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Will Episode Metal for IOS get a fix?

Super Sonic 7

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I've been wanting to play this for months, but it always crashes before the star post no matter what I do (restart, delete app, change device, etc). Is there a way to fix this, or de we have to depend on Sega? Most reviews already mention this flaw on the App Store, but Sega seems to turn a blind eye. I actually enjoyed Episode 2.

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SEGA CS is complete BS.


I had issues with the game (Episode 2) under iPhone 4 and they kept toying with me. First they made it sound like it was a problem on my side. Suggested me to redownload, close app, turn off, hard reset, etc.


Came back and told them none of them worked. As soon as I did, they magically found out there was an issue with the game under iPhone 4. But an update will come out soon, so don't worry, right?


Oh, the update adds some advertisements. DID IT FIX YOUR GAME?




"Go get a refund"


thx saga



But yeah, SEGA is pretty crappy at getting fixes out.

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I can't play episode Metsl past the first (or second) warp pipe thing in mad Gear Act 1. It's really annoying, I'd love to finish it but it just won't work :/

Sonic 4 isn't great by any means but I like to actually complete it fully!

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This issue literally just got fixed for me when I downloaded the latest update (update states that it adds iPhone 5 support - presumably for the wide screen). Since the update, Episode Metal, now works on my iPhone and my iPad Mini.

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