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On 9/5/2019 at 7:58 PM, Emperor Robrain-eater said:

Weapons of Choice (Ashlyn and Aspen) by LordRobrainiac

...Is this mine? Did I actually draw this?! HOLY CRAP.

Granted, I still have problems with shading. But dang, I tried something new, and I lov

Great work, I must say. Did you mean to make Aspen look like he's coming out of a pot? If so, that's genius, given his plant-like nature.

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1 minute ago, Nina Cortex Spookhexeon said:

Great work, I must say. Did you mean to make Aspen look like he's coming out of a pot? If so, that's genius, given his plant-like nature.

Yep, with their redesign, Ashlyn and Aspen's hip areas are indeed clay pots. With their last designs, I felt that they were only partially plant inspired... So I added the pots and more noodly-ish torsos to put more emphasis on them being plant-like.

But yeah, Thanks!

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Well... I mentioned this in a few other places, but this was a project originally planned for 24 hour comic book day. To make a long story short, things didn't turn out the way they planned, and even then I still ended up rushing it. With the coloring, the rushed story and my less than neat handwriting, this is not my best work, I'm gonna be honest.

HOWEVER! I'm very proud of myself for getting a comic done, and there's parts of the comic I actually really like, particularly expressions and some of the backgrounds and this is a premise that I want to explore more in the future. I figure these are good reasons to share with you guys. Despite my slight disappointment, I'm a bit excited to show off my work. I hope you guys enjoy it! 

I'm gonna put it in spoiler tags to try and save some space.

Princess and the Cockroach Splash Page by LordRobrainiac


The Princess and the Cockroach PG. 1 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 2 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 3 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 4 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 5 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 6 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 7 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 8 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 9 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 10 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 11 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 12 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 13 by LordRobrainiac

Princess and the Cockroach PG. 14 by LordRobrainiac


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Crew of the Solar-Dragon by LordRobrainiac

I wasn't really feeling my character, Talon's design, tbh. One day while at work, I found myself wanting to create a shark character... only for my mind to wander, leading me to decide to redesign Talon from a feathered dragon to a walking shark with a harpoon launcher for a hand.

Talon's personality remains the same... Extreme and fun loving, but is hiding a somewhat cowardly side. He's a space pirate with a thirst for adventure and treasure, but can be a bit childish.

Oriana, the cat-moth, serves as Talon's mother figure and their ship's engineer and Dr. Caution, the tiny android, is his best friend and medical expert.

Took a shot a shading in illustrator again, and I kind of like it.

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Dungeon-Crawlers by LordRobrainiac

Sketched these guys out this weekend, and I traced them digitally. You guys pretty much know the drill by this point. :P

If I ever go back into playing D&D at some point, it's likely I'll be using them as characters at some point. But in the meantime, they're gonna be exploring the "Post-Post apocalyptic" fantasy world I've created, crawling dungeons, slaying monsters, and even facing off against corrupt leaders as well.

I'm gonna put in some info and individual portraits in the spoilers if you wanna take a look at them.


David by LordRobrainiac

David, the human knight, is a former blacksmith turned self proclaimed knight. Despite his somewhat imposing knight suit, he's a big softie, and a bit cowardly. However, knowing his position as a leader, David often swallows his fear if need be. His favorite weapons is a sword, a shield and sometimes a large gun.

Katii by LordRobrainiac

Katii, the halfling thief, has a lot of skill in thievery... and a bit lazy as well. A teller of tall tales, Katii is knowledgeable in ancient artifacts and texts, and despite being a thief, she does have a generous side. She also has a fairy companion, who serves a scout for her. Her favorite weapons are a dagger and throwing knives.

Hjolm by LordRobrainiac

Hjolm, the Dwarven ranger. Hjolm is a boisterous dwarf whom are half machine and half flesh, made to dig tunnels endlessly. Hjolm among many other dwarves, seek adventure, and see the surface world. As loud and obnoxious as he can be, Hjolm is a dwarf who would fight and die for his comrades. Hjolm likes fighting with a crossbow, sometimes with explosives and digging tools.

Scarf by LordRobrainiac

Scarf, the lesser Golem monk. Scarf is a robot who likes to take life easily. Although a monk, Scarf lives life by his own rules, and would rather live a peaceful life. Seemingly built with ancient technology, Scarf can read and play ancient artifacts within his torso, and can gain knowledge from doing so. Although Scarf prefers to use words before fighting, sometimes things don't go the way they're planned, and thus uses a trusty quarterstaff to fight.

Merla by LordRobrainiac

Merla, the elven mage, Is a shy but gentle wizard, seeking to break out of her shell and take up adventures. This elf is very intelligent and adept at magic, but is often too scared of speaking up or trying her magic, always afraid of making herself look stupid among her peers. Despite this, she is very kind and always willing to help and tries the best she can to offer advice. Her weapons of choice are spellbooks. 

Florence Mask by LordRobrainiacFlorence no mask by LordRobrainiac

Florence, the Kobold Alchemist, (And self proclaimed 6th wheel), is a perky and bubbly person. Despite spending most of her life in solitary, Florence is very talkative and often says things as soon as they pop up in her mind, even if it sounds creepy to the others. She dreams of being a doctor, and aids in mixing potions for the others, and fights by tossing hazardous ones.


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My character highlights of the year by LordRobrainiac

So here's some of my favorite character designs I made this year, one of which I haven't posted online yet.

What more can I say? It's been a pretty good year for me creatively, especially after that horrible block I had near the end of last year. I wanna thank those of you who have been following me for a decade. Even if you simply take the time to look at my art, it means a lot to me. 

Here's to a new decade! 

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Posted (edited)

Princess of Forevershade by LordRobrainiac

Drew these characters again after a couple of months, along with a new face to travel with them. Over these past months, I kind of imagine the setting of Forevershade to have a 1950s feel to it. It will be very happy on the surface, but has a bit of hidden fear and dark side to it.

Once again, we have Princess Fairclaw. She wears a cloak to (to rather poorly) hide her cursed prison uniform, and her cuffed hands. She relies mostly on her wings and feet to defend herself in tough situations. To her left is her loyal and bubbly servant, Hiss, who prides herself as a hunter and a witch as you may tell from both her skull and witch hat atop her head. And last but not least, to Fairclaw's right is the ever so cowardly but obedient Captain Coffin, a skeleton who once served for Fairclaw.

If you guys haven't read my october comic yet, I'd recommend checking it out, it's a few posts up on this page. :) 

Edited by Emperor Robrainiac
Fixing size

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Princess Fairclaw by LordRobrainiac

The first time I've made a reference sheet for an OC of mine. Pretty fun, but a lot of work, though. I've really been in the mood to draw this character... Princess Fairclaw is probably one of the funnest designs I've made in quite a while.

Here's a profile for her for good measure as well. Enjoy!



AGE: 22
D.O.B 10/31
SPECIES: Human/Dragon
SKILLS: Fire Breath, fighting with feet and tail, flight
Fav. Food: Chocolate and Vanilla swirl cake
LIKES: Her Kingdom, Starry nights, Animals, reading books and horror comics, coming up with plots, manicures and pedicures, her loyal servants.
DISLIKES: The modern day, science, fake smilers,bullies, whiners, foiled plots, the current ruler of her kingdom, being cursed to wear her prison uniform and shackles.

Princess Fairclaw, said to have been a corrupt princess sealed away for her crimes. Decades and decades later, she is awaken by a joyful cultist by the name of Hiss, who offers her help in reclaiming her kingdom of Forevershade. The Princess is delighted by the thought of returning home, but is shocked to see things have changed quite a bit since she's been gone. What was once a fairytale kingdom, is now a fairytale 1950s-esque utopia. Princess Fairclaw now must figure out how to reclaim her throne, all the while trying to adjust to the new era she's woken up in.

Princess Fairclaw is a rather vain and spoiled person. Although she claims to hate whiners, she is prone to complaining when things don't go her way or when she doesn't understand something and If frustrated enough, she can be easily driven to tears. In addition, eye is prone to twitching when she gets stressed out. In an era that's much different from the one she lived in before being sealed, Fairclaw suffers from a bit of future shock, sometimes outright scared of all the change around her. Despite this, she's thankful for the few servants she has, relying on them to help her adjust to new forms of magic and the culture of the world. It's unknown what caused her to go down the path of villainy, but despite her profession, plots, and outright hypocrisy at times, she has a kind side to her, desiring to help those who are pushed around and does all she can to keep her servants and skeleton army happy.

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