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[COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 & Knuckles

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1: No Way? No Way!

2: Chemical Plant X Metropolis Zone X Theme of Metal Sonic (Sonic 4) X Steampunk Suspense (Rayman Origins)


I dunno other than that, but I might have a collab/original or two and a remix of Dragon Valley (Freedom Planet) if I manage to secure the permission, or even a remix of Oil Desert Zone.

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Sign me up. I'm slowly becoming a musician and I REALLY want to sign up for this. Hell, the timing was perfect considering I'm finishing up a Rainy Savannah remix...

Yeah, I'm calling Dibs on Sonic Drift 2's Rainy Savannah.

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Ok. I totally failed last year but I think I have enough runup this year so...



Instruments: Keyboards, Basic Rhythm Guitar

Project: None so far

Up for Session work or Collaboration! Please PM me if you'd like me to work on any of your tracks or if you want to collaborate with me on one. (The difference is that session work is me doing what you tell me whereas collaborations are 50/50)

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Cool to see this back again. Last time I jumped in at the last minute, but this time if you guys need an album cover or something I'll be here from the get-go. Wish I could do music stuffs to contribute more, though maybe in the future if possible.

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While I realize I had to back out last year, I'm fully on board to return.

Much like what I failed to deliver on last year I'd like to call dibs on a remix of Sonic Rush's Deep Core, along with Sonic 06's Aquatic Base.

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Less than an hour and the hype train is already speeding along! I would submit now, but I only have like 5 posts, and last time, Vizard had to come get me himself for me to even be in the album. Yeah.

Anyways, would it be ok if I shotgunned Reactive Factory and... dare I say it?... Planet Wisp?

Also, choosing 4 submissions will be difficult, but I think I'll manage. Good luck, all!

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Good to see this return. Last year I pulled out at the last second due to me seeing my Giant Wing remix as not very good. This year however, I'll take this opportunity and give it another go.

So yeah, count me in for Giant Wing, and possibly Chemical Plant.

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Well, I got some sorta bad news and some better news...

The bad news is that...well...I'm not really making music anymore...so..I won't be having any submissions this time around...



yes, I'm serious.


In my college days, I recent met an up-and-coming artist named Broken Helix-7130, and he was interested in joining, but he's still kinda new to music. I sprung the idea of working together with him, adding stuff to his tracks, and fixing it all up for this album, and he accepted! so everything with me in it will be a Broken Helix song! Now, I'm still up for collabing with anyone if they need like drum parts or something.

But the better news is:

Right now, we have two tracks planned: Egg Factory from Sonic Riders (heavily featuring a track from a completely different game...) and something from the Virtua Fighter series, since that one didn't get any recognition.

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Will this be the year I finally revisit this? (had to link from my old bandcamp 'cause Soundcloud is down but if you're curious as to where my new bandcamp is: http://a-laserbat.bandcamp.com/).


Though I am thinking of possibly doing a chippy, in your face, rock based Launch Base/Death Egg track...


I won't commit to anything but I am considering this my last hurrah for any real Sonic related project. I may cap it off with some album art too if I feel inclined to. So I'm interested definitely but not 100% committed to the idea yet. I still have my own remix project to get in gear too lol.

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