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Nice work man :)


Sounds like what Shadow the Hedgehog would be if done right, and I like how you are implementing elements from other games in the series (Emerald Beach from Battle, cameos from Sonic and company).  Will look forward to your future work with this comic; good luck biggrin.png.

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Thanks so much, guys! : ) @ R~K64, I'm glad someone picked up on that!

This is gonna go on for a while. The whole thing has been drawn, and I'm catching up on the coloring during the week. No problems or delays so far.


Anyway, here's some more:



Week 3:


Page 7:



Page 8:



Page 9:





All caught up now, and getting to the main storyline. Since it's Friday, there will be a new page later today~ biggrin.png

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Nice work! Few comics bother with an actual plot like that, but you pull it off great so far. Everyone seems in character, the story told by the comic is interesting and the art looks really good, too. Great job, keep up the good work. :)

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Not bad! Interesting premise for a comic, it has definitely got my attention. I like the bit of dialogue for Shadow as well, seems more in character than most comics about him. Looking forward to seeing how the story progresses!

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Thank you knucklesgirl~ : DD


Time for another weekly update~



Page 19:


Page 19! Now this one might look a little different compared to the rest.
This and the next page were actually the first ones I colored. I did it as a test while I was still sketching the others.


Page 20:



Page 21:



Comments plz? :3

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It's Sunday, so that means it's time for me to upload some more pages. biggrin.png Comments would be great, as always.



Page 22. Shadow's stuck. o,o



Page 23. For the record, the Shadow in my stories doesn't need to sleep, but he chooses to do it anyway half the time, staying on Maria's beanbag next to her bed. x3 Because cute.



Page 24... someone's starting to crumble. To be continued Friday or Sunday~

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