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[COLLAB] The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 & Knuckles

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Wow, I hadn't even started on my first claim, and I'm already claiming a second:

[10:42:40] ~Bev~: I did say during the (Sonic Fan Music Festival)
[10:42:44] ~Bev~: if (Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts vol 2) kicks off
[10:42:48] ~Bev~: I claim dibs on wing fortress
[10:42:51] Faseeh: Oh
[10:42:53] Faseeh: I wasn't there
[10:42:54] Faseeh: !
[10:42:55] ~Bev~: I've had a weird idea for that for some time xD
[10:43:00] Faseeh: well
[10:43:05] Faseeh: Hyuga sent in Wing Fortess
[10:43:12] ~Bev~: oh CRAP
[10:43:13] ~Bev~: ...
[10:43:17] ~Bev~: fine
[10:43:20] Faseeh: and recorderdude told me the last year people quit on SP
[10:43:32] ~Bev~: well
[10:43:35] ~Bev~: isn't THAT a bitch
[10:43:45] Faseeh: since the last album wasn't treated well by the higher ups
[10:43:47] Faseeh: so he said
[10:43:52] ~Bev~: guess that idea's going to the tssma2013 then
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Alright, so somehow, I have developed the urge to remix songs from Sonic R. I've already shotgunned a remix of the track "Work It Out" from Reactive Factory, and now I am going to shotgun the infamous "Can You Feel The Sunshine" from Resort Island. Wish me luck!

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This in no way reflects the final outcome and this take is just kinda getting a feel for it, but I think I'll be doing Endless Possibilities (if it hasn't been called already, forgive me if it has and missed that haha) in the same vein as the Reach for the Stars I did last year.




So yeah, just a feel-for take, but definitely got some neat ideas, >D

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Though art submissions won't be open yet, Spazdaxx already completed most of his cover since he'll be very busy with college over the fall. Spoiler'd for size and awesome. All that's missing is the Act # to be assigned by the final deadline.





...I kinda want this to be Act 1... ;;;A;;; DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE THIS IS AMAZING

Will look over the latest submissions in the morning.

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Kid Chameleon/Sonic CD remix done.


For this, I opted to take the early 80's R&B vibe the original had and take it to eleven. The bassline and the Stardust Speedway melody were played live(-ish) and recorded by me, and then edited into the piano roll to be a little more on beat (because FL Studio advances whatever you record into the piano roll forward a little bit for some reason), but are otherwise unquantized, so's to give it a more human feel.


Also, nice logo, Marvin.

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I've been working on some stuff.


I've got a few ideas for some remixes...here's a quick list.  Just for uh...no reason I guess.


Metallic Madness US

Stardust Speedway US (Good Future)

Metal Sonic Medley

Chao Garden/My Dream (NiGHTS) Mix

Memory Forest (NiGHTS)

D'Force Master (NiGHTS)/Grace & Glory (JSR) Mix


I suck at making music though, so odds are that maybe one of these will get done, and odds are the quality will be meh at best.  But hey, it's something.

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Orite, pinned the topic now!


Was gonna say something sorta related though. Could we have someone finish putting up the last 2 discs of last year's album on Youtube already? It's been an enormous gap since the last batch and frustrates me how close it is yet not getting anywhere, XD. I hope this next year's is all ready to go by release or close to with this album.


I'm not sure if I'll be able to yet, but I kinda promised myself this year I'd get back into drawing a lot more, and making it a personal goal to be good enough to at least submit a somewhat passible album art work for this would be cool, so I might try that as well if I'm allowed to.

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[ORIGINAL] Sonic & Megaman vs The Docs! 


And there's my second submission. An original at it too! It's inspired by the Sonic X Megaman Archie Crossover. 


A problem is I'm not sure if this is allowed. It's an original that sounds like a crossover between Sonic and Megaman and it's based on the comics soooooooo.... yeah.


It's a bit of an old version, I'll send Jeff the new version soon.

Edited by Faseeh

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My Drum & Bass remix of Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure DX.


Originally, this was supposed to be a deadmau5-ish Progressive House remix. I had a thought of speeding the song up, so I kicked the BPM up to 175. Well considering that I don't do House a lot and Drum & Bass more, I decided to keep the BPM and changed some bits (Mostly the drums).


I have the preview of the House version and the Dubstep version, if someone would like to listen to them.




p.s. The artist name in the MP3 tag is SEGA, maybe someone needs to change it... I can't upload it again, my internet is too slow to upload 5 Mb+ stuffs...)

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Alrighty. I believe I've got everyone's submissions up 'til now. So, while I've got your attention, just making a slight update to the rules in order to address a problem that's been raised.


Track limit has been raised to five - and this includes collaborations. With cases like Broken Helix and Ample Renitence/Alien.Renegade who are set on working together, the former rule would've been unfair for them and would've hindered their contributions to the overall final product. So that's been changed!


Everyone gets an extra track to work with, and collabs all around. 


Go nuts, guys!


If there are any questions still, don't hesitate to PM me... but I might have to clear up my inbox first.

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To be honest, my concern is less about having too little slots - quite the opposite really.

I bet the copyrights to the entirety of Can of Nothing: Project Flash that I won't be able to finish a single remix for this album. (nahnotreallyIdon'twagermymusiconsillybets)

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