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SegaSonic Art: What It Is, What It Isn't, and What It Can Be!

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The bottom picture looks so off on so many tangents


- Where's the cohesiveness of his cranial spines with the back of his skull? Sonic's bottom-right cranial quill is supposed to be...'in-line' with his muzzle. In this image, the quill above it isn't directly above the one below it.


- He only one back-spine. Sonic has two. They also aren't that curved.


- His arm is bulging where it connects to his body. Sonic's arms go very thin where they connect to his body.


- Nose is miniscule and very short. Sonic's nose is a bit long, which is an anatomy trait shared with the other two male Hedgehog's in the series.




- Very small stomach area, prominent chest. Whilst Sonic does have a discernible 'break' between his ribs and stomach, it's not particularly prominent;





- Tiny, very short tail.


Defining bone structure and/or musculature in great detail just looks squicky to me on Sonic characters :o

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I warned you I was going to do this (sorta):

The typical center mass of a character tends to be an inverted triangle or candy corn shape

Apart from certain outliers (Knuckles, the Werehog) I typically don't see this, apart from that oft posted Unleashed render that I never thought looked any good (you know the one).  I tried to figure out why for a while now but I think that's actually it. 

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