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Yes, we have a topic concerning all things Sonic the Comic Always check to see if another topic on the same subject exists to prevent from creating duplicates. This can be done by typing in a few key words in the Search Bar at the top right of the forums. Try it out yourself and familiarize yourself with it; t'is the forum goer's best friend. 

Also, you may have created a duplicate of this topic on accident by hitting the "Create Topic" button multiple times. Refrain from doing this with any posting function. Sometimes the server or your own computer can be slow to respond, even if the information has already sent. If that happens, try opening SSMB in another tab to see if the material is there; if not, just be patient. It'll work itself out and your topic will be there.

Oh yeah, and one more thing:

Are you trying to get yourself banned by creating a duplicate topic of one that was going to be locked/merged eventually?

You clearly did if you created two topics sleep.png Nothing you can do to cover it up, sorry.

Making a duplicate topic- or even a duplicate of a duplicate- is nowhere near ban territory. You've been on this guy's ass about his behavior ever since the Archie topic, and spouting nonsense about what's supposedly coming to him is both annoying and near backseat moderating. If you see behavior that's potentially breaking the rules, report it and then go about your way. Being a dick about it by accusing people of account suicide helps no one.

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