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Questions Time!

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Alright ladies and gents, it's time for our last event. It's all come down to this....the questions round.

Each competitor has been given 1 unique question that they must answer. They will also be introducing themselves to us this round.

Remember we're looking for creativity and originality in your answers, so keep that in mind as you bedazzle us with your minds!

Also I would like to state there was an error in the PMs I sent you saying that this topic was going to be locked Saturday. It is actually going to go until sometime on Sunday, after which I will be locking it to allow the judges time to look over the entries and score you.

Remember also the format for this post should be your introductions (the exact same ones you sent me, I will be checking for this), the question I sent you in quote tags, and then your answer to said question.

Good luck in the final stretches competitors! Remember that soon one of you will be our champion!

Edit: Please note that I will not be sending out anymore questions to you unless you had already given me your intro and I forgot to pm you your question. I'm sorry but I stated in the talent competition thread and the original PM I needed them, so unfortunitely by now not sending them to me means you are disqualified.

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El Gran Gordo.

The man. The mystery. The mustache.

A fan of Eggman and characters of similar ilk, Gordo is a pretty laid-back, fun-loving guy. So laid back, in fact, that he'll pass on elaborating any further. (It's totally not because he has a headache)

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?

I see my mustache.

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Coming from the not so awesome town of Hastings in the United Kingdom. The music loving, dance machine, red bull addicted DJ Dan D!

How will you make a difference in this world?

Pfft...Do I really have to, Isn't sitting around doing nothing making a difference?

It means I don't have to do much :D

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Born and Raised in the Middle of Vienna, This Contestend enjoy's The simple things in Life Like, Playing Videogames,Sleeping or Simply watching his Favourite show's, Alway's Looking for His Next Lunch.

Mr Beowolf Join'sThe Brawl The Mr =SSMB= Contest.

What does love mean to you?

To quote HK-47, The arguable Greatest Robot ever:

Definition: 'Love' is making a shot to the knees of a target 120 kilometers away using an Aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.

Statement: This definition, I am told, is subject to interpretation. Obviously, love is a matter of odds. Not many meatbags could make such a shot, and fewer would derive love from it. Yet for me, love is knowing your target, putting them in your targeting reticle, and together, achieving a singular purpose, against statistically long odds.

Edited by Mr Beowolf

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"From the utmost extreme bowels of what can only be described as the single most complex location on the planet, this contestant holds no awards or favourable notations to his name besides the hat on his head and the that he (rarely) shaves. Perhaps this could be a chance for a hobo to win something more than a kick to the nuts in the park?"

What you think the world will be like one hundred years from now?

The world as we know is a confusing one. Some would say that we live in a world where you can't walk out of your house without being in threat, but some would say that we are at the pinnacle of modern inventions and technological advancements. If we continue this road 100 years, what will it be like? Well, that's a hard questions to answer, and it all depends on where in the world you stand at the moment, and what side of the argument you're on.

Some would probably believe that in 100 years, we'll have created such a corrupt world that most of us will have committed mass suicide, just to get away from the hell that we created. Others will believe we'll live in the world of the flying car, and mobile phones that can wash your shoes, polish your card, record Friends on T4, fax your tax returns and kill yourself in your sleep.

Truth is - I believe we will create hell on earth, due to those technology advancements. I predict that we will create technologies that will modify who we are and how we think - remember theories of "learning machines"? Remember the concept of "body part replacement"? Now imagine a world where if you want to taller, more muscular, or even look like Brad Pitt, you can do just that. We will have technology to turn a human into a war machine. War will change. Soldiers who really want to impress Jesus can become suicide-bombers of what then could only be hoped to be a forgotten age, though will in reality be the pinnacle of the age of death.

So... What will the world be like in 100 years? Ever needed to go to the toilet so bad that you couldn't hold it anymore and you soiled yourself? The world will make us feel like that at all times. Like mistakes.

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This man hates long walks on the beach, flowers, or paying for expensive dinners. Exepnsive toys, now that's a different matter.

Frobman has hailed from different places, but at the moment, he resides in Bath. He's a guy who enjoys the finer things in life: Cartoons, games, comic books and toy collecting. He apparantly has the knack for drawing comics and animating things on a low budget, with a quirky sense of humour (or so what people say), and will one day want do all that proffesionaly. Oh yeah, he's kinda weird, too!

What has been one life-changing experience in your life?

Oh, there was this one time, when I was with a few friends in El Paso, and I found this Blue Scarab on the floor. Next thing I knew, it got imbedded into my spine, a guy named Booster Gold took me with him to fight against these weird aliens alongside Batman and Green Arrow. Some mishaps happened, and what I thought was a few hours, ended up being a year. Since then...

Wait a minute, I'm recalling the 3rd Blue Beetle's origin story! Lemme start that again!

In a less exciting manner, I say it's when I left school for college. Since then, I didn't have to deal with all those jerkwads in school, nor do I have to study for stuff I didn't want to spend time on. Became an ounce happier, and since then had a more active internet life and meeting more people online who I could actually connect to. Though I can be miserable at times, at least I'm not that miserable anymore.

That's it. Still... having superpowers or even an armour suit to talk to wouldn't be so bad.

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He is a man of cessation action.

He is a man of reproach honour.

He is a man of disregard duty.

Hailing from the South-East England-land, with absolutely no more love for the world than his arms can hold, and with REAL cat features*...

Here comes DR. TR- I mean HOW'D WYDE!!

*They are absolutely real. We promise.

If you won a million dollars, how would you spend it?

...Well how on earth can I? It's dollars! And I live in England! Which uses Pounds Sterling!

Bah. Even if I could be bothered to go through the lengthy process of making sure every penny was exchanged into the right currency (it's a lot of money, it'd likely take many trips) I'd probably just throw out most of it to whatever charities catch my eye. I don't need that much to buy what few simple life pleasures I want, such as various games, clothes etc. About £50,000 should be just enough to get everything I'd ever want ever. ^^

And no you wouldn't have any. MINE

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I hail from Liverpool, England. The home of the Beatles and one of the world's greatest football teams. I love playing video games, reading books, and writing stories. I'm doing this purely for fun and to see if I can become the youngest ever Mr. =SSMB= for a while.

What do you stand for?

I stand for world domination, a good Sonic game based upon myself, statues of myself to be built-

HEY! Eggman! Stop answering questions using my account. All I stand for is for better things for the rainforest, world peace and- oh the heck with it! I stand to become a famous actor, become a millionaire in order to buy SEGA and make them make E-123 Omega the video game, and the imprisonment of all Amy Rose fans! I HATE that hedgehog! And no, that wasn't Eggman.

Line stealer!

Edited by Fairfieldfencer

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"Introducing our next contestant, that crazy member from the USA, the flamming jokester- the sizzlin' "lawl" machine, It's the one- the only- Hot-headed Smart-ass himself, Inferno!"

Are you a role model? Why or why not?

*Puts on fancy robe, fake reading glasses, and fez* *smokes fancy pipe*

*Takes out world peace speech, only to find it ripped and illegible*

*"Uh oh, looks like I'm gonna have to answer this one on the fly..."*

*Pulls collar*

*Cough*- *Ahem* I like to think so, even though I do alot of questionable things, but then again, who doesn't? People who look up to me, if they see my mistakes, then they know how not to do something, thereby learning in the process, so yeah I guess I see myself as a role model. That, is my answer.

Also, Antidisestablishmentarianism, That is all.

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This kitsune belives that a good time can be found anywhere if you know where to look. Just don't ask him to have a good time taking out the trash... Turn-ons include politics, heavy metal and Motown music, and tomato and extra cheese pizza. Turn-offs include inspirational, pop, and country music, compound fractures, and hits to the crotch. Say hello to Biafra Kahlua Republic

Alright time to crack open my question...

Do you consider yourself a boy or a man?

I consider myself a man, albeit an overly excitable one. 'Nuff said.

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Alrighty then, prepare for cheese:

Whether it's the loud epic wailing of hair metal riffs from his guitar,

the thundering roar of the small block Chevy hiding away in his 72 Monte Carlo,

or just abusing his right to type by spamming SSMB with visions from 25 years back

and chopped up pictures of people with retarded green gumballs,

Stuart TwentyThree is always out to make himself heard.

He's a man who has lost track of the time since 1989.

He's not aware that time has flown by 20 years and changed since

then. "Nirvana who?"

I really don't say that much unless I want to start a discussion

or somebody addresses me. But when I do, I have a LOT to say.

I'm a nice guy who's never out to start no fight. And try to break one

up if one is found. "I don't like confrontations!"-Rex on Toy Story

I'm also a certified mechanic. When my car breaks down on the side

of the road, I don't have to wait on Triple A to come pick me up, cause

I can fix my own self.

So why would he join a Sonic forum?

Seriously! If all I talk about is Rock and Roll,cars, and 80s crap,

why didn't I join a metal forum or a Chevy message board?

Cause Sonic means something to me.

I grew up playing the Genesis games,SA2, and SA1.

And I never missed an episode of Sonic Underground (go ahead and laugh)

The show as a Sonic show was kinda dumb. But the concept of it

is what drawed my attention.

Just the idea of "Sonic is a rockstar in a metal band with a punk and an 80s hair chick"

made me wanna watch it everyday.

I'm not one of those Drummond/Griffith guys. I personally

liked Jaleel White but I think BOTH Ryan and Jason are very talented.

(Course I'd dump em all if Sonicd00d3 would voice Sonic.LOL)

Why the HELL should I be Mr. SSMB

To bring a whole new meaning to the phrase Masculinity.

To show the world that Rock and Roll ALWAYS wins!

I am the most manly person on this whole board (yeah...right)

I haz job,I haz car,I haz looks, and I am the guy to turn to whenever music

is the topic of the day.

I'm the ONLY reason anyone ever brings up Sonic Underground! (really! I checked!)

But I can do OTHER things BESIDES talk about 80s and SU.

I can talk to people. Help them with their problems.

And no matter what the matter is, even if the whole world is coming to an end,

I'll find a way to make light of it and make it humorous.



Miss Pelly, you and the others don't HAVE to vote for me.

You don't even to read this crap above you all the way through. I've never won

a thing in my life aside from a video game and I'm pretty dern

sure I won't win this.

But if ya'll would just consider this old country boy, I'd be down right pleased.

Ya'll have a Good'n! DOKKEN RULES!!!

Yep. That was my intro. Can you say "Suck-Up"?

Well here's mah question:

What is your definition of success?

*sits down*

Kids, Success is a lot of things.

It's NOT necessarily making lots of money like most people think.


It's getting the lead over everyone else.

It's standing out in front of a large crowd.

It's getting BOTH your anthem AND your Ballad played on MTV.

It's that feeling you get from finishing your work for the day.

It's posting an EPIC WIN on a forum in the form of a cropped up picture,

funny joke,video, or overused youtube meme. MAH BOI's

Also, Antidisestablishmentarianism, That is all.

It's stealing other people's quotes for your own lulz!

It's being able to wake up in the morning and tell yourself:

"I'm better than somebody" LOL

IMHO, it's also finding the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm a Christian you see.

There's not a better feeling in he world than knowing that there's something

beyond this life, and no matter how crappy or unloved you feel, there's someone

that still cares about you.

I know that sounds cheesy, but I believe it. And I think it gives me this feeling of success.

I'm Stuart Twentythree. Those is MAH thoughts and I'm sticking to 'em.


Edited by Stuart Twentythree

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Thanks for accepting me. Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Major Ziggy Shadow-Dust, a shadow-wolf from the good ol' Norn Iron with a passion for chasing trains with cameras and doing an awful lot of walking when I suddenly come over all bored. Origins of the name are David Bowie's most famous alter-ego Ziggy Stardust, and Sonic's rival Shadow The Hedgehog.

No food can be any better than curry, and no drink can be any better than Dr. Pepper. You want someone to talk about trains, David Bowie, Pet Shop Boys, Sonic The Hedgehog and other useless crap to, that's me. Major Ziggy. Tally ho!!!

~Ziggy :D

Do you believe that everyone is a winner? Why or why not?

Yep. Everyone's a winner. Why? It's the not the winning that matters. It's not so much the taking part. It's more of the fun and community that competitions bring. Seeing what other people had done in each competition shows how good they are, or how bad but whatever. It's fun to look at and fun to watch, and great to see others having fun too.

If everyone enjoyed it, that's all that matters. As a result, everyone is a winner. :D

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Personal Description:

'Into the bin went another description of Connor. The annoying, tantalisingly clever one with Scottish origins, who is ultimately and chronically obsessed with Sonic; just couldn’t find any words to describe himself. Oh wait…he just did.'

Oh dear, that is not funny is it? :lol:

My Question:

What are your life goals?

I had a life goal once. It was to know everything. And I think I have achieved that, because I know everything. But then again, that's not true. And I know that! Because I know everything.

But of course one may have to delve into the subject of: What is a life goal? A temprement of desire, or a constant dertermination flowing through your very veins?

I don't really believe to well that I have any "life goals". There is the highly generic stuff such as 'live as happy as it is to fucking be', 'live in a massive mansion with a it's own cinema and pool and jaccuzi and...etc.' but nothing to cut above the usual cliches of desires.

But a goal is usually seen as an action, less of overall personal feelings or mediums. So if we are thinking in those terms, then I think a goal of 'Getting a really fit boyfriend FTW', or 'Writtin' an amazing book that will make everyone think i'm cool yer' is appropriate.

So in conclusion, I think my final goal shall be to be successful; in all my endevours, however crazy, manic, delusional, extraordinarily stupid, demented, deluded, utterly freakish, strange, uncomprehendable, unbelievable, radioactive, sonic based, dangerous, unthinkable, Connor-Murphy-like in other words, they are.

Thank you, and good night! :)

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Hej. You might know me, as I've been in the community since 2005. My name is Vasco (kudos to you if you can pronounce it correctly) and I'm a 19 year-old university student from a country you really are not interested in. I've been a Sonic fan since I was a little kid, thanks to the original Mega-Drive title and the Game Gear games.

I'm also a huge Eurovision fan (and I know most of the forum doesn't know what it is) so one way or another I'm gonna use it for this competition. Speaking about music, my favourite music styles are Pop, Dance, Folk, and Schlager. My favourite band is the B-52's (if you don't know who I'm talking about, shame on you).

And I'm also a language freak. I want to learn as many languages as possible throughout my life. I'd also like to teach them, but that's still a long shot.

Other than that, I have no artistic talents whatsoever. I can't sing (but I love it), I can't dance (same), I can't play instruments, I can't draw. So what am I doing in this pageant? Having fun, that is. I'm very curious about the whole thing, particularly the question round. And of course, wishing good luck to the others. I'll try not too be too awful! ;D

What is the worst thing that could happen to you?

Oh cool, I got an easy one x). I've thought this over and over again in the past, and my short answer would be: to live (and die) alone.

Elaborating a little, I'm not the most social guy (but I've worked that out in the last couple of years, what with working and getting in touch with people) but I do value my friends & family. It is something that has always worried me, to be one of those people who live on their own, going from home to work, and back, doing nothing else, talking to nobody. I've literally had nightmares about it. I understand some people can do very well alone, but that's not my case. And though I enjoy doing a lot of things on my own [masturbation innuendo goes here] I couldn't imagine my life like that. I have difficulty getting in relationships and mantaining them, but I've figured I'm still too young to be excessively worried about that; I have priorities, namely doing my studies and learning my languages.

My #2 fear is Eurovision being cancelled. But there's no way the Best TV show in the whole wide world can go away just like that.

Well that's basically it.

Edited by Vasco

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A man that has already explored some of the dumbest regions of the internet known to man; Tombi is now taking it back to simpler times by conversing with his own kind. Up until now he was never one to sensationalise himself for the sake of a contest, but because the fine men and women of the =SSMB= need entertainment, Tombi will provide it.

Tombi has already made quite an impression for himself with his various =SSMB= posts, which often show his stunning intellect, his quirky sense of humour, and his charming wit all in one fell swoop of fun. Tombi never becomes too hostile and always tries to spread both the happiness and the common sense with his posts; keeping his head in even the most bitter arguments. Nobody hates Tombi.

Now onto his enemies, Tombi has twenty-five different locks on his door and a variety of very bright weapons to help parry away any angry =SSMB= users. Tombi’s e-life was full of flowers and sunshine until one day he took part in a few gumball-related jokes that quickly snowballed to temporarily take over brain after brain of almost every =SSMB=’er. Nowadays those jokes are old and Tombi has been almost entirely forgiven for his large involvement, but because of his funnyman nature he hasn’t shied away from producing pictures of similar ridiculous concepts and adding a few more locks just in case.

When not on the =SSMB=; Tombi enjoys video games, acting, dogs, tea (along with something to eat) and various other pastimes. Because of the nature of the Mr. =SSMB= contest - Tombi has also been working on sharpening up his manliness even more, making him to first =SSMB='er to drink tea and look very macho whilst doing it. Even though Tombi has never had the most expendable time of the SSMB members, he still always makes sure there’s enough of him for everyone.

Tombi would like to be your Mr. =SSMB= because he is an everyday man that thinks about things rationally and potentially before saying them or even thinking them; so he always makes sure that he thinks about thinking about things before doing them, but never thinks enough to get confused. Tombi will not make mistakes when representing =SSMB=, and will guide his loyal followers potential voters to make the right choice; who of course in the very humble opinion of Tombi could be anyone. :P

Now onto the question:

What is the best thing about living in the 21st Century?

Without a shadow of a doubt; the more easy-going society compared to past centuries. By that I'm pretty much entirely referring to the mankini I wore last week and the positive accolades I got for wearing it, as opposed to the repeated gunshots that may have darted my way had it not been really sunny, understandable and current. I also enjoy the advancements in technology - as I can now listen to music on the go without worrying about jilting a CD out of place because of too much hip movement. The internet has come a really long way too, and I like that I actually have enough common sense to use it effectively without getting myself into bad situations - something I definitely couldn't have done before the 21st century.

More than anything though; I enjoy seeing where my life is going for better or for worse, and thinking about how different some things become in only ten years. Something I haven't enjoyed that has been particularly prevelant since this century began is all the "THE WORLD IS GONNA END!" stuff that seems to never end itself, but once you get past that - the 21st century has been quite good and quite impactful, albeit a bit slow-paced in places.

Oh yeah, and the =SSMB= arrived in the 21st century too, and that place is awesome! :P [/kissass]

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Flying in from Knothole Village in... uh... Weston-super-Mud, England, this feisty fox is into aviation, computers, mass debating (careful now!) and collecting more Sonic stuff than you! This contestant is absolutely dedicated to the =SSMB= forums, and equally dedicated to the Sonic franchise, even sporting a nifty two-tailed tattoo. With a firm belief that brains are better than brawn, and that bi-planes are better than ANYTHING... it's Flyboy Fox!

What is the biggest challenge to young people today?

The biggest challenge facing young people today is the culture of entitlement. Every child has, at one time or another, said "Well, I didn't ask to be born!" in a fit of temper, but unfortunately the mentality of shifting blame has become so deeply ingrained into youth culture that it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to take control of their own lives.

A common misconception is that every person has the inalienable right to be happy, all the time. The fact is that we all have the right to pursue happiness, but it simply isn't possible for us to be gratified every moment of every day without giving anything back in return. Happiness and pleasure are things that we need to earn, not things that we have an automatic right to just because we exist.

We live in a culture where feeling anything less than stellar all the time is considered 'depression'. We are not content to simply be 'alright'. We are on the constant search for another high, and we become bored far too easily. We have forgotten that the good things in our lives are not rights but privilages, and we have forgotten to be thankful for them. Instead, many of us take our good fortune for granted and then live unhappy lives because we continue to feel unsatisfied.

Young people have set glass ceilings for themselves because many of them do not feel that they should have to try. Then they become disappointed when doorways close to them because they simply did not take the initiative.

However, in spite of this, there are many young people out there who tackle this challenge head on. Some of the bravest and most successful people in the world are young people who have stood up to say "I will not take life for granted. I will give, and as I give, I will receive, and the world - if only for me and the few others I touch - will be a better place".

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From way up north, a creature of the night, a beast with an axe and on occasion, a bucket on his head. Half Man, half Machine, Bits and pieces of things unseen, identifiable by only the sound of crazy melodies and strange screeching feedback noises... I don't really know what the hell it is, all I know is it's insane, and it calls itself Yusuke.

At what point does a boy become a man?

A boy becomes a man when he first finds his parents' guitar world magazines that they hid for safe keeping under the bed. He'd stay up and read those ad-filled magazines until his eyes bled or quit on him, and then he'd beg for a guitar and or borrow from a friend, and play it until his fingers bled. By the time he's so good that he's ready for a band, he'd have no more blood to bleed, thus leaving the expert guitar playing to the robots, like me and Buckethead.

See, us robots? We don't have any problems making insane stretches. We can go from the green button all the way to the yellow one and back in less than half a millisecond and still FC songs! It's --wait, that's Guitar Hero. Well, we can play the notes that are hidden underneath big rock endings with ease--- wait, that's Rockband. The guitar grip doesn't kill our wrists--wait, that's DS Guitar Hero.

We don't need whammy bars, we have whammy pedals. Real men (and robots) use whammy pedals. Whammy bars are for boys. Boys think it's fun to grab their whammy bars and shake violently, making the strangest noises, like dying cat sounds, and motorcycle sounds. But a real man would rather put all his weight onto a pedal and make those same noises, with a band behind him!

Also, a Woman becomes a man when she joins a metal group like Abnormality. Otherwise, a Girl is always a Girl, and a Woman's always kicking the robots' asses at seemingly everything else.

=D Attention passengers, there will be a joke flying over your head at around 30,000 ft., please buckle in for possible turbulence.

Edited by Yusuke

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In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground was where I spent most of my days, chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool and all shootin some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood, I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, she said 'You're movin' with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air'

Sorry, I just had to do that. Now onto the real entry:

From the overly covered in ocean land of hoenn, the flaming chicken, who isnt the kind which you put in your cooker, who likes to do nothing more than kick things and then burn them to the ground, its Blaziken!

Do you consider yourself to be a giver or a taker? Why?

I would say I'm neither because I'm completely and utterly unlikeable probably a giver because if I wasnt then noone would take me...and they still havent...

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Far up in the chilly north, in the icy lands of Norway, lives Niz. He is a strange Raichu that is not too fond of high temperatures, though despite popular belief, neither does he love icy cold bathes. He lives in a tiny pokeball, although he wants to assure you that it is perfectly comfy inside. He loves the colour yellow, it has become too much of an obsession. He would definitely have gone paint the entire world yellow if he would have the power to do so.

Niz is friendly to everyone he meets, and he loves to help out where- and whenever he possibly can. If there would be something to mention about what he hates, that would have to be fish and other kinds of seafood.

What is the greatest challenge facing young men today?

Having random erections in class (or public) during puberty. =O


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"From the hot wastelands of the sagebrush invested valleys of Washington state lies one boy, no, one MAN with the only power known to mankind capable of fucking the ear pussies of the world with his gallant tunes. This man is known as: BLUR."

When do you feel the most like yourself?

I can safely say I feel the most like myself when searching through the Sonic Stadium Message Boards. The adventure I undergo by hacking through the thick jungle of useless topics to find the one "Gold Gem Of Interesting Discussion" is the best way to capture my natural nack of adventuring with out getting up on a daily basis.

That, and masturbating.


Edited by Blur

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From the tropical locale of Yoshi's Island (Allegedly.), this contestant believes in putting his priority forward but always makes time to live his life to the fullest! Whether it's playing soccer, cooking, goofing around friends (On and off the computer screen.) or exploring different artistic mediums! He's here to paint this blue site green, it's... d%r 00000000 /:1 12222333... The requested URL /video/ was not found on this server. Way to go, genius!

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request due pizza grease on keyboard. *Refresh page.* YoshiUnity!

If you can be the leader of your country for one day, what would you do?

Holy Crap... Alright, no sweat! I've got this!

Okay, as we all know, there are problems going on these days that can't be fixed in a day. The economy, healthcare and etc. However, I can provide movements and legalize actions for a day. In turn, helping the future if it keeps up.

But first things, first. I would check my forehead for any unwanted red dots. Also, everyone around me would be thoroughly checked as well. *Straps on the white glove.* Even if I had to do it myself, and I always keep my graduation ring on. I know it's only for a day, but it only takes a second to drink wine with Jesus.

Equal rights! I'll have it to where everyone will be treated equally when it comes to jobs, rewards and punishment. It has been stated many times that we are equal in America, but I have a hard time seeing it at times and I have twenty-twenty vision.

The legalization of marijuana. (DON'T CLICK THAT BACK BUTTON! HEAR ME OUT!) Like former cases of alcohol, the reason for the most of the crimes on this drug is because it's illegal. it's has been proven to not be as harmful as people make it out to be, but becomes too loose because people use a ton of it. Once again, like alcohol, age limits, perimeters and legal amounts would be established. (And Hey, if you don't believe me, let's make alcohol illegal again. See what happens when you ask your boss for the next day off!)

One thing that can also be address is food for the hungry, clothes for the unfortunate. Everyday each American each eat some type of food, with a 45% chance of it actually being healthy instead of Bert's bucket of Grease and Cheese. (Guarantee to give you cardiac arrest or your money back.) Same goes with old clothes, wearing them even when they become too big or too small.

I'll have to keep certain things secrets though. I mean, it may be for one day, but the government can find me in an minute! I wouldn't be able to say anything about Area 51. So sorry if Facehuggers leave you with unwanted newborns or if E.T. lures kids down a dark alley promising candy and funny stories. Instead on blaming it on other countries for space exploration or oil, I'll just tell you that they don't exist. Their having tea with Bigfoot in Lalaland. Also, not at anytime we're the military branches affiliated with any Metal Gear projects.

And for the last time... NATIONAL TREASURE IS FAKE! If I catch anyone dropping lemon juice on the Declaration of Independence, they'll pay big with heavy manual labor! Manual... *Kisses right fist.* and Labor. *Kisses left fist.*

What will you say when you have to address the nation?


My fellow Americans: Even though it's only for a day... I, YoshiUnity, am proud to be elected the President of this great nation. *sneeze* (Excuse me.)

As I stand here today, let my term in office not be remembered for being the shortest term, but the most prospering. For it will not be just from my words, because I do not belief in giving out false promises. I can't can give you the moon... I can't promise that the economy will be fixed tomorrow... But what I can promise- no, guarantee to each and everyone of you today; is that if we can come together, United as our nation's name is stated... We came walk into a future where even a man who as hidden rock bottom, can lift himself up and set himself right, without asking others.

For today and everyday afterward, I ask that all of us: Man, Woman... Majority, Minority... Heterosexual, Homosexual... to treat your neighbors, as different as you may believe they are, like you would treat those that you're tolerant towards. For all of us that have not committed a crime... and those who have but are sincere to change... We all live our lives with goals... Dreams... To marry and have a family... To defend this nation when were under attack. We may have different ways in which we live our lives, but we are all equal, one and the same despite one what stereotypical slither though the ashes. If you work hard, you deserve the proper pay for your services. If you lay around all day, to deserve the proper pay for your services. If you purposely kill an innocent person, you'll receive a proper debt for your services!

Also, I'm not a smoking man. You can ask my family, every time they smoke in the house, I always walk onto the front porch to read my graphics novels. But it has come to my attention that with marijuana being illegal, it might be more trouble than it's worth. Crimes left and right are committed, because of a simple leaf. Well as alcohol was illegal once, as of today, marijuana is here by legal! I know that this may be uncomfortable for some. As shown with the legalization of alcohol, while crime still occurs, it has dropped greatly form what it used to be. It progress like that that may help keep everyone of you safer each day. Rest assured, age limits, legal amounts will be enforced!

Now as a Nation, there one thing that we can all agree on, we love to eat! I have a weakness for mangoes myself. I would the fruit clean off the pit. Now if that pit, I could plant it and have more mangoes. From the batch, each pit would give another batch and so forth. Plenty to share with friends, sell on markets or especially, giving it to an unfortunate homeless individual who may have not had a good meal in years. So I'll ask this, for whatever healthy snack you eat, if it bares a seed, take that one seed or as many as you like and plant it in your backyard, on and open field. Even after my term is up, that seed will grow and plant providing plenty of food your you and for these homeless men and women. As well as clothes the you don't wear anymore!

Men, if your pants are too big where you hanging off your knees, it's time to let them go! Same with girls with skimpy shirts that looks like bras! instead of wearing those clothes, trying to get every bit of worth from them, gather them and give them away, don't wear them ragged for throw them away. While you might not have any use for the outfit anymore, there's always someone who does!

It doesn't take a genius to understand that we're in hard times, especially with the economy. Men and women are constantly losing their jobs even if they're excelling in their placements, homes are lost and it only takes one bad idea to bankrupt an entire company these days. I had enough of it, I want it to stop as much as each and everyone of you. We'll work hard and continue to do so! People are in need, we'll provide new jobs. As our nation evolves, the growth will continue. We'll restore forgotten neighborhoods, filling every pothole and crack. Using alternative fuel to power electricity each block. We smart and strong people who has went through years of research. I'm confident that there's isn't a thing that we can't discover! From what we learned from science alone, chemistry can give a positive outcome for new technology to look into better solution for the quality of healthcare.

This will not be resolve in my term, for it's only a day. It will not be resolved in a week, or maybe a year. As I said, I'm will be a firm and honest leader. But if what I presented today, starting with us coming together as a nation, it can provide an much better outcome for our future. Let it be known, the one day can make a difference. Thank you.


And with that, I... am... outta here!

Edited by YoshiUnity

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Armed to the teeth with Knives, Pistols, Machine guns, Tanks, Mechs, ICMBs, Ninjas and every muthaf*cking weapon you could ever think of comes SSMB's Local Mercenary. A man who keeps his cool even in the heat of battle, an is in and out before you can blink your eye.

You know him, you love him (or hate him...as if he cares), say hello to CSS!

What do you want to prove in life?

That it really is a bitch. The biggest, hypocritical, most manipulative bitch you will ever know.

Lots of bad stuff happen to us that we feel we don't deserve, and a lot of times we really don't, but like I said: life's a bitch.


-What about that girl who says she's looking for a nice, charming guy, but despite you feeling like you're that guy she ends up with someone completely the opposite: rude, brutish, and inconsiderate?

-What about that guy you had you're eye on says he's looking for a cute girl, but instead of you he goes for some manipulative diva who is 10,000 leagues of a bitch to everyone else and that same guy?

-That promotion you busted your ass off to get, and despite you working for 3 years at a job, it ends up going to someone who's there for 1 year and with less experience than you?

-What about someone who lose their life because some crazy guy went nuts in the area...or because someone hired a hitman to do you off despite them not trying to harm anyone?

-What about the bastards who wiped the old SSMB board off the net and we ended up having to work from scratch on this one?

Yes something feels a need to do something to someone else, especially when it's something hurtful. Why do I want to prove this? I'm a bored man...well that and because someone needs to open folks eyes here.

Now if only I can get folks to listen...:lol:


Now if you'll excuse me, I have a contract killing to make. :ph34r:

Edited by ChaosSupremeSonic

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Alright deadline for getting your stuff in is up, I've sent out scorecards to the judges so they need time to look over your entries.

You still need to PM me votes for Mr. Congeniality....and I'm not above threatening to withhold who the winner of the over-all contest is until I get a certain amount of votes in ;P

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