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The Fan Character Showcase

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Not sure if it's been done yet, but a quick forum search told me no. Anyway, this is wear you can dump all your fan characters. However, to stop this being a hyper-active clusterfuck, if you're going to add anything, EDIT your post. This keeps things nicely archived and stops things being in several places. Feel free to post a second FC/OC in a second post, though. Anything related to your fan characters can go here; sprites, art, backstory, bios, etc. Also, try to be original. Don't just recolour Sonic and give him an accessory. Anyway, I'll post my FC/OC later. Also, if anyone upsets anyone else, you're out. I hold no mod power, but a mod will know if someone starts snorting at someone else's work. This IS NOT a free-for-all.

Anyway, start sharing!

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I only have the one which I made around 2007.




So this is Tails Doll MKII. Forgotten about after Sonic R, all that changed when a battle between Sonic and Eggman results in the Red Chaos Emerald finding its way to him. Upgraded by its power, he seeks revenge on Eggman and world domination.




He was to be the main character of my flash series 'Rise of the Tails Doll' which was actually in progress many years ago but was cancelled after work and other aspects of life took over. I've attempted to restart it many times but only got so far before I found myself with no free time and couldn't commit to it 100%. I always think about it and one day I will get it done. He's also had slight redesigns over the years as my flash skills improved.

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Heh, well why not?
I only have one fan character. I created her over 8 years ago and whilst I never really show her off or 'use' her, I am kinda fond of her I guess.

My point of making my fan character was to serve two purposes; 1. A means of practicing Pixel Art posing and textures and 2. To invest some creativity and imagination in designing a physical manifestation of a Sonic game zone by using it's design aspects. My only fan character, Verte Sinople, served both of these purposes. I designed her to further my PA'ing ability as a means of practicing textures and Sonic anthro style and I revolved her design around Quartz Quadrant Past from Sonic CD as an exercise of creativity;


Her name is Verte Sinople. She's a Tailless Tenrec who lives in the Sol Dimension. I actually made her design revolve entirely around Quartz Quadrant as it appears in the Past timeframe because I wanted to challenge myself to design a character who 'looks like' a Sonic game zone as well as have a subject to practice pixel art techniques on 8 years ago; Wood (Staff), jewel (Chest and staff orb), fabric (Clothing) etc. I contrast her physical beauty by Sonic character standards with extreme weakness and only one single area of specialty when it comes to abilities. Below are images of the zone that inspired her design;



Name: Verte Sinople (ベルト シノパル Beruto Shinoparu)
Species: Tailless Tenrec
Age: 19
Height: 95cm (3'01'')
Weight: 27kg (59.5lbs)
IQ: 93
DoB: August 26th (Zodiac sign - Virgo, Birthstone - Peridot)
Birthplace: Unknown region within the Sol Dimension
Occupation: Although it isn't a paying job, she does willingly heal the wounds of travelers and Chao that stumble across her.
Alignment: Neutral.
Likes: Chao, seclusion, basking in cold springwater streams and although she doesn't seem to show it, healing others' wounds.
Dislikes: Ungracious and/or difficult 'patients', those who are cruel to Chao, high humidity and finding polluted streams.

Personality traits: Hard but gentle, reclusive, helpful, can be temperamental, very lightly sardonic, sweet towards Chao in particular, has a tendency for haughtiness, good example of a 'kuudere' character.

Physical traits: Fragile and very slow. Almost completely lacks any real acrobatic ability or such but possesses extremely potent abilities of Chaos Regeneration and is mildly skilled with the staff.

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That's amazing Verte! I wish I could draw that good tongue.png. It was a great Idea making her a not-very-know animal (Hell, I'd never heard of it before!), as most fan characters are over-used dogs/cats/foxes/echidnas/hedgehogs/shitty archie characters.


I didn't actually draw the main image, that was gift art from one of my old SSMB friends who doesn't seem to hang around here anymore from some years back. I noticed that Tenrec's have some very cool markings and took the inspiration from them to make Verte's ones.

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I don't have a photo/picture or anything like that, but I do have an idea of a particular set of characters for my alternate/fan/headcanon universe for a fanfiction in my head (assuming I ever start writing it). But before I do post about the characters, I need to establish the species.

Species: Primals

Location: Special Zone

BIO: Primals could be considered the ancient ancestors of all living beings in the Sonic Universe. The first creatures to gain something akin to intelligence, they roamed the Earth for a time, when the planet itself was covered in the Chaos Energy that would later only be found in the more violent Special Zone. However, roughly 4000 years ago, a massive explosion would tear through the world, causing a dramatic change in the environment.

The Chaos Energy began to recede, and those who could not adapt to the dramatic changes perished. The small group that would eventually be known as The Primals all evaded their demise by going through (or stumbling through depending on which Primal) one of the many dimensional rifts that had torn open as a result of the explosion, albeit at different times. However, the trip was one way, and The Primals found themselves in a prison of violent Chaos Energies (Later known as the Special Zone) with no means of escape, and only their resilience and will to live enabled them to endure and evolve to these more erratic energies.

However, adapting came at the cost of being unable to withstand the atmosphere of Modern Earth, meaning that the Primal must always be within range of the Chaos Energy, or at least near a vessel filled with a similar energy, or risk their bodies being turned into solid crystal, unable to move or speak. It has also been noted that their souls, after their bodies are crystallized, become separated from their bodies, turning into Chaos Essence. Those who understand the properties of Chaos Essence can mold said essence into a vessel of power, although the Primal from which said essence came from will always be aware, but unable to do anything about it…


Phantasmus (Placeholder Name)

Species: Primal (Vaguely birdlike)

Age: In the thousands but younger than his fellow primals

Sex: Male

Body Color: White/Silver

Affiliation: The Primals

BIO: The youngest of the Primals, Phantasmus could also be considered one of the more impatient Primals, combined with an optimism that is considered excessive and pointless by his fellow prisoners. However, this mindset was recently shattered with the death of a fellow Primal he considered akin to a sibling (moreso than the others at least), and as a result, strongly desires vengeance. Unfortunately, he has a very black and white point of view when it comes to the world, with those who lend him aid being his ally, regardless of their true intentions. And unfortunately, his judgment has led to an accidental contact with Eggman…

POWERS: Being a Primal, he is naturally gifted with immense Chaos Powers, enabling him to fire off powerful blasts of energy, as well as detect any beings with Chaos Energy from an immense distance. His birdlike form enables him to cover great distances at high speed, and his crystalline body allows for heavy resilience to physical damage.


Here is mine.

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As much as I understand that you'd like some activity in this topic, I'm quite annoyed about that bump of a post - if you want to make some activity, I'd assume something worth generating activity would be necessary to generate said activity.


That aside, have a lil' concept I made a month or so ago. It's my last attempt to salvage an old Tails expy I made years ago - made some heavy redesigns here and there to prevent from looking too much like Tails.




And yes, this is my only fancharacter as of now, and I might still scrap him.

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He looks cool (amazing drawing!) but it'd be good to know more about him (species, bio, etc)

I didn't wanna be too specific with the species so we can just assume he's a rattlesnake/cobra. He's a bad guy, and works in more strategic cunning ways, with a dark sense of humor. He's kinda like Scourge only more serious.

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I have a fan character, but he's purely for mascot purposes, so he doesn't really have a complete back story or anything. Most of the information about him is in this profile picture.

BTW, Shengxiao is another word for Chinese Zodiac Animal.
Also fun fact, he has appeared in a fan game. I'll have to try and find out if the link for downloading it still works...

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I have a bunch. I am not a good artist so I won't post pictures. Here are the list of my fan characters and if you want bios, PM me and I will post them.


Sapphire the Dragon


Onyx the Dragon


Mr. Hard Drive the Computer (Has two forms: laptop and desktop)


Scott the Chevrolet Silverado


Thunder the Wolf


Claws The Tiger


 Metal Sapphire the Robot Dragon


That's about it, but if I think of more FCs, I will rewrite the list,


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Oooh, fancharacter showcases huh?

Well, to be fair, I don't really make fancharacters anymore. I do enjoy looking back on the ones I have made in the past.


Here's my first ever recol- er I mean, sonic fancharacter.




He could barely even pass of as a recolor...


Sonic's long lost overly hyperactive twin brother, Max the Hedgehog. I named him Max, because the word "max" can also mean fast... That and... I liked the name, XD


So yeah, kind of a lame fancharacter, but I can forgive myself since I was, what, 4 years old when I created him? Yeah, it's lazy but kinda cute.


There's a lot more that I've been meaning to draw out, mostly villain sues and a couple gary stus. The one I'm most ashamed of is Darkness the Hedgehog, a villain sue who resembled the fan interpritations of the infamous Ashura palette glitch but with a robotic arm


Oh god did I cry so hard when I redescovered this character... 

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Name: Sonic


Backstory: This Sonic is the result of him having the run in with his future self in Sonic generations and his time's Robotnik being trapped in whitespace after the events, but with "The good doctor" removed from his reality, Shadow was never awoken from his stasis pod which left earth nearly defenceless against the black arms invasion, with Sonic less experienced in fighting evil since Robotnik last threatened the planet, he was unable to effectively fight off the black arms and was forced to watch from the sidelines as his friends and allies were slaughtered by Black Doom's army.

In a desperate attempt to change the past, Sonic stole 3 chaos emeralds from the black comet and re-entered whitespace where he made left a distress message through the chaos force to any chaos users in the original dimension, Sonic then teamed up Shadow (Who had received the message), Silver and the Sonic he had met years ago.

After Robotnik was inserted back into his correct timeline Sonic was also sent back to his own time which had now been restored to how it should be, but since this alternate reality was technically erased from time, it is entirely possible that a copy of this Sonic along with the corrupted timeline may still exist somewhere in whitespace.


Abilities: All of this Sonic's abilities are far less effective than how they should be due to him having no motivation to improve his skills with Robotnik gone, these limited skills include...

.Spin dash

.Top speed slightly beyond sound barrier

.Homing dash


This character was made for my Story in progress "The Solaris Paradox" the link is in my signature if you'd like a read, send me your thoughts on it afterwards 

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...Well. I've been meaning to do this for quite some time, even if it meant bumping a really inactive topic. But the time has come. It's time to post my fancharacter and usernamesake, Aero!


Full name: Aero Windsworth


Age: 13


Species: Lynx


Relatives: Julie (mother), Azure (father), Skye (little sister)


Personality: Energetic and bringing new meaning to the term "airhead," Aero is often found soaring the skies on her specially-crafted Extreme Gear, the Cyan Shockwave. While normally upbeat, she has a bad temper and is very stubborn in her ways. She's a determined young girl who hates when things don't go her way, though luckily she doesn't throw a hissy fit whenever that happens. She also has a tendency to be rather lazy, occasionally bringing up the argument to her parents that her younger sister Skye needs to learn responsibilities too when she doesn't want to do chores or anything along those lines. (Mind you, Skye is only 4.)


Backstory: Aero had a pretty good early childhood, but Perfect Chaos struck the town when she was 7. Her family, luckily, lived to tell the tale by chance. They lived in an apartment building that wasn't damaged very badly. While the destruction was terrifying for the young Aero, she got to watch Super Sonic defeat Perfect Chaos outside her window. Admiring the hedgehog, she went out of her way to find him after moving to Route 99, but no avail. A couple years later, her parents managed to buy her tickets to some sort of Grand Prix. Knowing that that heroic hedgehog Sonic would be there, she eagerly awaited the next day.

Once the day came, and Aero was sitting in the bleachers, she was not only excited about seeing her hedgehog hero again, but was inspired by this "Extreme Gear" everyone was using. (She also never knew Sonic's name until this day.) She eventually came around to asking her father if he could build her an Extreme Gear of her own. Being a well-known mechanic in the area, and a great one at that, he happily obliged. (Not to mention he modeled a pair of sunglasses designed after Sonic's.)

While never meeting Sonic face-to-face; watching him save her hometown, seeing him at the Grand Prix, and every so often seeing him on television, Aero considered him to be her hero and has admired him ever since. (Not in the way Amy does, but you get the idea.)

Currently in her rebuilt hometown of Station Square, Aero is living happily with her parents and little sister.

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Two important antagonist characters for my alternate Shadow the hedgehog fic:

GUN Commander Leeroy Neider and Dr. Emil Hepston (notice anything?)

Age: Really old for both in the present, although Hepston is younger by a bit. Roughly 20s-30s during ARK incident.

Position: GUN Commander during the Space Colony ARK incident, and Lead Scientist of GUN.

Species: Human/anthro??? (still debating)

Bio(s): Leeroy Neider was known for his hamfisted and excessive tendencies during an unnamed war, but was relatively tolerated due to the situation at the time. After the war ended, a Cold War of sorts was underway, during which many scientists from "opposing" nations were looking for work. Among them was Gerald Robotnik, and *insert search for cure for granddaughter* led him to become acquainted with Neider, who in exchange for the construction of weapons in the event that the cold war ended, would get him funding for Space Colony Ark to develop his cure. Neider did not trust Gerald and considered him a sleazy *insert generic racist statement/political crap*, but allowed it because of his belief in not hurting innocents such as Maria.


However, he eventually got an anonymous tip with "evidence" that showed Gerald planning to abuse the weaponry he has secretly commissioned to take over the world (or some crap like that, I'm still thinking things over). Thus *insert ARK incident*.


Before I continue with this part however, I gotta cover Emil Hepston first.


Hepston is considered to be one of the greatest scientific minds of his time, second only to Gerald and Eggman and *insert other great minds*. He is an almost stark contrast to Neider, despite having worked with him indirectly in many scenarios. Precise, careful, and with a polite demeanour, he's generally noted to be a little odd at times, but overall a nice guy.


However, what most people DON'T KNOW is his past with Gerald and Maria. He held a bitter one-sided rivalry with the Doctor, and despite his many achievements, was never able to get out of Geralds shadow. Coming with the same group of scientists that Gerald came from, he changed his name and identity in hopes of starting over, only for Gerald to (in his eyes) swipe the rug from under his feet. Further complicating things was his lust for Maria. who turned down his advances many times due to differences in age, and a total lack of interest. Hepston met Shadow only once after his creation, and would also develop animosity towards him after Shadow nearly torched him by accident.


Having enough with being shunted to second place, he sent the "evidence" to Neider, but simultaneously bribed several soldiers to murder the inhabitants of the ARK as opposed to Neider's original orders to "capture and detain", specifically Maria and Shadow. After the events, Neider was unable to face the horrors he believed he had commited, but chose to pin the blame on Shadow after they found his capsule. Enraged that the government would prefer to keep Shadow in stasis as opposed to destroying him, but unable to do anything about it due to politics, he went into retirement. He never found out about Hepston's involvement...until many years later, when Shadow suddenly reemerged after the events of SA2.


Coming out of retirement, Neider was determined to set things right by eradicating this new Shadow, unaware that Hepston had his eyes set on removing everything that would implicate him as the true culprit...including Neider...

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My first and only fan-made character!


Name: Shadon (Shadyk if you're Australian) Hiviku

Age: Physically, 17.

Species: Temporally displaced hedgehog (possibly part demon)

Attire: Leather jacket owned by his father with one sleeved ripped off where his arm was lost, and an old pair of sneakers...wonder who owned those.

Story: Shadon lived in the carnage future brought about by Iblis. He was a good friend of Silver, but when they didn't return to the future after Sonic 06 ended, he decided to go and see what happened and why the future is not fixed (in reality, it split into a seperete timeline).

Unfortunately his only means of getting there are a special machine designed by someone unnecessary to explain, and the experiment goes awry, leading to his existence being fragmented. He lost part of his memory, and his left arm. It ends up getting a robotic replacement thanks to a certain smart male character notable for his inventions, and that's about the point where I think I want to stop spoiling stuff.

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