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Gunnerkrigg Court

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Welcome to the Court....


A quick summary of the webcomic,

Gunnerkrigg Court is a Science Fantasy webcomic by Tom Siddell about a strange young girl attending an equally strange school. The intricate story is deeply rooted in world mythology, but has a strong focus on science (chemistry and robotics, most prominently) as well.

Antimony Carver begins classes at the eponymous U.K. Boarding School, and soon notices that strange events are happening: a shadow creature follows her around; a robot calls her "Mommy"; a Rogat Orjak smashes in the dormitory roof; odd birds, ticking like clockwork, stand guard in out-of-the-way places. Stranger still, in the middle of all this, Annie remains calm and polite to a fault.

Meanwhile, Annie befriends the technically-minded Katerina Donlan, whose parents both teach at the Court. The two serve as foils for each other: Kat's energetic, outgoing personality plays off Annie's initial reserve, which enables much of their character development.

Gunnerkrigg Court is one of my favorite webcomics. The writing is engaging, the art is wonderful, and the story is immersive and charming, without being cynical or random (a problem found in many other webcomics). It also has a very nice balance of humor and seriousness, able to switch between both themes almost instantaneously. Also the characters (and not just the main ones like Kat or Robot) all of them are well written,and engaging.

For a webcomic mainly about girls going through school with (major and minor) oddities, there's very little drama. The comic draws away from many obvious cliches.

For example (warning some serious story spoilers in here)

After months of training with Jones, Parley, and Andrew, it's becoming pretty obvious Annie is going to become the next court median. After months and months of buildup, the court median is finally announced, and...


Btw Parley and Smith are my favorite characters.

Feel free to talk about recent updates, favorite past chapters, speculation, and anything about the comic in general.

If you haven't read Gunnerkrigg Court, then what's wrong with you? you better fix that right away! The first page is here, the most recent update is always shown here. Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I know, I know, right off the bat there's two major problems with the comic.

1. "But Nintendoga, the font is so terrible and makes it hard to read!"

Well, you better suck it up! The font is here to stay, and trust me you'll get used to it. Everyone hates the font at first, but grow accustomed to it as they read more on.

2. "Hey! Wait a minute! I thought you said the art was beautiful!? This is ugly!"

Would I-




-lie to you?



The art evolves pretty quickly and very effectively. As seen in the above image, comparing the first chapter to the latest one, the evolution is incredible.

One last thing to mention, this comic has alot of foreshadowing. Just keep that in mind. It's also a very long comic (over 1200 pages), but it can be burned through in a couple of hours. Kepp in mind, burning through the comic and then waiting for the next page can be very infuriating sometimes. Tom loves to tease and gives us cliffhangers alot

Speaking of cliffhangers, how bout the latest couple of pages?


So lewd!

I hope Kat gives Paz a chance. I don't think my heart can take her being rejected twice.

I know there's a couple of GC fans up here, so discuss!

Also for future reference. No, Jones is not a robot.


Hope you enjoy!



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Gunnerkrigg's in a weird place for me; I generally like it and I tend to keep up with it, but I'm not really compelled to keep up with it. So like once a week or so I end up going "oh yeah, Gunnerkrigg..." and having a few pages to read through.

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Still need to read it myself, though I've known of it for awhile now. It and Homestuck (which I also need to start reading,) are kinda inspirations of mine when it comes to webcomics with ongoing stories, as the guys who make them show that it is possible for one person to do all that they do, and that tends to keep me going on days when I get discouraged developing my own works and start questioning what I'm even attempting.

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So like I posted last night, I read this whole fuckin thing in a couple hours, and I gotta tell you, I'm so hooked. I can barely wait for the next update. I love all the characters. Like seriously, the characters are so great. Also


Siddell is really putting off the love story between Kat and Annie....... we know its going to happen, just get on with it already.

ahhhh Annie and Kat are so cute I don't even know what to do. There was that period where I was all "ugh fuck you Jack" but I think with the recent developments we're getting a bit closer to the inevitable.

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I adooooore Gunnerkrigg but it's one of those comics that I enjoy leaving for a while so it can build up a few pages, or a chapter, and then I can binge on it. I need to buy the books. And prints. And meet Tom. And get him to sign things. And gush.

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And after years of buildup

It Happened





People have just been saying that they've not caught up or that they haven't started reading, and you posted a spoiler page =C



What you talkin bout Mollfie? I put a spoiler there in the first place. It's late, so you must be tired...

I'm sorry

Edited by Nintendoga

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