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Hello guys. I know sonic lost world is not out yet but I want to know. What do think the next game from the sonic unleashed-generations team will be like? I mean, they are probably making some kind of sonic game for ps4 and Xbox One and all that but my question is, what do you think their next game will be like?

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If Sonic Team are keeping up with the trend set by Colours and Generations?


Inhibitingly basic games that in no way, shape or form monopolize on the series' potential and which are filled with uninteresting plots. incompetently-told stories and badly-portrayed characters.


If they take the Lost World approach?


I'm going to have to get back to you on that one since I haven't seen everything the game has to offer and therefore can't comment on it's direction as a whole.

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What I would like the next game to be is Sonic Adventure 3( multiplatform of course), but lord knows if that'll ever happen. There's three options for Sonic Team, depending on how well Lost World is received.


  1. Lost World gets positive reviews. Sonic Team decides to bring the gameplay style back for future games.
  2. Lost World gets mixed/negative reviews. Sonic Team brings the boost formula back(highly unlikely, dear god please don't!)
  3. Lost World gets mixed/negative reviews, Sonic Team goes back to the drawing board and creates another new gameplay style.
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