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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS - Settle It In Smash!

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I'm pumped. So pumped. Yeah it was expected, but I wasn't expecting two new characters right off the bat.


And Animal Crossing finally has a playable rep. 


Looks like the 3DS version will have a stylized art style akin to Street Fighter 4...it looks good for the most part.


Oh yeah...



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This game looks utterly fantastic. AC Villager and Mega Man are such good choices that I'm already hyped to see what else Ninty has in store. I'm also very happy to see Pit returning again, Kid Icarus: Uprising made me love the guy and I seriously hope that that game's trademark humor manages to make it into Smash 4 in some form (bonus points if he's with Palutena).

This game and 3D World are the main reasons I want a Wii U right now, although in Smash's case I at least have the 3DS version to turn to, assuming it matches up to the standards of quality set by Uprising.

Also, the boxing arena stage makes me think of Kirby's Dream Land and Spring Breeze.

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You guys forgot to put something in the OP.

You guys gotta refesh my man

Had that in the OP since topic started.

Edit: Man you know what, who even cares

Did you SEE how EPIC that trailer was!? God damn!

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I gotta say, I ain't no MegaMan aficionado, but damn the way he showed up was still epic as all hell. Even before he showed up the trailer was giving me feels all over the place just from being so damn epic.

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