy his robots. You take on the Kukkus.” He looked over at Rouge. “And you can go handle your love triangle with Knuckles and the other echidna. Anything else I should know before I head out?”

                Rouge shook her head and smiled. “Go shoot yourself.” she joked.

                “Maybe later.” Shadow vanished in a flash of blue light, leaving the other two the glance at each other.

                “I wanted Eggman.” Omega complained.

                “Shadow has a point. We can’t have you causing too much collateral damage. Go after the Kukku’s. Shouldn’t be a problem for you.”

                “Understood.” Omega walked off, leaving Rouge to go the other way as she departed the base and flew off into the sky towards the coast where the other echidna was spotted.




                Near the gulf, around a large group of forests lies a volcano that lays dormant around the trees that blanket the area. Everything seems calm and peaceful, aside from a few egg-shaped robots that patrol the area. But that serene atmosphere gets phased out by the massive roar of jet engines as a massive, red, triangular warship flies overhead. A large patch of land opens up and reveals a hangar underneath as the ship descends into the chasm, then closes as it lands on the pavement.

                Inside the hangar, robots of all shapes and sizes race to the ship for repairs. The bee-like robots hover above as they weld the damaged frame back together, while egg-shaped and the monkey looking robots come in the fix the ship from underneath.

                The doors that lead deeper into the base slide open as Dr. Eggman marches out into the hangar towards the ship. He stops directly in front of the ship, standing erect as he watches the stairs descend from the ship’s hatch. He smiles. “So, how was the test drive?”

                A dark blue hedgehog descends from the stairs to greet the doctor. It’s red, scowling eyes glowing as it looked upon Eggman to answer his question. It’s electronic voice was quite humble as it spoke. “The ship is quite a work, master. Perhaps your best one yet.”

                “Oh, you sell yourself short, Metal Sonic. It’s amazing, but it pales in comparison to you!”

                “Yes, Dr. Eggman.”

                “I am curious about the dents and ruptures, however.”

                Metal Sonic looked at the damages being repaired. “As we flew by Angel Island floating near the east, the ship came under attack by a few of GUN’s drones. Although they did get a few hits in, the weapon systems took care of them with ease.”

                “Excellent. We shall begin mass production as soon as possible.”

                “Doctor?” said a humble voice from behind. Eggman looked over his shoulder to see a small, red and black robot standing near the doorway. It’s round frame seemed compact and perfect for rolling about, and its face looked like it was grinning a bit. “You seem surprisingly relaxed given the circumstances of our intel. I would have thought the Kukku’s would have unrattled you a bit.”

                “Hmph.” Scoffed Eggman. “Yes, it is a shame that these loons would show up out of nowhere and cause a ruckus. But I’ve been at this game a lot longer than they have, got more territory than they do, so I’ll let them have their little fun for now. Besides, they don’t know this world like I do.”

                A yellow, cube-shaped robot, similar to the round one came hopping from the doorway. “What about that other echidna? She’s been wiping the floor with GUN lately, and she’s doing it on her own.”

                “Now that one seems like trouble. Nonetheless, she’s just one person, and if she’s an enemy of GUN that also means she’s an enemy of Team Dark, and by association that blasted Sonic. She won’t be trouble for long.”

                “Unless Knuckles teams-up with her.  A female echidna sounds like some exciting news for someone like him.” Added Metal Sonic.

                Eggman cackled. “Oh, this is gonna be fun! If Knuckles sides with her, he’ll likely come into conflict with his old friend Sonic. It’s been a while since I’ve seen them try to knock each other’s brains out!”

                “And you don’t even have to trick him.” Said the round robot.

                But Eggman recollected himself. He stood erect with his head held high. “For the time being, we need more subjects for our little project. We need to make sure we have hold on our other territories, so I’ll be sending each of you to look over them.” He points over at the round and square robots. “Orbot, Cubot. I want you to go to Holiday Kingdom. See if you can capture more people while looking into the Kukkus that hold the region. Metal Sonic!” He points at the metallic hedgehog. “Head to Shogun Casino in Casino Park. I want that area ready for conquest by the time I get there!”

                “And what if I encounter Sonic, sir?” asked Metal Sonic.

                “Then do what you do best. But don’t get your hopes up.” He departs for the doorway before turning around. “Normally, if you failed me, I would probably try to make scrap out of you. But now we have a different boardgame laid out for us, so I might be a little ‘lenient’ for your mess-ups. Ta-ta!” The doors slide open as he walks in before they slide shut.

                The robots look at each other. “You heard him. Get to it!” Metal Sonic roared, causing Cubot to jump behind Orbot.

                “You don’t have to yell, sir.” Said Orbot as he and Cubot departed. “I swear, he becomes the most powerful robot, and he thinks he can just boss us around! Stupid, copy-catting excuse of a…”

                Metal Sonic ignored the rest of Orbots insults as he walked back into the repaired warship behind him. The hangar’s ceiling opened as he took a battalion of robots inside before the ship raised out of the hangar and took off.




                The Kukku’s were gathered in a large room with several monitor screens relaying images from around the world. The GBK stood over a podium as he came to make his announcement.

                “I have two things to say to you all.” Said the GBK as his soldiers came at attention.“First: well done, everyone!” The GBK rose his hands in celebration. “An astounding success! Now we can make further preparations. I never expected that we would gain such territory.”

                The Kukku’s cheered with their leader. Then the soldier next to the GBK spoke out. “And the second thing, sir?”

                The GBK must be bipolar. “You ingrates can do better than that!” He threw the inquiring soldier out into the crowd in front of him.

                The soldier picked himself up and looked at the GBK. “But sir-!”

                “We don’t have anywhere near as much territory as that blasted ‘Egghead’ or whatever it is the world calls him!” The GBK paced back and forth. “I want this world to recognize the dominance of the Kukkus, and conquering just a few patches of land isn’t enough!”

                “But, sir,” spoke an aged owl from behind the GBK. “We just made our move. You can’t expect them to conquer whole nations in a day.”

                “Silence!” the GBK backhanded the owl. “I don’t need you to tell me what we can and can’t accomplish with our armada, Dr. Fukurokov. Your job is to build things, not command them!”

                “You delirious loon!” Fukurokov cursed under his breath.

                “What was that?” GBK demanded.

                “I said, I didn’t mean to speak out of tune, sir.” Fukurokov lied. “I was just making an assessment.”

                “Well I appreciate your concern. But the fact remains that we’re at a disadvantage. These GUN soldiers are being held at bay, but just barely.” He looks up at the screen that highlighted their territory. “I suppose I should thank that ‘Egghead’ for being an obstacle to them.”

                “It’s Doctor ‘Eggman’, sir.” Said a green, goggle-wearing kukku walking through the crowd. The crowd saluted him as they spilt a path towards the GBK. He dusted his brown gloves, boots, and pants off of dust before he continued. “His name is Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik. Guy doesn’t mess around.”

                “Ah, Speedy!” Said the GBK. “Welcome back, my son. And how did your scouting go?”

                “Bad. My troops barely got out of a struggle with that Eggman’s tin-cans, and they pack a punch.”

                The GBK raised his eyebrows. “You’re joking, right?”

                “Gimme one reason why I should lie to you about this?”

                The GBK stroked under his large beak. “Go on.”

                “We were scouting around Eggman’s territory before getting ambushed by some of his robots. They took a lot of hits before they went down. Might even be stronger than that old owl’s machines.”

                “Phooey!” spat Fukurokov. “As if someone could match my genius.”

                “Well if they couldn’t, then we’d have a lot more land underneath our feet. Don’cha think?” Fukurokov was silent at the revelation. Speedy shook his head before he continued. “At any rate, we did find someone who could be of assistance to us.”

                “Oh, and who might that be?” asked the GBK.

                A purple weasel walked into the room. He wore a wide-brimmed hat over his head, and flashed a snaggle-toothed at the GBK as he tipped his hat forward as he gave a slight nod. “G’day, sir. I hear you were having trouble out there and could use my services?”

                “And you are?” asked the GBK.

                “Nack the Weasel. Folks call me Fang the Sniper out back where I’m from. And I specialize in a little freelance wetwork, which might be right up your ally as far as your little quest for world domination goes.”

                “Well that’s interesting to know, but I don’t see why you should concern yourself in our matters.”

                Nack took off his hat and dusted it. “Well as far as your little ‘affairs’ go, I did help your son out of that ambush he got into.” He placed his hat back on his head. “So I’m owed my share of the stakes here.”

                “Noted.” Relented the GBK.

                “Secondly, it never hurts to have some help for your cause.”

                “And I suppose you want a position in our armada?” question the GBK.

                “Eh, I couldn’t really care about world conquest. You can have it for all I care, I’m only in it for the gold.”

                “So you don’t want any credit beyond that?” asked Fukurokov.

                “Wouldn’t hurt. But as far as I see it, the friend of my money is my friend. You got the money, you got my friendship. I knew saving this tyke here would be worth my time. Or was I wrong?” He looked over at Speedy.

                The GBK laughed. “I love this man. It’s agreed then. I’ll pay you for your services…that is, if you think you can deliver?”

                “I think I can take whatever you throw at me. Need someone taken out? Need something taken? Or just need some protectin’? I’m your guy.”

                “Well we have a need for all three, so rest assured we wouldn’t mind the extra help.”

                Nack smiled. “Glad to hear it.”

                “Now with that out of the way, I have your first assignment.” He shows Tails and Cream on the monitor behind Nack. “These two got in my way during my stay at Holiday Kingdom, wanting to know where we took their chao. Our scouts reveal that they are heading to Casino Park’s Shogun Casino. We feel they might become a nuisance, so it would be nice if you could take care of them.”

                “Two children? Well that’s disturbing.” Said Nack.

                “I hope that isn’t going to be a problem, is it?”

                Nack looked back at the GBK. “I said ‘disturbing’, not ‘undoable’. You want these tykes out of your feathers? Consider it done.”

                The GBK cackled. “Oh, it is going to be such a pleasure doing business with you.”

                “The feeling’s mutual.” Said Nack proceeded to walk out of the room to his assignment.

                "Wait a minute, Nack!" said the GBK. "I must warn you that these children pack quite a punch. I fought them myself, and they're not any ordinary kids."

                "Well, my sniper packs a punch as well. Thanks for the heads up, sir." Nack then continued out of the room, smiling at his new job.





                Off on a distant coast, the Nocturnus echidnas materialize on the beach. Some were still wounded from their fight with Knuckles, others went off to tend to them. Ix is the last one to appear on the beach. He hovers in silence, his soldiers look onto him waiting for his orders. He looks back onto them. “Any word on the other groups?” he asks a scout.

                “None sir.” Answered the scout.

                Ix growls. Then the lights on the scouts eyes blink. “Scratch that. I’m picking up a message from Procurator Shade. Patching it through.” A hologram flashes a pink image of Noctunus soldier. Her bodysuit looked more customized than the other Nocturnus, with horn-like protrusions from her helmet instead of the shell-like one worn by the regular Nocturnus.

                Ix floated towards the hologram. “Ah, Procurator. I’m sure you have some good news?”

                Shade looked at Ix. “I’ve got news. Whether or not it’s any good is up to you.”

                “Enlighten me.”

                “You’re likely aware of how different this world is the last time we were here. I never would have guessed this world would have progressed so rapidly while we were away.”

                “That’s because 4000 years have passed while we were trapped in the Twilight Cage.”


                “And to make matters worse, there are 2 other groups that we’ll be in direct conflict with.”

                “Lord Ix!” shouted a scout approaching from the vegetation. He was with another group of Nocturnus that was scouting the rest of the region.

                “Speak.” Commanded Ix.

                “We just spotted a group of bird people called, the Kukkus in a city not too far from here.” Said the scout. “We believe the location was called ‘Holiday Kingdom’, and they’ve already gained a foothold there.”

                “Correction. 3 groups.” Ix had a brief pause before he roared and released a pillar of energy that surged up into the sky, splitting the clouds apart. The Nocturnus stepped a few feet away from Ix, not wishing to get caught in the energy he released.

                “Lord Ix?” asked Shade. “What’s the matter?”

                “4000 years have passed!” Ix shouted. “Four millennia! And now we have to fight a four way war in order to regain everything that we lost throughout that time! I came here to reclaim what we lost, and the last thing I want is anyone standing in the way of that!” He floated back and forth as he tried to think of a plan.

                “Well if it pleases you, my lord.” Shade continued. “These ‘GUN’ forces aren’t too much of a hassle as they currently are. While formidable, they appear to be somewhat behind us, technologically speaking.”

                Ix looked back at Shade and felt a little relieved. “Well, that’s good to know. Anything else? What about this ‘Eggman’ I’ve been hearing about?”

                “I was just about to get to that, my lord.” Shade responded. “This Eggman appears to be the greater of the threats in this world, and he’s just as capable as us. His resources seemingly come out of nowhere, and he’s made a lot of grabs for power prior to our arrival based on the intel I took from GUN.”

                “So this ‘Eggman’ knows more about this new world than I?” Ix chuckled. “Well isn’t that just perfect.”

                “Sir, if I may?” Shade requested.

                “Go on.”

                “Where exactly did you hear about Eggman?”

                Ix looked off into the ocean from where he believed Angel Island lied. “Remember the Knuckles Clan, and that Pachacamac?”

                “Of course, sir.” Shade nodded.

                “Well apparently his clan still lives on. Only one survivor of that clan still lives on that ancestral land, and he was the one who told me about this ‘Eggman’.” He looks back at Shade. “Apparently, he is also more familiar with this world that us.” He floated back to the hologram and landed on the ground. “A shame, however, that all that exists on that land is rock and leaves. I did, however, make off with a little souvenir when we arrived on the land.”

                He holds up the glowing green orb of energy. “What is that?” Shade asks.

                “The Master Emerald’s energy.” Ix answered. “That survivor wouldn’t let us take the Emerald itself, so I left it there and took this instead.”

                “So with this we can finally retake this world?”

                “We’ll have to deal with these other vermin first before we do that. But I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to find a place to make our home.” Ix looks back to his soldiers. “I want you to make sure you do everything you can to deal with this world’s resistance! Destroy anyone who stands in our way, and bring to me anything you find useful for study. Do not fail me!” he growls.

                The Nocturnus echidnas stood at attention and saluted. Ix looks back at Shade. “Continue your operations in the other regions of this world. We’ll need everything we can to work things in our favor.”

                “Understood, sir.” Shade saluted.

                “Now, GO!” Ix commanded.

                Shade’s hologram vanished, and the rest of the Nocturnus scattered off towards the land ahead of them. Ix chuckled as he floated off into the distance. “This time, there will be nothing to stop us.”

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And we resume with another chapter.


Chapter 5


                Sonic and Amy blur out of the forest like a bright pink and blue streak of wind and into a sprawling city. Amy looks around as much as she can while Sonic focuses on what’s ahead of him. The city seems almost deserted, and what few people she did see were running the opposite of where the hedgehogs were going. Amy knew something was up, and she knew Sonic did too.

                Sonic came to a stop in the middle of an intersection. “Well this is the place isn’t it?” he asked.

                Amy looked around to confirm his question. “Yeah, this is Zoo Land.” She looked off into the distance to see what the people were running from, but she could barely see anything with the sun glaring in her eyes. “Whatever these people are running from has to be because of Eggman.”

                Robotic wasps and birds flew in front of them terrorizing a group of people, obviously due to Eggman’s presence. “Yeah, who else could it be?” Asked Sonic, shrugging at the obvious view.

                Amy rolled her eyes at Sonic’s jest, but they didn’t have time to waste in saving the group. The hedgehogs leapt towards the robots chasing the group and destroyed the birds. The wasps lowered their abdomens and started shooting at the hedgehogs, who ran around and stayed out of their line of fire. Sonic made zig-zags to avoid the shots from the wasp behind him before running towards one of the wasps that hovered in place targeting Amy. He jumped over the robot, causing the one that was shooting at him to accidentally hit it and blow it up.

                Sonic landed and glanced at the remains of the robot. “Ha! That trick never gets old!” he laughed as he kept running.

                The other wasp gave chase, but was quickly bashed to the ground by Amy’s hammer.  It’s propellers were destroyed and it couldn’t lift off into the air, which Amy was quick to take advantage of as she crushed it with another swing of her hammer. “And STAY down!” she shouted.

                Sonic came to a stop behind her. “Yep, looks like we’re done here!” he said.

                The group that was once being chased came out to thank the two for saving them. “Thank goodness you were here,” said a woman. “We’d have been locked up like the others.”

               “It was no problem,” said Amy. “We figured this place would be in trouble given all the events elsewhere.”

               “By any chance, did you guys happen to see an egg-shaped man wobbling around in the air around here?” Sonic asked.

               “You mean that Dr. Eggman?” asked a man.
               “Who else?”

               Amy tapped Sonic with her fingertips. “Knock it off, Sonic.”

               “Those robots were off into the city abducting people into these metal pods and taking them away,” said another woman woman. “We tried to help, but we were told to save ourselves and run!”

               “Where did you last see them?” Sonic asked. The people pointed behind him deep into the area. Sonic could see a few robots flying around, some of them with metal pods as they ventured further into the distance. “Thanks!” He swept Amy into his arms. “Let’s go, Amy!”

               “Sure thing!” she said with an infatuated stare towards Sonic.

               Sonic zoomed off deeper into the area. “You’re never going to get over this, are you?”

               “Not even in your dreams.” Said Amy.

               They continued further into the city, leaping over fences and exhibits that contained some of the animals that people came here to see. But with more people either hiding or running away to avoid capture, they were less concerned with the animals and more about escaping with their lives. They saw two orange Egg Pawns with machine guns and a tall, red and black, egg shaped robot with large missile launcher on its arm marching along the streets with two bee robots flying overhead. As soon as they saw Sonic and Amy, they opened fire. The Pawns sprayed machine gun fire at Sonic, who ran to the side to avoid the shots. The red robot shot a missile over at Sonic, which homed in and followed him wherever he went. Sonic tried making sharp turns in hopes that the missile would hit something else, but it was not to be fooled as it made a U-turn and went back for him. The bee robots quickly tailed after him above the missile.

               “Look out!” Amy gasped.

               Sonic looked behind to see the bee robots that flew with the missile. “Uh-oh!” He looked around the area to see what he could use, coming up towards a pool of water. He looked back at Amy, his face showing that he had an idea on his mind. “I’m real sorry to do this, Amy.”

               “Sonic, what are you-?” Sonic threw Amy into the pool as he ran past it and let the missile and bee robots continue their pursuit. The splash wasn’t enough to throw the bee flight off, and to make matters worse Amy was infuriated at being thrown into the water. “Sonic!” She roared, waving her hammer in the air.

               But Sonic just looked back and grinned as he kept running. “Well, now that I don’t have that much to worry about.” He looked around to see what he could do to get the missile away from him. He ran towards a table towards one of the shops, leapt over and flipped the table into the air as the missile smacked into it and exploded. One of the bee robots got caught into the explosion and crashed to the ground before blowing up.

              “Now that just leaves the other one,” he said as he looked back at the remaining bee. Then he looked up ahead to see the Pawns and the tall, red robot pointing their machine guns at him. “Oh…right.”               He came to a stop as he faced down the gun-toting robots in front of him.

              The bee stopped right behind him and aimed the tip of its abdomen at him and revealed its laser. But Sonic simply smiled and stuck his tongue out at the red robot behind the Pawns. If robots could show emotion, this one would be enraged as it swatted the pawns out of the way and tried to shoot at Sonic with its machine gun. Sonic leapt into the air as the bullets flew out of the robots barrel and shot at the bee robot’s gun. The bee hovered in the air trying to shoot from its barrel, but nothing came out from it. Electricity crackled from the barrel before the laser tip blew off the bee’s abdomen.

              Sonic watched the robots on the roof as he saw the bee fly closer to the red robot and buzz angrily in the air. The red robot looked back at the Pawns and shrugged as it tried to understand the bee, and the Pawns only shrugged back not knowing what it was saying. Then the Pawns jumped back in shock as they saw a shadow in the air dive down towards the bee and the red robot. The shadow landed on the bee and crushed it like a pancake as it repeatedly bashed on the bee’s body. The red robot and the Pawns got a better visual on the shadow, which turned out to be a furious Amy Rose, her red dress dripping wet with water as she raised her hammer towards them. She leapt towards the red robot and slammed her hammer on its black torso, sending it flying towards the Pawns and making them all crash on the ground. The robots looked up as they saw Amy advance closer, trying to scramble to their feet and ready their guns. Amy was still fuming with rage, and the robot’s guns did nothing to deter her from getting closer to them. The Pawns started to quake with fear, their guns shaking in their hands as Amy got closer. The red robot didn’t seem to be afraid at all, and tried to shoot a missile at Amy who sent it hurdling back towards one of the Pawns with her hammer.

              “Okay…that was totally not what I planned.” Said Sonic as he stood on the roof and watched the Pawn explode. He looked over to see other Pawn trying to run away, then jumped off the roof, curled into a ball, and went crashing down on it. “You’d think Eggman would upgrade you guys already.”

              He looked back at a shouting Amy trying to hammer at the red robot as it tried to get a lock on her. She was moving too fast as she used the momentum of her hammer to send her flying towards the robot and throw off its aim. When it had its back pointed towards Sonic, Sonic threw himself at it and sent it flying towards Amy, who had her hammer ready to bash it to the ground. However, it instead activated its thrusters and flew over the swing of her hammer and pointed its machine gun at Sonic. Sonic strafed and bounced around before running off into the distance as the robot gave chase.

              “Sonic! Get back here!” Amy shouted as she followed.

              Sonic bounced around buildings and exhibits as the robot sprayed at him with its machine gun. With none of its shots landing on the blue hedgehog, it instead shot a missile at him. Sonic looked back to see that this was almost a repeat with the bee robot, only to see an extra two missiles fly out of the robot’s launcher and fly in formation next to the first one. “Nice to see you have a brain!” Sonic joked.

             Sonic ran up the side of a building, launching himself high into the air. The missiles followed, as did the robot. Amy finally caught up and waited down below for any one of them to land near her so she could smash it with her hammer. The missiles flew closer to Sonic as his ascent began to slow before he finally descended. He flipped over the first missile, landed on the second and kicked it down towards the robot, then landed on the third and rode it back down to the ground. The second missile collided with the robot, damaging its thrusters and forced it to land. The first missile turned around to fly back down towards Sonic. Sonic was the first to near the ground, and he reoriented the missile he was on so he could surf above the pavement. Amy was waiting in front of him, raising her hammer and just barely missed her strike on Sonic.

             Sonic was shocked. “Amy! What the heck are you doing?” he asked.

             “Sorry, the sun was in my eyes!” Amy lied, and Sonic could tell she was tried to hit him on purpose. She looked back and saw the robot slowly land to the ground. She saw the other missile making its way to the ground, so she batted the robot into the missile’s path and watched the explosion erupt as they collided. The robot was still standing, heavily damaged, but still functioning. Sonic came flying towards it with his missile, jumped off, and turned the robot to scrap as it finally blew up from the second explosion.

             Sonic chuckled. “That was fun.”

             “Oh by the way…”Amy smacked him with her hammer.

             “Ow! Geez, sorry for throwing you into the pool, but I couldn’t hold you and jump around at the same time!”

             “You’ve done it so many times that it’s second nature to you!”

             “Yeah, usually when there wasn’t too much going on at once.”

             “Didn’t know that explosions everywhere wasn’t too much going on.” Amy kept going further into the city.

             “Seriously?" Sonic shrugged. "You’re going to bring up that Little Planet incident?”

             They both stopped and heard a loud buzzing sound from above. They saw another bee robot flying around, only it was much larger, more menacing, and had red coloring in addition to the black and yellow. It looked as if it was observing the area, before it turned around and flew to another part in the city.

             “I don’t know what it was here for, but 3 guesses say that it’s going back to Eggman.” Sonic said. “Let’s go.”

             Sonic and Amy chased after the bee, with Sonic jumping from building to building while Amy kept pace on the ground. They figured that they could be more observant keeping an eye on two different heights instead of one in case either of them found it landing on one of the roofs or on the ground. The bee didn’t seem to notice them, or if it did it wasn’t bothered by them following it.

              They kept further and further into the area until it finally descended towards a large opening. There Sonic and Amy witnessed crowds of people being placed into egg shaped pods and taken into transports that flew off into the skies. Then they saw a clear opening: Eggman was standing out in the open giving orders to his machines.

                “No, no, you idiot! That’s the supply transport!” he shouted to one of the Pawns carrying a pod. “Take them to the 8th ship. That has plenty of room.”

                Two of the red robots Sonic and Amy fought earlier walked up and saluted Eggman. “Sir, we just about ready to depart with the captives!” One of them said.

               “Good, good,” Said Eggman. “See to it that there are no distractions as we depart.”

               “Sir!” The robots saluted, then they went towards the transports to carry out their orders.

               Sonic landed down where Amy was. “Eggman? Out in the open? Not in his Eggmobile?” he whispered.

                “Now’s our chance!” Amy whispered back. She rushed past the robots with her hammer raised, jumped towards Eggman and took a swing. Eggman appeared to be in no hurry to move, nor did he seem to have noticed her right next to him. But when Amy’s hammer connected it passed right through him. “What the-?“

                 “Nice try, Ms. Rose!” Said Eggman as he turned his attention on her. “Like I would just let you attack me so easily?”

                  Sonic ran up next to Amy. “So, a hologram, huh?”

                  Eggman grinned. “My, how intuitive!” he said. “What tipped you off?”

                  “Spill it, Egghead! What are you planning to do with these hostages?”

                  “Sonic, if I didn’t tell you the first time you asked, I don’t think doing asking a second time is going to work.”

                  “Yeah, of course you won’t tell,” said Amy. “You’re too much of a coward to face us, if sending in a hologram doesn’t show that.”

                   Another Eggman appeared from behind one of the transports. “Amy, what you confuse as ‘cowardice,’ is what intelligent people call ‘pragmatism.’ Two fast hedgehogs, one that can break the sound barrier, and another wielding a mallet. And a genius such as myself is a coward for not wanting to fight them?”

                “Yeah, so much for pragmatism if you bring yourself out in the open like that.” Said Sonic. He ran towards the other Eggman and threw himself, curled up at the man only to bounce harmlessly off Eggman’s large belly. Sonic skidded on the floor in shock of what happened. “What the heck? I know you’re overweight, but geez!”

                “That’s right. Don’t bother assuming it’s another hologram, just attack on sight.” Said Eggman. More holograms appeared around the hedgehogs. They spoke in unison. “I’ve been doing further research and development. The likes of which you’ve already gotten a taste of. I should have thought to make better use of holograms. Now I can actually be several places at once! Brilliant, if I do say so myself!”

                “Yeah, to heck with fighting,” said Amy walking over towards Sonic. “You could just talk us to death with a lecture if you leave it to the holograms.”

                 The holograms gave an incredulous look at Amy as if they were surprised. Then they walked towards the two hedgehogs as another transport took off. “Well, aren’t we just so full of energy?” said the holograms. The ground started to vibrate, as thundering pulses were spreading out all around. One of the transports took off with the hostages, while the others continued to load.

                “No, wait!” said Sonic. “We’ve gotta save them!” He ran over to the transport, but the robots shot several missiles that threw him back beside Amy.

                “Why don’t you make up your minds?” asked the holograms. “I thought you wanted to fight the real Eggman!” The vibrations became heavier, but none of the transports looked as if they were taking off yet.

                “What’s going on, Eggman?” Sonic asked.

                “I’m giving you what you came here for. If it’s a fight you want…” the holograms disappeared. The heavy beating of a helicopter’s propeller sounded through the air as Eggman rose from within a massive wasp-shaped aircraft. “…then it’s a fight you’ll get!”

                 Eggman launched a missile at the hedgehogs, who separated to avoid the explosion as the missile hit the ground. The remaining transports slowly began to take off as they finished loading their hostages, although some were still grounded and loading. Sonic heard the transport’s engines ignite, and made another attempt to keep the ship grounded. But a laser from the Eggman cut off his path as it erupted a violent wall of fire that sent Sonic flying back from the force. Sonic got up on his feet, only to see the transport he went after finally take off into the skies. “No!” he shouted.

                “I thought you wanted a fight?” Eggman asked.

                “Not when I can save these people you’ve kidnapped!”

                “Oh,” Eggman said in an uncaring tone. “Well, good luck with that.” He launched several small orbs from his ship and sent them floating between the hedgehogs and the transports. Electric walls erupted from the orbs, surrounding them and Eggman as they blocked them off from the transports. “Now we can focus more on each other! Isn’t that swell?”

                Sonic angrily leapt up into the air, curled into a ball and bashed himself underneath the ship’s cockpit. He bounced off its shield, but the ship rocked in the air as it tried to maintain its altitude. Eggman sighed. “I need to work on that shielding…”

                Amy went over to help Sonic back on his feet. “Sonic, he’s using the same shield he had last time. We could try knocking him out of the air and to the ground.”

                “Typical Eggman, huh?” said Sonic.

                “And what kind of genius wouldn’t have prepared for a stunt like that.” Said Eggman from one of the orbs.

                “Great, he can hear us down here.” Said Amy.

               Sonic noticed the center of the orb was glowing, and quickly pushed Amy out of the way. “Laser!” he shouted as a beam of light erupted from the orb and shot across to the other side of the wall.

Eggman was cackling as he shot his machine guns over to the hedgehogs, who quickly ran around to avoid getting hit. “Run, run, little rodents!” he shouted. His ship’s abdomen lowered, then two sharp rails followed by a smaller rail between the two were pointed at Sonic. Electricity crackled around the rails, and the center rail was glowing an intense blue before a stream of lightning flew out in front of where Sonic was running. Sonic stopped just in the nick of time as the lightning hit the ground and made a small glassy crater in the impact.

                “Blast!” Eggman shouted. “If only you had kept moving for once!” A large THOOM impacted his ship and rocked it in the air again. Eggman looked to his side and saw Amy descend to the ground, landing and gearing up for another jump. When she leapt into the air, Eggman strafed to the side to avoid her hammer and pointed his machine guns on Amy when he got a clear lock onto her. On impulse, Amy threw her hammer at the ship to throw its aim off, and the machine guns were just inches from hitting her.

Amy landed to the ground, and waited for her hammer to plummet to the ground before Eggman took another shot of lighting towards her feet. “Ah ah ah! Not another move, Amy!”

                 Sonic threw himself at Eggman again. “I didn’t hear my name called!” he shouted as he hit Eggman’s shield. The force sent the ship flying towards the electric walls and electrocuted the ship. Sonic noticed that the shield appeared to be gone, and he went for another attack, throwing himself at Eggman and fractured the cockpit. “Oh, man. You take one step forward and two steps back for every new invention. What happened to that genius intellect of yours?”

                 Eggman growled before roaring in gibberish as he pressed several buttons on his control panel. The machine guns and the abdomen’s lightning gun were all pointed at Sonic, who ran in circles to create a tornado that would further imbalance the ship. Eggman couldn’t get a lock on Sonic from his ship, so he resorted to using the orbs making the electric wall to fire on Sonic and force him to stop running around in circles. “Yikes!” Sonic yelped as he zigzagged to avoid the lasers.

                  Eggman went for another charge of lightning and this time he hit Sonic as he ran straight into the lightning’s path. Sonic body coarsed with electricity before he lost his footing and went flying into the electric walls that electrocuted him even more. Smoke rose from his charred body as he tried to pick himself up on his feet. He could barely move now, with electric bolt jumping from his body and making him spaz up whenever he tried to make a step. Eggman readied his lightning cannon for another shot before Amy threw her hammer at the cannon and knocked its aim off when the lightning blasted from the rails. Eggman looked over at Amy, turning his ship around before he charged his cannon again. Amy was prepared to jump, which Eggman could tell when she bent her legs to ready herself. An orb behind her charged a laser and shot her in the back, stunning her to the point where she fell to her knees.

                 Sonic got some feeling back into his legs and didn’t feel as spazzy. Lightning bolts still flickered from his body a bit, but it was minor compared to the shot he took from that cannon. He looked over and saw Eggman charging his lightning cannon at a stunned Amy Rose who was trying to pick herself up on her feet. He looked off to his side and noticed Amy’s hammer laying on the ground, rushed over to pick it up, and ran towards Eggman’s ship to stop him from firing. He leapt up into the air above Eggman, his body eclipsing the sun as he came hurdling down.

                   Eggman looked up at the shadow that was getting closer, before he noticed Sonic holding Amy’s hammer. He tried to point his cannon at Sonic, but by the time he positioned himself, Sonic was already near the windshield. Sonic smashed the windshield with the hammer as he landed, with Eggman shielding himself from the fragments of glass that flew at him. He looked up and saw Sonic standing over the nose of his ship, staring him down with a triumphant smirk on his face. “Round over, Eggman,” he said Looks like we win again.”

                   But Eggman threw him off with a grin of his own. “Tsk tsk tsk. Time after time, you’ve always been so overconfident in your victories.”

                  Sonic could hear something buzzing below, then he heard electricity crackle from the lightning cannon. He looked behind him to Amy just now starting to get to her feet. She was still dazed and kneeling on one knee before she fully stood up, and she had no idea she was being targeted.

                  “No!” Sonic rose Amy’s hammer and bashed it on the ship’s console, hoping to stop the blast.

                  “Oh, sure,” chided Eggman. “Bash the console. That’ll stop it.”

                  The cannon kept charging, and Sonic grew even more desperate as he saw Eggman laughing in his seat. With the cannon about to fire, Sonic leap off the ships nose and bashed it downwards with the hammer. The ship tipped forward, lowering the cannon’s angle as it fired at the ground and missed Amy by a few feet. Amy looked in shock at the line of glass from the lightning’s wake. She looked up and saw Sonic land to the ground as he stared back at the ship as it tried to settle itself in the air. She could tell what would have happened if not for Sonic, now she felt it was time to return the favor.

                  “Sonic,” she called out. “Hand me my hammer!” Sonic tossed over her hammer and she ran towards the ship as it flew like a dizzy wasp, leapt up and threw her hammer at one of the propellers that held it up. The hammer collided with the propeller, breaking off the blades and sent the ship tumbling down to the ground in a fiery wreck. The electric fences began to fade as the orbs slowly dropped one by one.

                   They went over to check on Eggman, hopeful to get him out and prevent the other transports from departing. But he ejected his Egg Mobile from his ships remains, and flew over what remained of the electric fence. “You know, you two have become even more of a pest than I remember,” he said. “But it matters not. I’ll be seeing you two soon!” He waved them goodbye before he zoomed over the ocean.

Sonic and Amy watched as the two remaining transports began to take off. “Shoot! We’ve gotta hurry!” said Sonic. He took Amy by the arm and ran over to the last one still grounded, taking out the Pawns and other robots that guarded the inside as the transport began to take off over the ocean. “Phew, made it!” he said.

                 “Quick! Free the hostages!” said Amy. They bashed on the top of the pods that held their captives, breaking them open and pouring them out on the ship’s floor.

                 “Thank you so much!” said one of the captives, followed by many other thanks from the others.

                  But little did they know, they were being watched by the ship’s inside camera. Eggman didn’t seem to notice at first until one of his robots flew next to him to report it. “Sir, the hedgehogs have boarded the last vessel and released the captives inside. What should we do?” it asked.

                  “Let me see.” Eggman looked at the screen of what remained of his console and saw the people standing outside their containment pods with the hedgehogs. He activated the intercom system of the ship speakers to speak to them. “Oh ho! How sneaky of you to climb aboard my transport! But I have ways of dealing with such rudeness.” He looked over to the robot. “Shoot it down! There’s no use for freed captives on my ships!”

                  The robot complied and flew back to the last transport. Sonic and Amy were wondering what Eggman was doing before they got their answer when the robot fired a missile at the ships engines. The could feel the ship descending, fearing that they would land in the ocean. The ships alarms rang, and the room turned red from the lights. Amy held onto Sonic as they braced for impact, and Sonic held onto her in return. When the ship hit the surface, they felt it bounce and skid on something solid. They were still alive, but there was no water coming inside. Was the ship water-proof? Knowing Eggman construction, it might be, but they didn’t see any water on the windows either.

                   They looked outside to see a mountains frosted with snow. Snow?! Where were they? They could feel the temperature inside the ship lower, and the people were shivering as white puffs of mist shot out of their mouths and nose every time they breathed. They got lucky that they still reached land, but now they were in another dilemma as some people feared they would freeze to death instead.

                  “Where are we now?” Sonic asked. Amy released him as he went over to the ship’s hatch and opened the emergency latch to release the hatch. They could see snow blanketing the surface around them, but they could also see a city off into the distance with large pine trees and castles towering over the smaller buildings. They off at the sign that was damaged from the ship’s impact, leaving but a few words: -liday Kingdom.

                  “What kinda place is that? Liday Kingdom?” Amy asked.

                  Sonic looked back at the glowing city, castles, and the decorated pine trees. “I get it. ‘Holiday’ Kingdom.”

                  “Yeah, that’s really unique,” Amy snided.

                  “Oh, come on,” said Sonic. “How often do you see Christmas trees and castles put together.”

                  “Yeah, I guess anything’s possible.” Amy looked back at the people pouring out of the ship, clenching themselves to keep warm. “Yeah, Zoo Land was a warm place. I doubt they expected to be somewhere cold.”

                  Sonic marched up to the group of people. “Listen everyone! There is a city off in the distance, so hopefully we can reach some shelter for you to warm up, buy jackets, and if you can, call you families to let them know where you are.”

                  Amy stepped up. “With any luck, you can all get back home safely. But be careful: you were lucky to escape Eggman, but don’t think you can’t get captured again. There’s been a kidnappings all over the world, so don’t get caught a second time!”

                  The people nodded in agreement, and began their trek to the city. Amy and Sonic followed behind them. “We need to get some jackets as soon as possible,” said Amy.

                  “Hey, I’m not cold,” said Sonic.

                  “Sonic!” Amy growled.

                  “Okay, fine.” The continued to one of the outposts in hopes of getting supplies. “Things are just gonna get heavier, aren’t they?”

                   “After all your time fighting Eggman, I think you know the answer to that,” Amy replied.

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It took me a while, but I was finally able to read the last two updates. Again, darn good work man! I really liked how chapter 4 was all about how each of the four oppositions were preparing themselves for any and all threats. But the interaction with Sonic and Amy was my favorite of the two. It was pretty spot-on! not the mention the fights really used their strengths well.


I look forward to more, man!

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This took forever! I haven't forgotten about this, it's just that the boss fight was just so damn hard to organize! It feels different from the usual boss scenes I had and it was much longer! I had everything in mind when I outlined it, I just needed to figure out how I was gonna make it work, and hopefully I did a decent job with it.


Gonna spoiler it due to the length, but enjoy Chapter 6 guys!


Chapter 6
Cream curled herself in the passenger's seat of the bi-plane as Tails concentrated on the flight. She let out a loud sigh to let Tails know how tired she was, and Tails was feeling weary himself. He couldn't fall asleep at this point, lest he miss sight of the Kukkus, or worse, crash into something. He had enough of that experience back in Holiday Kingdom.
It wasn't easy to fight the fatigue. The sun was dimming, and the cool air was more frigid as the dusk set in. It was a long voyage, wherever they were heading, and there was no sign of the Great Battle Kukku or any of his minions. Losing the trail concerned them more as they kept their search.

As Cream quickly fell asleep, Tails had visual of twinkling lights from a far off city. Maybe that's where the GBK went? It would be worth checking out to see, or at least to land get some rest.
Tails turned the plane towards the city and began a descent. As he got closer, he saw odd buildings and backgrounds around the city and on the rooftops. They were shaped like slot machines, poker chips, dice and cards? And the neon lights were bright enough to keep him awake.
"Hmm...reminds me of Casinopolis," he said aloud. He turned back to see Cream sleeping, knowing that she didn't hear him. Oh well, at least she's doing fine.
As Tails looked for a spot to land, he hear a weird hum of engines nearby. He looked around to see where it came from, but even with the blazing lights of the city, he couldn't locate the sound. A faint stream of red light appeared in front of him, before swelling into a larger brighter beam that crackled in front of him.
Tails swooped away to avoid the light. "What kind of light show was that?"
But he soon realized it wasn't a light show. More beams flashed around him, some of which nearly hit the plane as Tails flew around to avoid them. The engine sounds grew louder, and as Tails kept watch he saw those robotic birds that attacked him back at Holiday Kingdom. Their beaks were opened, and faint red beams flashed from their mouths pointing at the plane.  "Incoming!" Tails shouted as he took the plane for a nose dive.
Cream woke up from the sudden jerk in movement. "What's going on?" she asked.
"I think we've found the Kukkus!" Tails answered. "Or more like they found us!"
He continued to dodge the red lasers that the drones fired and almost veered into a neon lit skyscraper. He pitched up and ascended until he was far above the city, which only made it easier for the bird robots to fire up at him without hitting any of the buildings below. 
Tails had to find a place to land, and fast! He flew down towards one of the buildings, dodging laser fire as he spotted a large green rooftop designed like roulette table. A laser grazes the plane's tail, smoking the tailfins as they descend for the rooftop. "Brace for impact!" Tails shouted.
The plane skided on the rooftop, scratching off some of the numbers patched in the green and crashing into the roulette wheel at the center. Tails checks on Cream, who was a bit dazed, but otherwise fine. He looked up and saw the Kukku drones flying towards them, their mouths glowing red for another shot. Tails ducked down behind his plane to shield him and Cream from the blast. Laser fire hit the plane's wing, cutting it straight off, and hitting the engine. Well, there goes their flight.
The drones readied another shot until a bright yellow beam strafed the air and destroyed two of the drones. The other drones canceled their attack and flew away as three wasp shaped drones and a large red falcon robot flew after them. Tails watched as they scurried away and exchanged shots at each other.
Cream crawled out of her seat and watched the lasers shoot through the skies. "Well, that's odd." she says.
"Lucky us," said Tails. "Come on!"
They abandoned the plane on the roof as they ran towards the edge of the roof. Tails twisted his tails and flew down to another roof below, with Cream flapping her large ears as she followed after him. They flew down rooftop to rooftop until they made their way to the ground, and the sight there was even more chaotic: people scattered everywhere, ducking for cover as orange Egg Pawbs with large red pistols, backed by more slender, white colored Egg Gunners exchanged fire with the kukkus and their drones.
Tails and Cream immediately recognized who the robots belonged to. "Eggman," they said, ducking as a stray shot nearly hit them.
They followed a crowd of people searching for a less chaotic region of the city. Everywhere they went there were explosions, destroyed property, and lots and lots of smoldering metal from the robots as bright orange blasts and bullets filled the area. Poker chips flew everywhere as they ricocheted off the walls and robots, striking people as they ran for safety. Missiles flew around and blew up the slot machines and limos in the area, and some of it came crashing down on the robots. 
The two armed groups ducked down behind whatever cover they could find while trying to take whatever shots they could at each other. They avoided targeting the people, focusing just on each other, but the collateral damage they did had no qualms of causing injury to the fleeing groups. Tails and Cream could do nothing but duck and run as they tried to get to safety.
"What's Eggman doing here?" Cream asks.
"Who cares, we've gotta move!" Tails shouts. Tails twists his tails to try and helicopter over the shots, but Cream saw one of Eggman's red robots fire a missile his way and quickly pulled him to the ground by his leg to save him from getting hit.
"Uh...thanks," said Tails as he watches the missile strike a kukku drone and explode. They continued with the panicking group of people. "Looks like flying's out of the question."
They ran past crowds and crowds as they tried to reach safety. With rockets exploding above their heads, and bullets and lasers spraying around them, it was a question of where safety was in this wave of chaos. Tails tripped on a prop ahead of him, narrowly avoiding the missile that flew over him as he fell. Cream helped him up as they continued onward with the rest of the people.
Three Kukku's blocked them off, and identified them. "It's those kids!"
"Uh oh!" said Cream as Tails shielded her.
The Kukku's raised their blasters at the two before a bee shaped robot dive-bombed straight into them, exploding as it made contact and sent the group flying across the streets. Tails picked himself up and got Cream back on her feet. They looked at the Kukku's, knocked out cold from the wasp's suicide attack. They figured they were better off like that and not in their way.
They continued, avoiding several narrow shots between the robots and the Kukkus. They saw some of the fleeing people ahead of them gesturing them over to follow them. "Hurry this way! There's a safe area there!"
Tails and Cream wasted no time following them. They went to a large intersection where dozens of Kukku's marched in formation towards the robots. The Kukku's quickly mowed down the Egg Pawns and Gunners with their blasters, sending the remaining ones waddling into a retreat. The Kukku's congradulate themselves for what appeared to be a victory, until two golden-orange monkey robots leapt onto the cars and large poker chips in front of them.
Tails and Cream hid behind cover and peeked over to see the energetic monkey robots hopping and screeching as the Kukku's looked at the robots in confusion. Tails was equally confused at the robots. "What are Kiki's doing here?"
Cream shrugged. "Whatever Eggman wants?" she answered.
They watched as the Kukku's took aim with their blasters and open fire at the Kikis as they hoped high over the props and the streets to avoid every shot. One of the Kiki's leapt towards a traffic light and swung itself on the pole. It pulled out a silver and yellow bomb with Eggman's mustached insignia grinning as it flashed bright red. The Kiki screeched as it threw the bomb at the formation of kukkus, forcing them to scatter before it erupted in a large explosion that sent cars and poker props flinging in the air.
Tails and Cream ducked as the explosion sent debris flying their way. Then they looked up to see the kiki's throwing more bombs at the Kukkus who were running and dodging the explosions. The Kiki's giggled as they continued hopping around and throwing more bombs, destroying the kukku's armaments and forcing them to withdraw further back.
Looking around, Tails saw an opening towards the safe zone they tried to reach. "Let's go!" Tails said as he and Cream made a run for it. 
They ran from cover to cover, hoping not to be spotted by the attacking armies. They saw the kiki's backed up by approaching wasp robots and red, humanoid Egg Stingers that unloaded their guns towards the cars and machines round them as they pursued the kukkus. One of the kiki's hopped behind an Egg Stinger as it ignited its engines and took flight after the kukkus. The other stayed behind, sitting on a dazzling limosine and stood guard in the area.
Tails and Cream tried to run behind it, but they knocked over a massiver poker chip and were spotted by the kiki when the prop made a large thud on the ground. They froze and looked at the kiki as it locked it's sights on them. The kiki stood up.
Cream's face was deadpan. "Well, we're in trouble..." she said.
The kiki pulled out a yellow bomb and tossed it at the two. The split away as the bomb exploded on contact with the ground. The kiki focused on Tails and threw another bomb at him. Tails jumped into the air and used his tails to fly away as the bomb exploded behind him.  The kiki threw another bomb at him, but Tails stayed in place and caught the bomb.
"Thank you!" he said as he threw the bomb back.
The kiki leapt off the limo to avoid it's own bomb, and flew violently in the air as the explosion erupted. It landed on a neon sign, dazed from the impact, then stood up and threw several bombs back at Tails. Tails ducked and weaved from the bombs flung at him,  and more were being sent his way as the kiki lobbed several more at him.
Cream flew behind the kiki and kicked it off the neon sign onto the pavement. The kiki picked itself up and looked at Cream as she hovered in the air.
"Umm...could you please stop throwing bombs at us?" Cream asked politely. But the kiki shot an angry glare at it. "Um...is that a no?"
"Cream! Come on! It's one of Eggman's robots!" said Tails. "It's not programmed to be nice."
The kiki threw a bomb at Cream who narrowly dodged away from it before it exploded behind her. The force of the explosion sent her wobbling in the air as she descended into a bush."Cream!" Tails called out.
"I'm okay!" Cream assured him as she stood up.
The relief was short-lived as the kiki started screeching in the air. Tails wondered what it was doing before it saw more robots flying towards their location. "Oh shoot, it's calling reinforcements!" Tails warned
The kiki then pulled out a red and black bomb and threw it at Tails. He flew out of the way before the bomb released a massive explosion that left a crater in the ground.
Tails gazed at the crater. "Whoa...we need to get out of here!" He said as Cream flew up to him. 
They saw the reinforcements grow closer and soon decided to fly off towards the safe area. The kiki gave chase, leaping and swinging itself from props and poles as it threw more yellow bombs at the two. The two flew around avoiding the bombs until Tails looked back to see the kiki pull out another red bomb.
"Cream! Keep flying!" he said as he stayed in place.
Cream flew ahead him before looking back to see that he was turned facing the kiki. "Tails! Wait!" she cried out.
Tails didn't look back. He watched as the kiki threw the red bomb at him. The bomb came closer and closer until he caught it and threw it back at the kiki. The bomb tapped on the kiki's chest as it caught it. The kiki held the bomb up to it's face to see what it was, and was terrified to see that the bomb started flashing rapidly before it was engulfed in a massive, fiery explosion that blew it to pieces.
"Ha ha! Chew on that!" Tails said. Then he looked up as the reinforcements came closer. "Time to move!" He flew over to Cream, and they both headed towards the safe area, barely avoiding the kiki's reinforcements as the inspected the area.
Everything seemed peaceful as Tails and Cream entered the area and looked around. The area had several massive pagoda skyscrapers, and wooden bridges over zen gardens and rivers. Sakura petals blew across scenic view as they continued further into the area. The people here weren't panicking, seeming to enjoy themselves at many of the slot machines and card games. A few dies were glowing above the buildings, dangling from cielings or floating ahead of them as geisha-like robots attending the areas and serving food.
Cream looked around and saw samurai shaped statues decorating the area, spotting a few of those Egg Pawns and Gunners dressed in samurai armor as they accompanied the Geisha robots holding up food platters to serve to the people."Where are we now?" she asked.
A geisha robot approached the two with an E-Gunner escort. "Welcome to the Shogun Casino district!" she said holding up her beverage tray. "Would you like a drink?"
Tails felt that things were getting weirder. He looked behind one of the geisha's kimono and saw Eggman's grinning insignia stitched on the back, and this made things more confusing to him. One moment they were caught in a crossfire between the Kukku's and Eggman's forces, and now Eggman's warmachines were serving them food and drinks. Things seemed too peaceful to him. 
"What's going on?" he asked.
"I don't know," Cream answered. "But the people here seem to be okay."
"Yeah, last time they were 'okay' they were dodging laser fire from these things," Tails said as he picked up a drink from the geisha's platter. "Now they're being served food from them?"
"We hope you enjoy your stay here!" said the geisha robot as she and her escort walked away.
Cream looked around as the people happily ate their food and played games. "After dodging lasers, I wouldn't turn down a lovelyj place like this." She quickly felt dejected. "If only Cheese were here to enjoy it with me..."
Tails took a sip from his cup, only to spit the drink out on the ground in disgust as he tried to clean his tongue. "Eaugh! Gross!"
"Tails, that was rude!" Cream criticized.
"No, that was disgusting!" Tails responded. "The heck's in this stuff?"
Cream looked as the people drank and ate the food without any objections. "They seem like it."
"Good for them! I don't!"
"Oh, mind your manners!" Cream said as she took the drink from Tails to have a sip. Then she spat the drink out. "Augh! You're right. That is nasty!"
Tails laughed as he continued over the bridge towards the pagoda shops ahead of them. Cream looked around and saw a pointed figure with a wide-brimmed hat in the shadows, staring at them from the wooden rooftops before it ducked out of sight. She noticed a few kukku's lurking above, but she knew they couldn't do anything with the massive amount of Eggman's robots patrolling and guarding the place. The kukku's ducked behind the roofs and signs as dozens of wasp robots and E-Gunners with Kiki's on their backs flew overhead on their patrols. Then she ran to keep up with Tails.
They continued explore around with no trouble. Everything was tranquil, or at least as tranquil as a Japanese styled casino could be with its visitors loudly betting on which of Eggman's sumo robots would win in a wrestling match. Despite knowing that Eggman might be up to something, the heavily armed robots around them didn't bother to inspect them. In fact, Tails walked side-by-side next to an squad of patroling Egg Gunners and they paid him no mind. It was weird, as normally Eggman would have the two listed as priority targets. But with things as relaxed as they were, Tails had no problem with Eggman's robots, almost finding it comforting having them around after the explosive mess they once got into.
But they still had to look around for clues of Cheese's whereabouts. And that was difficult to do in Eggman's territory when the Kukku's were the culprits. With no Kukku's around, there wasn't much for them to go on, making it a matter of where they would go next. Going back outside the Shogun Casino wasn't an option, it was a warzone out there, and they'd rather not take the risk of getting back involved in a two-way conflict. But maybe Eggman might have some knowledge on the Kukku's that would help them. The question was, where could they find it?
It all sent them back at square one as they kept looking around, only now they were feeling hungry. If the food wasn't terrible, Tails would love to eat at some of the resturants himself. With Egg Stingers dressed like chefs having their guns and missile pods replaced by kitchen knives and cooking utensils  they used as to chop up sushi and vegetables, forming them into shapes for the guest that applauded them, they made the terrible food look all the more appitizing as it sizzled on the stoves, and making Tails' stomach growl.
"Ugh...last time I had sushi from Eggman, I could've sworn I had food poisoning." Tails complained, clenching his stomach. Then he looked around and saw that Cream was out of sight. "Cream?"
No response.
"Cream!" He shouted as he went in search of her. 
He circled around to where the slot machines where, and saw Cream staring wide-eyed as she cranked the lever and watched the slot dials spin. He walks up to Cream, seeing the measmurized expression on her face. He looks at the slot dials and saw them stop on three pictures of Eggman before the machine buzzed and asked if she wanted to play again. Then Cream cranked the lever again.
"Cream?" Tails asked, trying to get her attention.
She heard him, but didn't look at him. "Must...win...rings."
"Oh, come on, Cream! We don't have time for this!" Tails complained.
"Just...one more game!" Cream responded.
"Cream, seriously! We've gotta move!" Tails tried to push Cream off the machine, but she latched her hands tightly around the machine, not wishing to let go.
"No! Wait!" She cried.
"You're too young to gamble, anyway."
"Says you! You're only two years older than me!"
"Cream! Let! GO!" Tails forces Cream off the machine and onto the ground as he looks at her pouting on the ground. "If your mom saw you now..."
Tails leaned on the slot crank and sends the dials turning as they land on three rings. Dozens of rings came pouring out of the machine as he and Cream stood awestruck.
"Huh." Tails cranks the slot machine again. And more rings come pouring out. Tails cranks the machine once again, and soon he gets glued into the game.
Cream stands up and crosses her arms, shaking her head in disappointement at Tails. "Hmph. 'Too young,' he says; 'no time,' he says," she criticizes. "What a hypocrite!"
"Shut up!" Tails barked, not bothering to look at Cream. "We need rings for...for stuff!"
Cream blows a raspberry at Tails, who doesn't even bother to look at her.
Suddenly, a laser flies from the roof at Tails' slot machine, blowing it up and sending Tails flying backwards past Cream. People clear away from the machines, as an E-Stinger leads a group of Egg Pawns and Gunners over to investigate the area.
Cream simply turns and gives a smug look at Tails. "Serves you right," she says.
"Ugh. What was that?" Tails asks.
Cream sees more laser blasts shoot in the sky as a few kukku's engage in a firefight with Eggman's robots. A blue, transparent grid quickly glows above them as it shields the people below from any stray shots of the engagement.
The E-Stinger approaches the two, making them defensive as they prepare for a fight. But the robot didn't raise it's guns at them, simply telling them in it's digitized voice, "We appear to have a security breach in the area. Please follow me as I escort you to a safer area." 
The E-Stinger walked over towards the bridge, with Tails and Cream exchanging confused looks towards each other before they began following it. As the reach an area with no laser or bullets hitting the shield grid above them, the grid disappeared, and the Stinger gave a slight bow before returning.
"That was weird," said Tails.
"Uh huh," Cream responded.
They heard a jet engine roaring in the air. The went over to investigate the sound and saw a dark blue, robotic hedgehog hovering in the air, giving orders to wasp robots and E-Gunners and Stingers as it directed it to separate places to keep things under control.
"Metal Sonic?" Tails questioned.
"Maybe he's in charge?" Cream asked.
"On Eggman's orders no doubt. Come on!" They followed Metal Sonic on foot until flew over them and past the stone walls towards the tall pagoda skyscraper. They follow after him, hoping to find out more as they fly over the walls. They look around and see people enjoying themselves in the smaller pagodas, but they seem to have lost sight of Metal Sonic as they looked around.
"Geez, that thing is fast," Cream sighs.
"No kidding," Tails says flatly.
They continue towards the pagoda skyscraper, seeing an open region to land on and recover some energy. They looked around, noticing the area was empty without a single soul in sight. The region was quiet as well, no robots patroling the area. All that was infront of them was the tall pagoda.
Then Tails looked up and saw Metal Sonic at flying from the tip of the tower. This place had to be of some importance if Metal Sonic came to it. 
"Let's check inside," Tails said as they walked towards the tower.
A laser flew out of the dark and hit the ground near their feet. It was a clear signal to stop or else they'll get shot. Tails held Cream back as he inspected where the laser came from. He couldn't see anyone in the darker areas around the pagoda, so where did the shot come from?
"You've gotta be kidding me," said a voice from their right. A green kukku walked out in front of them. "You're the ones giving my dad trouble?"
"And you are?" Tails asked.
"Speedy, heir of the Battle Kukku's."
"Oh, so you're the son of that loon we fought earlier."
Speedy rushed at Tails and tackled him to the ground in rage. Cream watched as Tails tried to wrestle him off as he missed his punches. "Don't! Call! My father! A LOON!"
Tails kicked him off and sent him skidding past Cream. Tails stood up and walked back over to her side as he shielded her from Speedy.
Cream poked her head around Tails. "Umm...Mister Speedy? Could you please give us back our Chao, Cheese?"
"Small blue Chao? Red bowtie?" Tails answered. "Maybe you've seen him?"
"Ah, that thing," Speedy said. "Yeah, we have him. But it's gonna take more than a few polite words for us to hand him over."
"Fair enough." Tails bolted straight after Speedy, who stood confidently at the approaching fox. Then a laser beam blasted the ground in front of him, signalling Tails to stop in his tracks.
"Oye. Ya think you cool your jets, mate?" said a voice off to the side. A purple weasel with a brown, wide-brimmed hat approached from the darkness aiming his large rifle at Tails. He smiled, at the fox with his  snaggletooth all the more visible.
"You don't look like a kukku," said Cream.
"That's because I'm not a kukku," said the weasel. "The name's Nack. And my partner's dad promised me a hefty bounty on you kids."
Cream stood horrified behind Tails as Nack joined Speedy. "You hunt children?"
"I hunt targets. The GBK wants you out of the picture, so stand still and we'll make this quick."

Lights flashed onto the group as scores of Eggman's robots surrounded the area. Wasp robots, Kikis, Pawns, and heavily armed Geishas and Gunners were either on the roofs or in the air, pointing their weapons at them. "Freeze! This is region is apart of the Eggman Empire, and you are under arrest!" said one of the robots.
"Blast! Kukku's, to battle!" Speedy commanded.
Dozens of kukku's came out of hiding and engaged in a firefight with the robots. Nack narrowly avoided a bomb that was thrown at him, shocked that they were being surrounded as he tried to run around avoiding the lasers and bullets. Tails saw Speedy alone in the chaos and rushed up to attack him, throwing himself in the air as he curled his body and slammed against the green kukku. Speedy went flying towards the steps of the tower, dazed from the impact as he picked himself up and wobbled around.
Cream came up beside Tails as he stood near Speedy and smacked him with his tails back to the steps. She looked up and saw the Kukku's and robots exchanging shots. A kukku tried to rush towards her and Tails with it's blaster, only for them be saved by a blue Egg Lancer's energy gun that zapped the kukku. Tails noticed that Eggman's robots weren't even trying to target him or Cream as they fought the kukkus.
"Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad Eggman's robots are here," he said. "I guess these robots were programmed to target the Kukkus."
"So Eggman's on our side?" Cream asked.

"No, just the ones here that aren't a problem." Then Tails spotted a glint of light from Nack's rifle scope. "Duck!"
They both hit the ground as a bright bolt of energy flies from the barrel of Nack's rifle, whizzing over their heads as it strikes an unfortunate Egg Pawn and destroys it. "Ah, shoot." said Nack.
Tails speeds over to attack him, only for a red Gunner to dash in his way. The two collided and tumbled over to the bushes, giving Nack room to flee.
Cream ran over to check on Tails, seeing him and the Gunner stood up and looked at each other. Tails was concerned the Gunner would aim its weapon at him, but got out of the bushes, picked Tails up and brought him next to Cream before standing erect. "Civilians, this area is dangerous. Get to a safer sector at once!" it said.
"But they'll just follow us outside!" said Tails.
"We have adequate defenses. Get to a safer sector!"
A Kukku stood on the roofs and took aim at the three in the midst of the firefight. Cream glanced over and spotted him as he fired his laser. "Look out!" she cried.
The Gunner stood in front of the two to shield them, blowing up on impact of the laser with it's missile pod landing next to Tails. The watched as Kiki's swarmed the Kukku on the roof, throwing bombs to force it towards the other Kiki's that tossed him off the roofs and into the moat beyond the wall. Tails and Cream ducked back into the bushes as a bomb nearly hit them. They peeked from the bushes and watched as the Gunner that protected them used the last of it's power to look back at them. "Get...to...safe...sector," it said before it went offline.
But Tails was not going to leave this area without a fight.  Cheese was still in the Kukku's clutches, and who knows what was happening to the people along with him. Tails jumped out of the bushes and picked up the Gunner's missile pod as he took aim at Speedy fighting one of the Gunners in the air.
"Time to take out the leader," Tails whispered. He fired a missile at Speedy, only for it to get shot down just as quickly by a laser. "What the-?"
"Un-uh. Can't have you shooting my employer," said Nack as he pointed his rifle at Tails.

Tails turned to meet him with his missile pod. Nack charged his rifle, only for Cream to fly over, jam his hat further down his head, and kick him in the head, forcing his aim away as he shot down a flying Gunner. With Nack distracted, Tails fired a missile at him. Nack quickly pulled his hat off to see the missile flying towards him, and used his tail to leap in the air to dodge it.
"Almost," he taunted. But he was soon met with Cream tackling him in the air on his way down.
Tails took the moment to aim at Nack as he kicked Cream off and pointed his rifle at her. "Cream, get out of there!" he shouted before he fired a missile.
Cream spotted the missile coming and flew away as fast as she could. Nack lowered his gun as she retreated. "That's right. Run away, little girl."
The explosion sent Nack flying in the air, colliding with a kukku as they both went tumbling down to the ground. "That kid is getting on my nerves," he growled.
"Nack!" shouted Speedy. "You okay?"
"I'm fine, just hurry up and get what you came here for!"
Speedy flew to the roof of the tall pagoda, high above the shooting below. Tails spots him above and tries to aim once more. "Don't know what you're after, but you're not gonna get it."
Another laser zips past Tails, narrowly missing him as he loses his balance and falls. "Quite clumsy there, mate." Nack taunted. But Tails smiled at him. Nack had a feeling he was up to something, noticing that Cream was gone. "Where is that little nuisance?"
Cream launched herself from the bushes and smacked herself in his torso as he went flying towards the steps. Tails shot two missiles towards Nack, both of which he dodged by leaping into the air with his tail as he shot several lasers down on the two. They scattered to avoid the shots, with Pawns, Gunners, Geishas and Kikis raining down with several injured Kukku's with them. The robots exploded, filling the area with smoke that blinded Nack's vision. Tails and Cream flew into the air to avoid the smoke and get a better vantage point. A few Kukku's came after them, only for a few Kiki's to leap towards the Kukku's and grab on as they bashed on the birds heads and throw bombs at the other kukkus to annoy them. 

"Really glad they're on our side for once," said Tails.
The smoke cleared as a squadron of red and silver hawk like Falcos flew overhead, diving down and dropping bombs near the Kukkus and Nack before soaring back in the air. "Well those certainly aren't ours," he said. 
The Falcos looped around to drop off more Pawns and Gunners on to the field as they flew back up and circled the area. They shot down scores of Kukku drones that tried to fight back, leaving the Kukkus at a severe disadvantage as Eggman's robots achieved air superiority. "Everyone, hold out!" Nack commanded as the kukkus grouped up. "We can still take them on the ground."
"We'll see about that," said Tails as he aimed his missile pod at Nack. But as he pressed the trigger, only a click sound came from the pod. "Darn, out of ammo!"
Nack spotted him on the roof and shot at the missile pod. Tails dropped the pod as it crackled with electricity, and he and Cream cleared away before it exploded. Nack had them scoped in his sights as he tracked them on the roof, cracking the power on his rifle as he fired a large beam  ahead of them, blowing the roof to chunks as it collapsed under Tails and Cream's feet. The two fell outside the walls, plummeting to the moat below before one of the Falcos swooped down to save them from the fall. They clung onto the metal wings of the robot as it soared back to the air, relieved at the timing of their unlikely ally. 
Nack was disappointed that the two survived, aiming is rifle for another shot. He pulled the trigger, only for the barrel to fizz energy from its tip. "Shoot. That's what I get for overcharging it!"
Tails looked down to see Nack work on his rifle. He knew it was only a matter of time before he shot another beam, but the Falco began to fly away from the area. He pulled himself towards the falcon's head to speak to it. "Can you send us back?" he asked.
"Negative," said the Falco. "Civilian's must stay in the safer sectors."
"Oh, come on!" Tails complained.
"We're here to help!" said Cream.
"And you guys could use some assistance," Tails added.
The Falco didn't listen as it continued, frustrating Tails as the flew further away from the fight. Lasers flew past them as Nack shot at them from below.
"Can't you hear us!" Tails said as he slammed his fist on the Falco's metal back. The impact forced a panel to pop up, showing the coding and programming of the Falco's AI. Tails figured he could "convince" the Falco to turn back. "I've got an idea."
Tails tighted his grip with one hand on the wing while he used his other hand to hack the Falco's AI. The Falco pitched and rolled in the air as the two hung on, dodging the laser fire from Nack as Tails continued to hack the robot. As he was about to finish, a laser beam skidded past his hand and force him away. The command prompt on the panel asked "Y/N" as Tails pressed Y. Before he could finish, Nack nearly hit him with another laser, sending him hanging from the wing.
"Tails," cried Cream.
"Eh, don't worry too much," said Tails. "We can fly, remember?"
"Yes, but-"
"Listen, I need you to hit Enter on the keyboard!"
Cream looked at the panel, seeing they were one press away from turning around. She pressed enter, and the Falco's eyes flashed blue as it looped back to the fight. "Instructions recieved," said the robot.
They flew closer and closer to the fight, with the Kukku's managing to destroy several Pawns and Gunners, as E-Lancers and more Geishas joined the fight. As their Falco dove down, they jumped off and landed on a few Kukku's and sent the rest scattering around. Their Falco turned back and shot down the fleeing ones as the two faced Nack once again. 
"My, aren't you heroic little runts?" he said.
"We're full of suprises," said Tails.
A Lancer stood by them and held it's large energy gun towards Nack. Unfazed, Nack leapt into the air with his tail, avoiding the energy beam from the Lancer as he shot back at it on his way down. The Lancer exploded, it's body shredding into pieces as it's head, machine gun, and energy gun scattered around the area. Nack landed and looked at the two. "There goes your cavalry," he said.
But their Falco came back down and launched two missiles at him, forcing him to dive away before they hit. Nack fired back at the Falco, missing his shots as the robot ducked and barrel rolled away from his beams. "Annoying little-"
Seeing Nack and the Kukku's distracted by the other robots, Tails leapt for the Lancer's energy gun and fired at Nack, shocking him as the bolts from the guns landed on him. Tails looked over at Cream. "Get to the roofs!" he said.
They ran away from the explosive scene as Nack struggled to pick his smoking body off the ground. "Ugh, what happened?" He looked up to see Tails and Cream retreating to the roofs. "Oh, no you don't!"
He raised his rifle and began to overcharge his rifle again. But before he could fire, the Falco swooped down and fired more missiles near him, throwing his aim off as he shot into the air. Nack grew more furious as his focus was interrupted, which was all the distraction Tails needed as he flew up and shocked Nack with another shot. With Nack down once again, Tails curled his body up and came hurdling down as he slammed into Nack on the ground. The Kukkus forced Tails away by firing at him and giving chase on foot. "Get...him!" said Nack as he struggled to pick himself up.
But that act unfortunately left him open for Cream to repeat the process by slamming her feet down on his back. He struggled to pull himself over to his rifle, only for Cream to notice it and kick it away. "Sorry," she said smiling. "No rabbit hunting for you."
But Nack picked himself up, kneeling on the ground as he smiled at her. "You'd think that, wouldn't you?" He inched his hand across his belt for his pistol, only for Cream to notice this and quickly throw herself towards him, slamming into him again and forcing him backwards.
Nack felt weak as he tried to pick himself up again, reaching for his pistol to take aim at the rabbit and shoot a small bolt of energy at her. But with his shaky hands, his shot barely hit her as it burned her dress. Cream took to the air to make it harder for Nack to hit her, and flew around dodging his shots as she searched for Tails, spotting him speeding away from the Kukku's as they kept shooting at him. "Tails!" she shouted.
"Little busy here!" he said as he shocked a Kukku.
Cream continued after him until their Falco swooped past her and fired at the remaining Kukku's chasing Tails and stunned them. Cream descended as she approached Tails before another laser zipped past them. They looked back and saw Nack limping towards them with his pistol. Tails held his rifle towards him as he came closer, ready to shoot when he got a easier shot as Nack's silhouhette grew larger.
Nack's voice got higher as he panted. "I'm...not...gonna let...you get away...from me!" he said. He pulled the trigger, only for nothing to come out as his gun was out of ammo. "Uh-oh!"
"Aw, out of ammo already?" Tails taunted. "Looks like you wasted everything coming out here."
Tails took aim with his energy gun before Nack dropped his on the ground his knees quaking in fear. "Okay!" Nack shouted. "I give! Don't shoot!"
Tails dipped his gun as he looked at the change in attitude from Nack. "You know for someone hunting kids, you sure seem quite chicken when things are against you."
"Hey, I'm in it for the money, but this seems like too much!"
Explosions blasted from the large pagoda as Speedy came flying out of the top and swooped down towards the group. "I've got it!" he shouted as he held up a rectangular device.
Tails saw a smirk on Nack's face as Nack leapt into the air with his tail, throwing down several black spheres that released smoke in the area, and grabbing hold of speedy as they flew away from the area.
"Hey, get back here!" Tails shouted. He dropped his energy gun as he and Cream took off in the air after them. Speedy looked back and saw them gaining on them, so he activated a rocket boost on his back and accelerated towards the city ahead, leaving them further behind.
Tails and Cream continued after them, but grew tired the longer they kept on. They started to descend before their Falco flew underneath to catch them. "Hang on!" it said as it turned on it's afterburners and bolted in pursuit of the bird and his weasel.

Edited by CreepySpiritSonic

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Finally had time to catch up on this.


Holy crap, that chapter was awesome, amigo! Not only was it action-packed, but very engaging. The part that got me the most was when Tails and Cream were baffle to why Eggman's robots weren't attacking them. I felt as curious as they did! And speaking of those two, the relationship they have are possibly my favorite of the cast. Heck, how you handle Tails in general is amazing, as he's proving to be my favorite character in the story.


Seriously, man. Be it novel, comic, show or game, I would really enjoy to see Sega approve a story like this in some shape or form. Looking forward to more!

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I'm doing my OWN Sonic story at the moment, could you give me your thoughts on it as a fellow writer?


Well first off, I would suggest making your own topic on it and allowing others to see it there so that they can give input because this is for my personal works and it would run off topic if we discussed yours here. 


Secondly, I'm not sure I'm the best person to give my thoughts on that right now because I have an extreme bias against a lot of story material from Sonic 06, and that's going to cloud a lot of judgement over how I view your story. If there's one thought I can give you that isn't biased, it's to try and use make more paragraphs in your story and not keep the whole thing in one block of text.

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This.. this.. Is Amazing! A great tale indeed! If you'd ever want me to I'd draw a comic for this. Sonic and Amy are my favorite so far and how their written is awesome. Great job!

A comic would certainly take a LOT of work, especially on the action scenes. But if you're up to it, you're more than welcome to as far as I'm concerned, and I don't think Johnny would mind either since it's mainly his concept I'm fleshing out. :)

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A comic would certainly take a LOT of work, especially on the action scenes. But if you're up to it, you're more than welcome to as far as I'm concerned, and I don't think Johnny would mind either since it's mainly his concept I'm fleshing out. smile.png

Oh believe I would. Since real life is getting in the way of me fleshing this thing out I would appreciate any kind of help if people are up to it.

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