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Xbox One & PS4 Pre-Order slot numbers

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I thought this would be more interesting to keep seperately from the 2 console topics since we might see how this goes come November.
Remember when the Wii-U was coming out and there were reports about how 'it was selling out everywhere' and then when the numbers came out it seemed that a lot of stores only had recieved a handful of units?
Well, all day today/yesterday a lot of stores have been doing pre-orders for the PS4 & Xbox One... and the numbers are certainly interesting, especially those of the Xbox. A number of people who work at Gamespot have been on twitter to tell everybody that theres quite a difference in the number of units allocated to each store.

Been told that one particular GameStop location has about 25 PS4's allocated. In comaprison, Xbox One has about 8-10 at that location. fyi

Then another guy posted this...

Joey H ‏@patron_of_metal 44m

@Wario64 my gamestop had 12 Xbox one for preorder vs 36 ps4


Then some people over at Gaf started to say very similar things.


I can confirm that GameStop near me has literally over three times the number of PS4 slots compared to the Xbox One. The One had 12 slots and the PS4 had 40.


My GameStop have 62 PS4 available for pre-order compare to 8 for the xbox one


My ebgames had 6 xbones allocates for pre-orders. Playstation 4 had 15


I don't know if anyone here works in a Game or other videogame shop, but it would be very interesting to find out the pre-order slots you've got. Theres no denying it if these numbers are right, Microsoft seem to be trying to make the Xbox very limited in number, I guess it's so they can turn around and say 'We sold out!' or some market spin on it.

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^ Or shipping in fewer numbers to make the launch look more successful, when they've actually sold less than a competitor.


I agree with Hogfather here, MS are probably intentionally stifling supply, much like Sony were reported to have done during the PS2 days (don't think it was ever confirmed, though), in order to make the launch look better when MS come out and say "We sold out!"

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Shipping in fewer units to make them harder to find? To make them worth more maybe?


Well... the theory goes, if you limit the supply, the demand for the system rockets, and you sell more in your 'second wave. There is... kinda some truth to it, you hear 'Hey this is selling out everywhere!' and you don't yet own it, you start to think 'well if all these people are getting it then it's gotta be good!'


But if you have lots and it's easy to find in store.. there isn't much of a demand as it looks like it's not selling.


Theres examples of it working and not working throughout history.


Now, theres two interesting points about the figures quoted here... the numbers of the Xbox SKU's are very low, and when compared with sony's, sony's numbers 'look' huge.


The question is why? Now one theory is the 'it's sold out' spin they can put on it, although another as mentioned, is the Xbox's clock speed problem or something which is impacting the development of the system.

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I know someone on another forum who noted that when he went to Gamestop today, they had gotten just as many PS4 preorders from people walking in within ten minutes after it opened than they had Xbone preorders the day before.



^ Or shipping in fewer numbers to make the launch look more successful, when they've actually sold less than a competitor.


This is something Microsoft got caught doing just a few months ago with the Surface. Dramatically short supply in some stores and configurations, but they turned around and said that it was such a success that it sold out everywhere.

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This doesn't really explain why Xbox One "broke blockbuster records" or that the system has been in the top5 on Amazon since its reveal.   It's definitely still doing extremely well, guys. Limited stock or not.
Yeah, that's what I was thinking. This new information does tell us that anything Microsoft says about "hey guys look, we're so awesome that we sold out already" is just textual diahrrea from the marketing team, but it unfortunately doesn't invalidate the record-breaking preorder numbers that they're apparently getting. I think the system is still doing well :(

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As expected. Microsoft is going to crash even harder than the Dreamcast did back in 2001. Fuck you Microsoft.


Woooooow. Let's not go there. As mentioned, the XONE is breaking "Blockbuster" records and is in Amazon's Top 5. 


Because of Halo, Gears, CoD and TVTVSPORTSSPORTS, I wouldn't be surprised if XONE outsells Wii U in the United States and to the extent the UK.

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Amazon's pre-orders on the Xbox one are very misleading because there is only one version of it.  The day one edition, so there's only one SKU, where as PlayStation has many.  If you really want to know where the console really is on the list, you need to go to the Best sellers of 2013 section.   PlayStation is currently in third place (the sold out version), while the Xbox one is in 6th...So in reality, Microsoft is just trying to make it look like every one wants this damn thing.  If everyone wanted it, they wouldn't still be on the day one edition.  This is just a marketing ploy to get their product to look WAY more popular than it really is, well at the moment anyway.  LOL



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The following data is from Game UK. The source is someone on Gaf who works there, the source and evidence has been varified but not made public due to job risk.


PS4 LTD Total - 3210
Xbox One LTD Total - 1990

Net additions:

PS4 - 900
XB1 - 590

For the week just passed, PS4 > XB1 by a 2:1 ratio.

Data accurate to 17/07/13


The old data was as follows.


~2200 PS4 Deposits LTD
~110 PS4 "Game Exclusive" Deposits LTD
~1400 Xbox One Deposits LTD

~360 PS4 Deposits WTD (not including yesterday or today)
~110 PS4 "Game Exclusive" Deposits WTD
~180 Xbox One Deposits WTD


Bottom line. Here in the UK at least, PS4 is outselling Xbox One 2:1.

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