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Emperor Robrainiac

ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

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Hey, here's some more stuff!


And as promised, here's some sonic fanart! well... Kinda... It's actually going to be a part of a series of drawings I'm making. And they will be all of the fancharacters I've ever made! Or at least the ones I remember. :V


Here's my first fancharacter, Max the Hedgehog.




He's exactly how I remember him, an exact copy of Sonic, but a snappier dresser and was always hyperactive... I never really thought of him drinking coffee, but he might as well with his hyper personality. I think he was based off of a Sonic cameo in a Simpsons episode I remember watching as a kid, with a imaginary sonic spoof encouraging Bart to steal a game. 


I was at first embarrassed that I came up with this character. But then I learned that it could have been much worse, and it was the best I could have come up with during the age of... around 5 or 6?


Besides, I've come up with a much worse fan character... I'll get to him later.


Anyways, have more concepts.



A young treasure hunter, his goddess girlfriend, and his dwarven wizard mentor, travel an RPG inspired universe where monsters and mythology exists, in search for mystical treasures and sacred relics. I put off planning this universe for a long time, because of all the other stories I've got planned... However, I may get back into this if I ever feel like it.


And here's a character from "The Adventures of Robo-George and Space Puppy"



Serenade Lansharc, a ninja bounty hunter who is half human, half shark, and is a reoccurring antagonist and anti-hero in the series.  


Finally, here's a comic I made for an assignment in a 2D art class. It's nothing too special, the coloring is a little bland, and the gag is a bit overused.  But it does hold a special place in my heart as the first comic I touched up digitally.




And with that... I believe that's all I have. For now anyway.

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part 3:




Logo's a WIP. I'm hoping to come up with something better sometime.



For this one, I wanted to practice with feet, and a sitting pose at an angle.



There's a chance I screwed up the anatomy, but reguardless, I liked how this came out.


For something completely different, here's an older pic I made of Kirby saving his 20th birthday cake, Michael Bay style. 





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An undead cyborg thing that was based off a robot character in highschool. I used to call him Dudetron.




Lizrael in her true goddess form and in her human form. I really think I botched up the proportions in some way...


Drew all this today. Sheesh, I gotta take more time to do these.

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Ooooh, no. You're not getting me onto the second page here, damn it. :V


So I completed this today. A comic cover concept of one of my series Ideas...






Elizrael, the daughter of a God and Goddess of the mythical and ancient realm of the underworld, spends her life in the land of the mortals to protect them from evil paranormal forces. 

Together with Alan Bansith, a scottish detective who was murdered a long time ago, and Peston, Elizrael’s dorky yet skilled doctor, bug expert, and brother, they hunt down rogue aliens, screaming ghosts, mysterious bug infested scarecrows, rotting zombies, haunted video games, and other fellow gods and goddesses. 

It’s a terrifying job… but for Elizrael and her friends, it’s really just another day at the office.


This was a pain to do, damn it. The ground needs a bit of work, and I think the monsters could have been much scarier... But other than that, I'm really proud of how this came out.



Oh, and here's a pony version of the above character. Spoiler'd so that I don't ruin some anti-brony's day. tongue.png



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Woah, nice work! :D And let me start off by saying I love the pixelated tail design on the fox! xD Very creative! ^^ You seem to have a good anatomy style down for your characters and your coloring is really impressive.  I love how you have your own style yet can easily imitate other styles.  Your Kirby pic is awesome! :D Keep up the fantastic work, I hope you continue to make new characters!

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I just got finished with this poster... I'm definitely going to rework the Logo one of these days. Plus the villaness's hand looks pretty off.


Ah well. Wont make that mistake again.





A bit of a summary here.

The story follows a cartoon-like alien and a defective robot from Ub, both of which one day discover that their planet has been abandoned. Deciding they'd rather do something more exciting with their lives than ride around on broken down rides, the duo decide to make their own space ship and explore the universe. Along the way, they run into many a mysterious, yet wise, time traveling butler robot, A half human half shark hybrid bounty hunter. The obstacles our heroes must face are are space pirates, hostile aliens, parasitic robots made from television screens, and an evil empire, ruled by a reptilian queen, whom may have been responsible for Ub's demise. 

However, nothings gonna stop our heroes until they explore every end of the galaxy. It's gonna be one long trip!


And just for the sake of it, these are some very old pieces of art. Hey, I don't want to post just one thing here.


NOTE: some of these pics will be spoiler'd due to their size.




I actually drew this 2 years ago! Feels so long though...




I believe this may actually be my most popular deviation on DA. This was originally going to be a fanfic series that starred Keroro and Ika Musume in a sitcom style format with Zim as the series main antagonist. The plan fell through when I decided to focus more on my future career (And when I realized my fanfics sucked XD ) So my fanfic days are over.


Here's the character I named myself after when I first signed up on these boards, Inferno the Fancharacter.




Another old but more recent one based off of the Robrainiac character I go under sometimes. This one was for a school project.




And finally, have some ponies, because why the buck (lolseewatididthar) not?


Here we have Vinyl Scratch and Octavia. I still laugh at how nutty VS looks here.





And here's two pics for a cover of a comic that I planned a very long time ago. It may or may not get off the ground.






An image of Derpy I drew years back on Derpy Day.





I've really improved a bit looking back at all these. I still have plenty of room for more development, of course.

Edited by Mr. Mayhem!

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Finished this at like 1:30 in the morning.






Heroes of Comicopolis follows three siblings who aspire to be protectors of Comicopolis, a world populated by comic book and cartoon characters. 

Pixels, a videogame based character who has the power of using pixel-like engergy, and has a a very inferiority complex. He assisted is the step brother of Mouseboy, the little mouse thing with very toony powers, and Takara mouse, a girl who is skilled with technology and has heterochromia (One normal anime-esque eye and the other, seen here, is pie eyed.). After getting their permits to fight crime, the trio set off into the city of Comicopolis to get started on their future careers, and to gain credits for their school, Universe Academy where they learn the ways of being a Superhero. They face off with threats like mad scientists, alien tyrants, and even the school’s vice principal. 

Keeping Comicopolis in check and free from evil is a mysterious, nameless organization of superheroes, which the citizen calls “They" after all the posters warning any wrong doers that “They are watching." However, nobody knows who or what they are… Or if they really are what they seem. 

Maybe these rookies can solve this mystery one day? Well, anything is possible in an eventful town like Comicopolis.

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Some practices with character expressions I got done recently. I usually hate posting from my sketchbook as you can see, as I have a tendency to miss eraser marks or I draw so hard, I can barely erase the marks... It's main reason why I trace over them with a tablet. However, I liked how they came out enough to post them. These characters may be the main focus if I do the upcoming 24 hour comic book day.


Next time, I think i'll take a break from drawing original stuff and draw some fan art... Dunno what to draw though. 

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I know I said that I would post fan art the next time I posted... But I figure I might as well show of the character I named myself after.


This is Emperor Robrainiac, the Controller.




He's basically supposed to be a Video Game villain, akin to Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, Bowser, King K. Rool, ect.  My oldest and one of my favorite characters I’ve ever made,  Robrainiac has a million of robots at his command, and has immense psychic powers… It’s a shame that like most video game villains, he usually lets his minions do the work rather than take on his opponents himself… Lazy punkbag. 

Edited by Emperor Robrainiac

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I keep promising to post fan-art. But I've drawn so much other stuff, I just can't keep them to myself.... I'm so sorry. =(


But anyways, here's what I have!


Here's a Robrainiac Poster I made for fun.




I was intending to use this as the cover of the 24 Hour comics project... But I figured I was breaking enough rules already, what with the characters who were already made.




A little practice with inking my sketches, rather than tracing it on the computer like I always do. I really like how It came out, especially the odd texture the pen makes when I color with it.



You know there's something wrong with you if you're better at drawing feet than hands. D=




A character that I made about a year after I finished highschool. Experement Y, the cyborg catroach. Redesigning this character was a lot of fun, and while I have a few ideas in my head, I'm still not sure what I can do with him yet.



Here's another one I drew recently. I was attempting to draw Y in a more catlike pose, with little success. However, the expression on his face and his posture really sold it for me.


That's all for today. No promises on the fan-art being next post, but rest assured, I will do some in the future.

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It sure has been a while since I've posted here. To be honest, I've been to focused on school and my comic project to work on anything for myself... But with the extra time I had, I decided to finish off a project I started a while after Sonic Boom was announced.




It came out later than I intended to... But, better late than never! I got the idea for this pic from a Doctor Who image that went around when Matt Smith was announced as the Doctor. It had Matt Smith Standing with David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston looking at him in confusion.


Also, Mr. Needlemouse... Why? Well, why not?


Oh and... Here's a deviantart meme, comparing a pic that I redrew... I'm pretty pleased with it, I gotta say.


Spoiler'd for size.



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Some more character designs, basically inspired by Nintendo-esque games known as the Game cops.. The Idea is that they live in a world where the Console War is like the Cold War between Russia and the US. 


Adding onto that, here's a drawing done in pencil... Unusual for me I know, but I'm pleased with how it came out. (Spoilered due to size.)



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Here's some new stuff I made. I wanted to experiment with Photoshop, and get something done before school starts for me, 



Robrainiac, the future ruler of Robots and the world.




VULTURE Commander IV Leader of the Super Villain Organization, Villainous Union of Lowlife Terrirfying Unpleasant Rotten Evil-doers.




Ian the TItan, self proclaimed Master of all that is Awesome.




Princess Yewberry, a spoiled rotten princess who always gets what she wants.


Who will you side with?

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Ahhh, I lost my other page during the wipe... =(


Yeah, It's been awhile since I've been around here due to university life stressing me out and making me a bit more irritable. but with summer coming along, I might be posting more. That being said, here's something I drew up last night.




Kit-Tii, a character of mine... I found that I've been making a lot of stuff with her... she's pretty fun to draw. I wanted to play around with the shading and the height of this character.


But yeah, I'm planning on coloring and drawing a bunch of stuff this coming summer.

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I like how this one came out. I Tried something new with the shading and lighting tools, and made alterations to her design in attempts to give off a more Post Apocalyptic vibe. 


I really like this one, Robo. It may be for more than one reason, but it may have to do with this dynamic pose you've given her. In any case, I can only see the post-apocalyptic vibe, too. I don't know if it's the sports tape, bio-hazard sign or fingerless gloves, but I see what you mean for what it's worth. Does does it say on her knife? 

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The knife is supposed to be a carved street sign. I got the idea from an article I read about a guy who fashions old street signs he finds in the junkyard into swords, and I thought it would be pretty fitting. The sign on the knife (Or at least the part that's visible,) says "View Ave," loosely named after a street nearby.

But it's good to know that the post-apocalyptic style is showing. I kinda wanted to give the vibe off while still retaining a Dungeons and Dragons-esque style as well. Basically a D&D setting in the distant future.

Thanks for the feedback!  

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I've really enjoyed looking through this topic, even with all the broken pictures, haha. You have so many fun ideas for settings and characters!

I especially love Kit-Tii's feet in your most recent picture of her x) I also am especially fond of the picture of the different versions of Sonic posing and reacting to each other from a while back.

I hope you keep working on your stuff and your enthusiasm continues, because I'm enjoying it a lot so far.

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