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Emperor Spooky

ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

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I love the little details on them with favourite foods. Now it gets me curious what sort of restaurant houses all these different foods for the dungeon crawlers.

What I look forward to the most is see what their interactions are like and the world-building by seeing the world itself.

Overall, amazing ideas, Emp! I'm definitely interested in them. My favourite's a tie between David, because I love knights, and Kilgore sawhead, because what's a bigger twist than realising that this guy that has the name "Kilgore sawhead" is just a gentle guy? The misunderstandings this lad would make would make for some funny stuff!

Good job, bud. You totally didn't waste a single second because they were all worth it!

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Yes, I bring you: Nintendo Kingdoms.




So here's a comic project. Despite some of heat it's gotten recently, (Despite not being as bad as some other companies), I've always had a soft spot for Nintendo. I'm sure a lot of people do! In the past I've made plenty of crossovers, even before Smash  64 was announced (Which makes me feel like an old man when I say it like that... Sheesh, that's, what, 11 years ago?!) Three different times, I've made big Nintendo crossover stories.

Fourth time's a charm! I call this story Nintendo Kingdoms. It follows Vivian (In loving memory of the unique partners in the Paper Mario series.) as she trains to become a member of the Smash Brotherhood: Famous Guardians of the Nintendo Kingdoms. Along the way, she'll meet friends, foes, life lessons and level ups.

Indeed, this will be my first comic to be digitized in Illustrator, so forgive me if it looks a bit rough around the edges... 

Hope you enjoy!

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Nintendo Kingdoms: PG.3 - Determination

Pg.4 by LordRobrainiac


Page 3 and 4 is now up! 

Vivian tries to keep her spirits up despite her cruel sisters words getting to her for a moment. It almost seems to work...

Until she accidentally hits a duck. Well, look on the bright side... at least that damned dog won't be laughing at her!

Feeling a little desperate, Vivian decides to try and wish upon a shooting star, in hopes of getting closer to her goals.

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Pg.5 by LordRobrainiac

Pg.6 by LordRobrainiac

Let's just say things don't go exactly as she hoped... and that shooting star is not what it seemed.

During Vivian's blackout, she has a flashback of her dreams being ridiculed by her eldest sister Beldam. Poor Vivian, hopefully her luck will change soon.

Anyways... I might slow down the posting to every other day, as I'm starting to feel a little tired from all this work. I have a few more pages to show off right now, so look forward to that.


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Pg.7 by LordRobrainiac

Pg.8 by LordRobrainiac

As Vivian regains conciousness, she is found face to face with a strange creature in armor.

I'm sure Kirby fans would know who this gumdrop looking blob is, and who he seems to be dressed up as... But why is it dressed up like this? Better question... where did it come from? 

And why did it just eat Vivian's book of spell instructions?

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Pg.9 by LordRobrainiac

Pg.10 by LordRobrainiac

The odd creature has eaten Vivian's spell book! Vivian attempts to negotiate with the blob... It doesn't work.

Whatever it is, Vivian is afraid that this thing may be dangerous. As a result, she make the decision to pursue the thing. Only to realize she should have just climbed down.

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The final pages of the Prolouge are here!


Pg.12 by LordRobrainiac

That's it for the prologue! Will Vivian find the gooey knight on time? Will the creature cause mayhem? Or is there a bigger threat out there that the village should worry about?

Stay tuned!


That's the end of this pilot, and I hope you enjoyed this little comic here. Vivian was one of my favorite partners in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. The idea for this comic stemmed when  that infamous interview of the Origami King came out detailing the restrictions put into series, likely meaning that it's unlikely we'll ever see any partners again, new or old. As a result, I started a fresh save on Miitopia and made Vivian the main character. It was then I started making the team up of lesser known Nintendo Characters. Loving this idea, I had the urge to make a comic starring Vivian, and other Nintendo characters that are either lesser known, not used much, or somewhat obscure characters that I thought would be interesting in a setting like this.  Expect to see many more in the future! 

Final thoughts on this Prolouge? Not too bad. This is my first time using illustrator to digitize my comic... It wasn't as bad as I initially thought, but It really opened my eyes some of my weaknesses in drawing. Backgrounds have never been fun for me to draw, and as some may have seen, this was no exception, as I struggled to figure out where the horizon line should go. I can see that my first foray into making a comic like this, and while I can see the flaws, I'm feeling more confident with the next comic in the future.

I have a lot more planned for the next issue. More characters to interact with, more places, more humor, a better font, and hopefully I start to get a better grip on what I'm doing. Because of this, I might just switch to making a page weekly, in order to save myself from burnout and make the pages look better.

 That said, I hope you guys enjoyed the comic, rough first time aside! Stay tuned, as I'm already planning out the next part... dunno when it'll come out, but hopefully sometime soon.

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For those of you wondering, don't worry, the next part of Nintendo Kingdoms is about halfway done, and should be ready to be posted within the next month.

In the meantime though, here's some character designs I made, one of whom is being used in the RP.. The idea is that these three are anime-esque heroes who travel the stars via magic asteroid in search of things to beat up basically.

Gelada: The dimwitted fish-lady leader of the group who loves fighting matches and eating (Especially Pizza). Very good hearted and Peppy, but mess with her friends, and she will go full edge-mode and try to kill whoever's messing with them.  Her favorite method of fighting is punching and kicking. Especially punching, with her oversized mantis shrimp claws. It's unknown as to which planet she came from, though she claims to be from the edge of the universe.

Alice: A rabbit-like alien who has seen quite a few things. And let's just say these said things have made her very world weary, cynical, and apathetic. Of the group, she's probably the most mature, but probably the most jaded as well.  She joined Gelada's group out of boredom and usually sits around the ship, bored out of her mind. Her prized posession is a fishing rod, which she uses for both fighting and fishing.

Taro: A robot on a journey to find challenges, life lessons and friendship. Taro is a bit naive and quick to make friends, often getting him into trouble with people you don't want to mess with. Despite this, Taro seeks to better his life by experiencing something new, and with his long deceased brother's sword, and his deceased sister's arm cannon, and his new friends by his side, Taro feels confident and well prepared to take on everything.  


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Some redesigns of characters I drew last year. Sometimes I like revisiting characters and seeing if I still like them or if I feel like they're in need of a redesign.

Here we have three ancient villains who have entered the modern world... and through shenanigans are trying to save it.

Fairclaw, the hot tempered dragon princess

Hiss, the kindhearted roach witch

Ghast, the patient ghost butler 

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It's back! I'm gonna try to be slower this time, uploading these pages, probably once a week, just so I don't suffer burn out... and possibly work out the rougher stuff.

But anyways, we start off by meeting some new characters. Meet Stanley the Bugman and the Deku Princess!

The Deku Princess is the mayor of Crossington. A bit snooty but a fair ruler who prefers to be called princess rather than mayor.

And we have the town's newly appointed sheriff, Stanley the Bugman, a prideful fellow who claims to be a cousin of the Super Mario Brothers. He's awfully confident for someone who's just armed with a spray can. 

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Welcome to Planet Queen: A gas giant with seven moons. One moon in particular, known as "Rings" is the crown jewel, of this lovely set of moons, and most make their home there. However, like with every planet, there's danger to be found as well... from corrupt leaders, bloodthirsty bandits, and deadly monsters. Of course, those who are willing to brave these things may find more excitement in their lives... excitement and treasure of course!

Enter the Jade Hook Pirates, a ragtag group of misfits who were fed up with their ordinary lives and all met together with only one purpose: Excitement, helping the lesser, and of course, sweet sweet treasure. Pirates are very common among planet Queen's moons, and it's not unusual for them to attack enemy ships, be it from the Moons wicked rulers, or other fellow pirates.

The Pirate captain: Talon, a shark-like being from the tropical areas of Rings. Sick of being bossed around and wanting to be more in life, Talon steals a spaceship and goes off to seek adventure.  Very bold, but very reckless, and will feel very sorry for himself if he gets his teammates in danger or injured. Having a mechanical arm for most of his life, Talon replaces it with a legendary weapon from a famous Pirate, knowing that it would strike fear to his enemies and bring hope to those who need it.

The Navigator: Zona, a sort of snail/jellyfish like alien from the seas of Rings whom wanted to explore not just Rings, but the many other moons of Queen, and wants to spread hope to those who are in need of it, often sharing her part of the treasure the crew finds with the poor. She is a very optimistic and kind person that has a very violent side to her as well.

The Medic and Cook: Caution, a medical android who was formerly a Shark like Talon. In addition to being a childhood friend, Caution travels with Talon, knowing that traveling the seven planets guarantees fatal injures. This little robot gets a little too excited when he's faced with the challenge of patching up deadly wounds. And because they desperately needed one, Caution also serves as the ship's cook.

The Engineer: Oriana, a moth-like being from the forests of rings. Oriana is a very hot tempered person, and a deserter from her army. Not knowing what else to do, Oriana joins with the Jade Hook pirates because... eh, why not? She already was wanted anyway. Although hot blooded and nuts, Oriana ends up becoming a motherly figure to the group, and always knows the right thing to say, even if it's blunt.

The Pilot: Mark, a strange, stone-like being from the rings of Rings. Although Talon has a basic knowledge of Piloting, he still wasn't an expert. Enter Mark, the pilot of the ship and the one who keeps track of the treasures and maps they discover. Mark is a polite and eccentric person, and of all the Jade Hook Pirates he is the most formal. Not much is known about Mark or the rest of his species or how old he exactly is, but what is known is that he's pretty much a walking, talking encyclopedia, basically the group's go-to guy when it comes to the seven planets. 

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Here's a little something new, with a character I made named Gelada. Since this idea has a manga/anime influence to it, I made a black and white version of it, to give it a more manga-esque feel. Came out kinda good, I think.


At the edge of a galaxy lies a planet where peace once reigned. One day, an entity known as "Chaos" unleashed a swarm of monsters onto the world, leaving its citizens in fear, and uncertain of their future.
Years have gone by, and the world has not changed, for many inhabitants keep to indoors, walled cities, and relocate deep underground, away from the strange creatures that roam the land. Fortunately, many who have become fed up with living in fear have formed a guild to hunt down these creatures and one day stand up to Chaos and return the planet to what it once was.

However, one day, a monster who had been captured and tamed began to gain a free will. Enter Gelada, a once feared and bloodthirsty beast who had been tamed by a team of hunters, eventually becoming her village's guardian. 

But feeling that the inhabitants of the world shouldn't have to live in constant fear, Gelada trains every day in hopes of vanquishing the great Chaos that took over this once prosperous land. Along the way, she meets many allies to help her out, such as Aliss, the rabbit-like Archeologist, and first friend of Gelada who wields her guns on her boots, Sir, a curious reporter who wants to chronicle Gelada's journey to defeat Chaos, and Taro, the aspiring warrior whom travels with his older brother and seeks to become powerful.

Many dangers and many foes look to stop this Fishy looking kickboxer, and some not trusting her or having faith in her abilities to stop Chaos. And there seems to be more to Gelada than meets the eye. Can she overcome these obstacles? Can she stop the monsters from overtaking the world? With Gelada's determination and her friend's support, this little group of heroes may very well be the ones to save the world from Chaos.

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