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Legosi (Tani Coyote)

Sonic Boom West - Orange, California, September 14th

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Okay I have a computer again thank you God.


Since it hasn't been shared...




That's all y'all are gettin' for now, unfortunately!

On that note, if anyone would like to be part of Sonic Revolution's staff, we're looking for more volunteers for next year. The website isn't live yet but we do have The Facebook page for a start.

Here's a photo of most of attendees this year.


I won the trivia contest too and got a rare UK Sonic paperback novel.

I do hope you enjoyed it! ...I do apologise for mixing the scores up for a moment there. Note to self: we need folks to sit in the order they are on my list next year... and have someone else keep score. That was embarrassing for me!


I've volunteered myself to help put together next year's event. In 5 years time, I want this to be as big as Summer of Sonic!biggrin.png

We're always happy to have more folks on the team, Jason! We appreciate any and all efforts. smile.png


Not going to lie now; I too want to see a fan-run Sonic convention in the U.S. now. With that said, it's probably going to be held in one place/area every year but hey.


...Actually? While the currently-planned Sonic Revolution will be in the California area, we are actually open to helping others set up regional cons in other places. Think several state and city chapters setting up regional conventions each year. Eventually we'd hope for Sonic Revolution to be akin to Comic Con or PAX in terms of naming; it would be a unified brand rather than a single event, so we'd have say, Sonic Revolution Los Angeles, Sonic Revolution Chicago, etc.

My way of thinking is that say, Texas, California, New York, etc. would each be the location of a region's annual convention, supported primarily by the close chapters with networking support (i.e. all important promotion) from more distant ones. Sonic Revolution as a website and a group will be supporting these big conventions as they spread.


Glad to hear that this was a success! I definitely want to come to the next event like this.

The more the merrier. smile.png

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