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Nintendo Exclusive for Next Three Sonic Games

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Twitter post in question.


This was announced prior to the Nintendo partnership.


Nobody knows if it means anything, though. Some have speculated Sumo is making a new game, some think they just know something or maybe provided art or assets for the next actual Mario Kart game.

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I hope the third game isn't M&S Kart. That'd be a letdown. Mario DLC for Transformed or Sonic in Mario Kart would be fine, though. On the other hand having be Onic Kart instead of SEGA would give me the possibility of gaving Espio playable.

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Is it safe to assume that Smash Bros is the third Nintendo exclusive game?


Smash is not a Sonic game, even if he is present. The deal is for SEGA to develop three Sonic games exclusively for Nintendo platforms before they go back to multiplatform. We won't know what this third game is until after Lost World is out, likely not until next year.

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