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Sonic Boom 2013 "Helllooooooooo St. Louis!"

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Well, this was proper good fun tonight. Ta-rah everyone!


We went throgh so much together... we found out what happened to the moon. We now know Hyper Sonic is dead. Eggman cosplayer doesn't care and Trivia too!


And to top it off, we had Sonic dancing to a song that included the words Fuck and... something even worse!



Biggest Megaton of the night: Sonic was always meant to have green eyes.

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...I'm really getting Homer/Bart Simpson vibes from Sonic in that cutscene. Homer vibes because he just did something dumb that screwed everyone over. Bart vibes, because he did it just because he felt like it. 


Either way, I wouldn't be surprised if he probably feels embarrassed/guilty and that it doesn't take alot of persuasion to end up helping Eggman out seeing as it was all his fault to begin with.

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Oh look... someone just came to put Sonic's head back on...

I remember hearing some teen say "He's trying to get some of that hedgehog!" at that moment.

It's trivia time guys! Now you've mentioned it... quite sure I've seen it too... sigh... Edit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sonic-Hedgehog-Mascot-Costume-Fancy-Dress-Outfit-EPE-UK-/190589171768?pt=Adult_Fancy_Dress_UK&hash=item2c5ffff838....Suddenly Oasis.

The costume the guy in 2nd place was wearing looks quite different from that. The body was different, the shoes were different, and the head looks a lot more like that one Japanese SA2 costume's (I bet he got the pattern for it online somewhere):


The only main similarities are the colors.

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Just got home from Sonic Boom, and let me just say that was the most fun I've ever had!
Quick recap:
I was the 25th one to get in line, so I was pretty much first to play Lost World. Even though I don't have a Wii U or 3ds, I loved the game and I think you'll all love it!
Crush 40: Freaking awesome music! Not sure if you could hear on the stream or not, but quite a few of us were singing seaside denied when they played Seaside Hill. There was also a lot of us singing along to City Escape! Other than those 2, pretty much average audience participation.
Q&A: Lots of meh questions asked, but there were a few decent ones asked. (Oh, and the audience question about tails doll having a friend was asked by a really young kid, so don't be too hard on it tongue.png)
Costume contest: I really liked all of the costumes people had! The interviews with some of them were funny, and that little cream girl was so cute tongue.png But I agree with the top 3, they were sweet.
Trivia Portion: I actually didn't get to see too much of this. Jun and Johnny were in the coffee shop and I was talking to them during this portion.
The news portion kinda dissapointed me, but I was right up front for it! Looks like a water level / ice level and a factory level! Not too bad looking either!
Oh and after the news section I caught the livestream guy and gave you guys who were still watching a shoutout smile.png
My chao bobblehead:





My copy of Sonic Adventure now signed by Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli!



Sonic boom shirt:





Lost World Lanyard:



aaaand lastly, a pic of me and Aaron Webber:





EDIT: When I was talking to Mr. Webber, he heavily hinted at Sonic Boom going to the east coast next year. Sad for us, but good for you guys that live over on the east!

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And back in my room. This thread sure exploded! Alright... Bad news first. No extras whatsoever were made for goodies and they even refused to let me buy some. So apologies to Hogfather and El Driver on my part. Then you have the fact it was just more Lost World footage... Neat but underwhelming. Good news is I got to meet several SSMBers around and got some photos taken even. I also have a funny video featuring Mr. Webber that I can share on my return home in two days. Great year everybody... Hope to see you at the next!

Also it wasn't that crowded... I think there was less folks than last year's!

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Heh, I was #33 in line. Anyways, that was really fun! Lost World's control scheme was a lot more different than I expected...if there wasn't such a huge line and only three kiosks, I would've stayed there a lot longer to get used to the controls. But that's for the Lost World topics.


I can't wait for next year's Sonic Boom already. Wonder where it's going to be held...

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