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NHS Boss dresses as Superman for motivation video divides opinion.

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Okay this motivational video for hospital staff to keep fit in the workplace has leaked on the internet (probably by disgruntled staff). Showing Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Chief dressed up as Superman dancing to Tony Christie hit 'Is This The Way To Amarillo' basically it is a spoof of Peter Kay's Comic Relief video.


It seems like harmless fun right? Well some NHS workers aren't laughing and feel insulted that especially seeing as he is quite portly and earns more £175,000 a year while some might lose their jobs with the cuts going on and some feel under pressure.


Personally I think it harmless but I can understand why NHS staff wouldn't see the funny side with the current stress they face.


What do you guys think?

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Theres a bit more to this. Because I live near the area where it's happened, we've had it on the local news too.


Aparently this guy is on a huge salary... but he's also had to cut A LOT of money and jobs. He's not popular with his own staff by a long way.


So the video isn't just 'how is this guy Superman when he's doing all this harm?' but also 'why was money spent on this when he's cutting all these jobs?'


I don't paritcually have a view on it myself at the moment since I havn't really looked at it... Buuuuut


It has just been on the local news again tonight. Aparently his 'office' sent an email today to everyone in the NHS (or his area) which has not gone down well at all.


Basically, people where criticising him and the video and the email said "We have the names of the people leaving/making these comments, and action will be taken if these continue.'


In other words... continue to comment/criticise... and you get the sack.



Edit: Ok I just watched the video.... yeah... really really poor casting choice there, that dialogue at the start couldn't have been more inappropriate given the cuts he's had to make.

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Working for the NHS is a tough and largely thankless job. The government and media are constantly assaulting it; wards are being closed, scandals are rife and the newspapers love it, people are losing their jobs and vital services are being sold off. "Motivating" people with shit like this is not going to work, and I can see why people would be upset.


Just My Two Pence, anyways.

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