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What is your "that one level" and why?

Johnny Boy92

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First off, yes, I'm fucking pissed at the time of writing, if you'll excuse my language.


So yeah, the level that you hate with a burning passion. Any Sonic game. For me, it's Security Hall in Adventure 2.


How do they expect us to find three Chaos Emeralds in five minutes? Especially in a level like that, where everything looks exactly the same. Every time you run out of time, the emeralds reset, to completely random positions, and the monitors really don't help. Made worse by Robotnik complaining every two seconds. I still cannot complete that level.


Minor complaints about the level: I hate Rouge's walking animation and the background music. Might be because I've had to listen to it on an infinite loop.


What about you?

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The only level that has particularly made me mad (ignoring bigs story in adventure) would probably be death chamber, not because its difficult but mostly for how poorly its designed, also I never really get the hate for security hall its a pretty easy stage if you ask me and I thought its design was pretty interesting, though its too bad you can't really explore it for long.

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I cannot agree more with you Johnny. That level is a bloody nightmare, and the one reason I've always put off 100%ing SA2. It's a pain in the arse through and through, and it was pure luck that I managed to beat it on the DC. On the Gamecube version, I sat there for 9 fucking years unable to beat that hellhole.

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