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Nintendo Direct - Wii U/3DS [August 7, 7AM PT/4PM CEST]

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FUCKING NINTENDO! Pokemon Rumble U has Skylanders-style figures! At least they are not mandatory.

This was confirmed like.. a year ago lol. Wasn't it obvious?


At least there's only 18.

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Well. There was really nothing worth seeing in the European livestream, just a bunch of release dates and a some new footage of Sonic Lost World. No new info on Pokemon X/Y or Super Mario 3D World, also Nintendo, releasing a 10 year old game in HD still doesn't warrant a £45 price tag.


Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney is coming to Europe. Also TW101 Direct will come on 4pm this Friday.

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Overall, it was a good direct. Wasn't expecting anything super surprising, so this is fine with me. I was happy that I saw more on Sonic Lost World, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies and the two Zelda titles Glad to see some screens of Luigi in the new Smash Bros. I do like the new Animal Crossing Plaza though. I will boot that up as soon as I finish a few things around the house.


Also, I'm really looking forward to Art Academy: Sketchpad. I love drawing on the MiiVerse and I'm already familiar with how Art Academy works, so I'll be ready to do this on August 9th. What I'm really waiting for though, this that Art Academy Wii U title! Seriously, Art Academy is a wonderful game for anyone wants to improve their art skills or for an artist who just want to learn more. Really recommend Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! on the 3DS in the mean time.


And of course, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright... This was more of a "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!" than a surprise for me. Glad to see that a it officially has a localization confirmation now. Can't not wait to get this!



I missed the Animal crossing Plaza bit, what was it about? I only know its for the Wii U, but is it some sort of app?

It's an app for the WaraWara Plaza on the Wii U. It allows you to share your customizations from New leaf onto the Wii U. Also, you can select your favorite character, keep updates in events in AC and the AC WIi U community

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