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IGN: A Tour of Sonic Lost World [Gameplay]


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Oh yeah, let's watch!


Oh, it's an interview with Aaron! Awesome!


Gonna be honest, the 3DS versions looks better to play than the Wii U one, it's even less automated! Also, Sonic Heroes remix for speed shoes? Marvelous!

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Late last week we were able to bring you the world debut of Sonic Lost World, both through the game's first trailer as well as exclusive eyes-on impressions and an interview with Takashi Iizuka from Sonic Team. That was awesome, but we wanted to do a bit more, particularly considering we were only able to show small pieces of footage through the trailer. Today we'll not only confirm more details about the Wii U and 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World, but bring you footage of three full stages from both versions. And our Wii U video comes with commentary, wrapping in a variety of information about the game, direct from SEGA brand manager Aaron Weber.

No doubt the biggest thing that will stand out to you is the diversity between the three levels – even within the same zone, as the last two areas are technically both a part of the "Desert Ruins." I asked Iizuka about the idea of freeing Sonic Team's designers from some of the 'realism' present in past games. "Yes, we are aiming to get the players more excited and happy as they advance to each level – once clearing the previous level – by adding more variation to all the levels," Iizuka told me. "This is not just about the variety and fun regarding the theme of a level, but also the shape and play style, which are unique in each."

Another thing you'll notice during the commentary footage below is that Weber references GamePad-specific gameplay. As we already mentioned last week, Whisp-based color powers are activated through the touch screen, and are then controlled or guided from there. "We have many features that are Wii U-specific," Iizuka mentioned. "Normal control of Sonic remains the same using the analog stick and buttons, but the new color powers that appear in this title will use the GamePad. In the 'Cyan Laser' color power, which is in the E3 Demo, you control direction and launch timing with the GamePad. We are also implementing various color powers which will use the GamePad as well." Iizuka also confirmed that the Pro Controller can be used, but only in modes that involve two players.

Speaking of two players, Sonic Team is working on cooperative and competitive options. The first, Support Mode, involves a player with the Wii remote controlling a "Radio Control Gadget" created by Tails. This gizmo allows players to destroy enemies and obstacles, helping less experienced players. Iizuka also mentioned a local competitive mode split between the TV and GamePad as well as a mysterious "fun feature that will allow players to enjoy the game longer."

Despite the fact that development of Lost World began before Sonic Team even knew about Wii U, support for the system's more unique features doesn't just end with GamePad support. SEGA also has plans for Miiverse, which extend beyond the obvious, standard peer-to-peer discussion and game help. Lost World will actually allow players to share undisclosed items through Miiverse, bringing active and actual game mechanics into Nintendo's social service.

But enough about the Wii U version – let's dig into the 3DS edition of Sonic Lost World for a bit. As we revealed last time, the approach for this game is to not just push Sonic's latest adventure into 2D form, but to fully embrace 3D levels as appropriate. As in the past, Sonic Team is turning to DIMPS for development of the title. Iizuka stressed to us that the 3DS version is "not a port from the Wii U version" but features "totally new level design to match the screen size and hardware so players can enjoy both versions with a fresh feeling."

We wanted to make sure you were able to see these claims brought to life, so we've captured three levels of the game for you to check out. No commentary, just Sonic blasting through robots, twists and turns.

A couple more details about the 3DS version of the game – SEGA has confirmed that the title will support up to four players locally or online for some sort of 'Versus Mode'. We have also been told that the portable and home console versions of the game will somehow be able to communicate with each other, as players will be able to share items.

That's a ton to digest, particularly considering all of the Sonic Lost World information brought you last week. And effectively this is everything related to Sonic: Lost World's E3 2013 presence. However... at E3 we'll get our hands on the game, and give you some thoughts on precisely how it plays. Stay tuned for that – and for every last bit of Nintendo (and SEGA!) related information we'll bring to you from E3.

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The orchestral theme for when Sonic unlocks a capsule sounds like it will be the theme of the game, which means there's probably a vocal version ala Sonic Colors, or maybe it's original ala Unleashed.

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I know Sweet Mountain already exists, but is is just me or does the coloring in this Desert Ruin ice cream land remind anyone of Rayman's Candy Chateau? I think it's the giant ice cream cones and purple sky.


In any event, so far I'm still liking the look of things!

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To tone down my spindash gushing for a moment (seriously it's amazing), another comparison to X-Treme I noticed. Other than Windy Hill obviously being Jade Gully Zone, I find it interesting that there's a candy-themed level in the game. Why? Because in the Sonic X-Treme proto-"soundtrack" created to inspire the game's development, there is a track called "Candy Mountain".


The fact that SEGA is making a real, new and good Sonic X-Treme just blows my mind. I'm so happy I don't even know asdfghjkl

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Guys. I've found new love...


I've said before, the game looks amazing, and promising. A lot of the stuff is interesting, and there's some real cool throwbacks. And that music. Sonic Heroes' theme as speed shoes? Will that be staying? Can't wait to see more of this!

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I've said it before, I'll say it again. It looks bad in my opinion.


The 3DS version looks slightly better than the Wii U one, but still looks bad. The Wii U one has too much 2.5D, I don't see how it can be classed as a 3D game when it looks more like a 2.5D one. The levels give me a headache and the music is bland, nothing memorable here.


Also, this is my opinion.

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