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Ultimate Super Sonic Stadium Fighter Turbo HD Remix


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I'm gon' do a profile, I'll let Joel represent me even though my personality is nothing like him. im so sorry i did the thing with photoshop once i open it sometimes i cant stop its a problem also sonic 3 font see? ok sorry



Name: Symbotic



  • Personally I'm more of a "stay-at-home-doing-nothing-on-the-internet" kinda guy.


  • I did a thing go me
  • Back to the internet I go





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Here's my character!



Quick, witty, and evasive. Most attacks do a mid-to-low amount of damage. Refered to as Rants or Rant Lady outside of battle and by other characters.


Head Slam- User jumps and head-charges into opponent, hitting them in the stomach.

Trip Up- User dives between opponent's legs, tripping them.

Sand Swipe- User kicks sand into oppenent's eyes. This attack does little to no damage, but the opponent's movements become clumsy and less acurrate for a time. The opponent's eyes also squint until the effect wears off. The effect lasts for 30-60 seconds.

Upper Cut- User leaps in midair and slashes opponent on the cheek.

Screech Song- User howls the first few notes of the game's theme in an awful, screechy way.

Brace Yourself- User works herself up and her attacks do more damage for a period of time. Effect lasts for 40-100 seconds. Can only be used once during battle.

Opening Taunt

"Trainer Rants wants to battle!"


"I'll beat you like a dead horse!"

"It's time to kick butt and drink root beer, and I'm all out of root beer!"

"You won't be throwing this Eevee into the Daycare with a Ditto!"

Victory taunts

"All your base are belong to me!"

"I won the boss battle, now where's the Heart Container?"

"Can't touch my TM87!"

"[instert opponent's name here] fainted! Rants has won the battle!"

Losing taunts

"It's a secret to everyone."

"I'm gonna go kill hookers in GTA to get my mind off of it."

"You're worse than Gary Oak."

"Well, I tried. Where's my golden sicker?"



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Oops, sorry about that, let me change my quote:


Intro: Huh? You want to fight me because I made you drop your chips, not for destroying your house? Err, It better then paying for the damages I guess...


*Your intro quote*


*Battle start*



Bio Time!! (Prepare for mary sue quality artwork)

Da Victoes
I'm a slow character since am couch potato, but I have long range attacks to make up for it. 
As my main melee weapon I'd use a tv remote.(also has a lazer)
I can uses my hoodie to stay airborne for short periods of time.
I can stun the enemy for a sec by blowing ash from my cigarette at them and my strongest attack is my jump kick.
I can pull a variety of objects from out of my hat. Such As
-Potato chips which I can use as throwing stars. 
-Jem dolls which I can use as projectiles that explode on impact.
-Sanic drawings which act like Ofuda and poisons the foe for short period of time (about 2 or 3 sec)
Intro 1 - I will avenge you my brothers(Referring to chips)
Intro 2 - This is only the beginning 
Intro 3 - Showtime synergy 
Victory - Start lookin' For another line of work
Victory 2 -  Cum on step it up( ironic cuz i'm slow )
Defeat - No fair, I stepped on a Lego 
Defeat 2 - Se me chispoteó

I'll up load concept art later
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Hey, it's finished! I guess now might be a good time to make my character sheet and all.



The defender of space! Well, not really.


1- E-easy there, buddy! We don't have to fight!

2- Can we hurry this up? My observatory ain't gonna fly itself!

3- There's always beef for the new guy...


1- ...I hope you're still breathing.

2- Okay, now that that's over, I'll guess I'll be on my way.

3- I may have won, but I don't feel like a winner.


1- I tell myself not to fight, but noooo...

2- No fair! I want a rematch! C'mon!

Also, if anyone's looking for a sprite artist, I'm right here! Well, I'm actually a lot better at editing sprites than making them. I'd make a few mocks myself, but I'm on my phone.

heh, cool

Still waiting on my final look, and not going to do my bio till later, but may end up being a combo of a mandalorian and Nack the weasel XD

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More stage Ideas I made up! (Now with songs!)



(I already told about this, But I want to add a song to it)




(Same deal as Recolor city)




(This is where you talk about anything that is on your mind! KaBlamJamDan: I love beating the crap out of random people!)




(Idea from DocAzure)





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All right, let's do this thing.


Name: Wreck-It Ralph

Character type:Brawler/Grappler

Speed: Slow

Defense (HP): High

Strength: Very High


Special Attacks:

Wreck: Back Charge->Forward + Punch. Ground slam that causes bricks to fall from the sky. Where the brick appears depends on what button is pressed.


Clossal Hand: Quarter-Circle Punch. A forward punch with one massive meaty hand. Can negate projectiles if timed correctly (think Banishing Flat).


Giant Swing: Half circle forward+ Punch. A grappling attack where the opponent where the opponent is swung and tossed into the wall. Can be followed up by Wrecking Ball if combination is done during the throwing animation.


Wrecking Ball: Down->Up+Kick: Forward flip drop attack, similar to E.Honda's Sumo Splash, except Ralph is balled up. Can follow up Giant Swing.


Quit Moving!: Dragon Punch Motion (Shoryuken)+Kick: Anti-air throw.


Super Combos:


Wrecking Time: Back Charge->Forward->Back->Forward+Punch: Ralph punches the ground over and over causing a hailstorm of debris to fall.


I'm Bad, and That's Good: 360 motionx2+Kick Button: Ralph slams his opponent, hurls them up, catches them in a wrecking ball flip and comes crashing down.



Battle Quotes:




"Let's get wreckin'!"


"Zangief taught me a couple things about Street Fighting."


"In my game, I'm the bad guy."


"When did games get so violent?"




"Who won? Wait...me?!"




"Hope you don't think I'm a bad guy for this."




"...Of course."


"You're probably going to celebrate without me, right?"


"I got wrecked?!"



That's what I got so far.

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I know I already posted this, but I've added more stuff for my bio




(base found here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Group-Ojamajo-Doremi-Base-224557739)


Speed: Medium

Defense/HP: High

Strength: Average

Type: Mid-Range/Magic/Special

A magical witch plush, with the power to use magic to stun her foes, summon magical potatoes, and gather her plush comrades in a super powerful ultra-attack!

In her free time, she enjoys baking cakes for everyone.


Melee Weapon: Magical Broomstick, used to attack from a mid-range. Can also be used for flight.



Potatoe Cannon- Summons a magical cannon loaded with potatoes to fire at the opponents!

Plush Rush- Summons a magical army of sentient plushies, to confuse and attack the enemy.


Assist Move:

Magic Note Storm- Flies in overhead, and slams the opponent with magic-powered music notes, paralyzing them, before firing the Potatoe Cannon at them.



Intro lines:

"Attention everyone! I'm gonna kick your asses!"

"I may be soft, but I won't go easy on you!"

"NOW, MY FELLOW PLUSH MINIONS! Tonight we will feast!"

(VS TheCakeMiester) "We'll see who's cakes are better!"

(VS 4th Doctor/11th Doctor) "Did your travels predict ME!?"



"How could I possibly lose?"

"Was my magic not powerful enough?"


(VS TheCakeMiester) "I see... so that's the recipe..."

(VS 4th Doctor/11th Doctor) "You've predicted all my moves... well done."



"NEVER underestimate the soft cuddly ones!"

"You must not have eaten your veggies."

"Should have... tried... alchemy..."

(VS TheCakeMiester) "MY recipe is the superior one!"

(VS 4th Doctor/11th Doctor) "I really must be unpredictable, eh?"


Activate Special:

(Using Potatoe Cannon) "Taste the rainbow? HOW ABOUT YOU TASTE SOME POTATOES!?"

(Using Plush Rush) "Be afraid of those that watch you in your sleep..."



"A little dallop of magic will crush the competition!"


Theme Song:





Also, stage ideas:


Marketplace Mayhem:


A bustling arena, with people in the background running around, selling and trading items, and betting on the winner of the battle. Random powerups are more likely to appear in this stage.




The land where hopes are crushed, & dreams are best left unshared. Trailers are shown in the background, with official art flying around everywhere, the banhammer being swung around and members who act stupid.

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This shall be my theme, because it sounds like something you'd find in some of today's fighters. Dat ridiculous unfitting music at times.




Also, you know the SSMB virtual main forum that was part of that RP has to be one of the stages.

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I know, I know, this is a really humble request, but..


If I'm gonna be in the game then I want me to just be the picture of the New Age Retro Hippie from EarthBound, as seen in my avatar.


I want to have incredibly insane moves that only consist of one frame of animation darting across the screen with really bright colorful psychedelic backgrounds, with Daytona USA's "Rolling Start" playing as each combo is made. I also want the names of my moves to be screamed by me at top velocity whilst beatboxing. Need to add .gifs of me beatboxing while said combo is going down is optional.


My entry music is Limp Bizkits "KEEP ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING ROLLING", and when I win I want to hear the Black Dynamite theme song play ("DYNOMITE, DYNOMITE"). If I lose, I want to have a recording of me ranting about how I'm an SSMB veteran and I deserve better and you should get off my lawn like the rest of the nice young whippersnappers.


And I also want a raise. I've been working at my job for several months, I need a raise man!


if I'm in the game I'd just be me in a striped shirt doing flaily attacks :v

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Okay, my full av will come soon.


Here's my Hyper theme:


Here's my rival theme (hands up who wants to be my rival?):


Here's my ally theme (When fighting with FromASloth, Jassbec (if those two join) and the Fourth Doctor):


And finally, here's my character theme:



As for a bio: Like I said, I'm a combo character.

My moves are:

Magic Shockwave - Several Magic spikes come out of the ground all along the surface I'm standing on, one after another. If you get caught up in one, it is pretty much inescapable until the end, as each spike pushes you backwards.


Fury Rush (Dash Attack) - A combo of punches that is executed while running up to the opponent.


Charge - Stands still to charge up Hyper bar. I am surround by an aura which hurts opponents who run into it, but it can be destroyed by projectiles.


Homing Grapple (Air/Recovery Move) - Homes in on the closest opponent with an air dash, and then spins them around before throwing them downwards and leftwards.


Hyper Move - Hyper Shining Laser - I'm consumed by green aura before expending it all as a massive fuck-you-laser which is an instant K'O.


I think I may be the most broken character ever. However, while my strength and speed is high, my HP is mid-low, meaning the only way I can survive is by always moving and never stopping or allowing my opponent a break or an opening.

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Alright, some things beforehand.

First, I only included the people I.. Well.. Could include. If I missed anyone; please say so and post your character along with it.

Second, please don't try to edit it. I have the original empty sheets so I can edit it over time as more people join in. I'll be adding a new batch of characters every so often.




Can you add me?


I'll write up my bio in a couple of hours, I can't right now.

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 Also, if characters have their own stage, I'm going to go with Cathedral.




Couldn't you have just saved my avatar?

Can you add me?


I'll add both of you on the next batch. Alex, I saved your fighter image, Crash, you'll have to give an image first, unless you're just going with Crash Bandicoot.

Edited by 少佐 Jin H. Kisaragi
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Cheers, Jin.

Edit: My stage would take place in my laptop screen. Random overheating would cause blackouts and hot hazards which would burn fighters who touch them unresponsive plugins in Firefox would cause lag in the fight, and overzealous text bubbles popping up from the taskbar would send player flying.

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