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Sonic Event Megathread (Updated July 4th) - Sonic the Comic Con To Not Return

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Sounds good overall, Rurifuu! It's only little over a week until the event, and it's looking like it's going to be a blast. It's off to a great start and I can't wait to see how it turns out; I can see it becoming a winter counterpart to SoS given enough time and exposure. smile.png

Some more news for folks: as Sonic Revolution nears 700 Likes on FB and 400 people in its FB group, Sonic SoCal has planned its next meetup. The meetup will be held at the Gamestop Expo in September 2014. So, besides meeting up with Sonic fans, that's a fairly large convention with thousands of people coming together to play video games. It's definitely something to consider a trip to California over!

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For those in and around St. Louis, Sonic St. Louis is considering meetup times and dates – if you’re in proximity to St. Louis, don’t be afraid to stop over by their page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SonicSTL/permalink/231476633679970/

Sonic Utah will be holding a meetup in Provo, Utah on January 8th at 7 PM! Feel free to stop by! https://www.facebook.com/events/1447088002179792/

For Florida Sonic fans, more good news – there’s a meetup planned by Sonic Florida for those who plan on attending UltraCon on February 22nd. If you’re close to Florida, don’t hesitate to stop by the group and give your two cents! https://www.facebook.com/events/1435009350063363/

Don’t know how I missed this one! Sonic London will be having meetup #13 at the Meltdown Bar in London on February 23rd. https://www.facebook.com/events/571207212959354/

Sonic Revolution is still in the planning phases; I’ll keep folks updated as information comes.

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A small reminder that registration to Weston Super Sonic closes at 11:59pm tomorrow night! So if you haven't signed up yet, be sure to do so via the Facebook page or by emailing me at westonsupersonic@gmail.com


We currently have approximately 50 people confirmed for the event, so we're only 20 spaces short of being full! We've got a busy event on Saturday with tournaments, competitions, a raffle, a selection of merchandise on display and a free badge and cake for attendees!


Hope to see you there!

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For Florida Sonic fans, more good news – there’s a meetup planned by Sonic Florida for those who plan on attending UltraCon on February 22nd. If you’re close to Florida, don’t hesitate to stop by the group and give your two cents! https://www.facebook.com/events/1435009350063363/


Huh, that's relatively close to where I live. I might have to look into it come February.

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Mykonos has given me details of the last meetup at Packrat Comics. At the meetup, those present not only were able to have a great time chatting about Sonic stuff, but some of them also had concept art from the Archie comics and AoStH to share. There were also some gaming activities on Genesis, 32X, CD, and Dreamcast thanks to the gamer-friendly nature of Packrat Comics.

Sonic Australia has also announced a meetup to be held on June 28th in Sydney Park. Chili dogs, competitions, and a Sonic mascot will all be present, so if one's in the neighborhood, give it a look!

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Today was a fantastic day. We didn't have the numbers we were expecting, but those who did turn out made it a great day! (Got some photos for you all, sorry I haven't got many, I was busy hosting. I need to go through the video footage as I think there was more of that done on the day).



Two of my lovely staff members, getting ready for a busy day. 



And myself, testing out the camcorder for the day and whilst my staff enjoy playing around with my camera!



We had quite a lot of entries into the art competition. Sadly, I can't remember the names of those who won, but the 1st place winner was the Super Sonic vs Super Scourge! A massive well done to everyone that entered! If we had more medals, I would have given out more.



Three of my little friends came out to play! I had a chat with several keep costume makers and hopefully gave some good tips and advice! They also had the opportunity to try the heads on, so expect some of those photos floating around soon!



Never has someone managed to get so many people to stare at a white wall! Hee hee! Don't worry, there is a projection on the screen, it just didn't come up on the camera very well. Everyone seemed to love being able to have a go at the games and they all had the opportunity to have a free play between events. We finished the games Tournament with Sonic Shuffle, which went on for a little longer than expected!


Afraid that's it photo wise from me. Sadly I'm terrible at taking photos, so a lot of mine were wobbly and blurry! Hopefully I'll update soon with video and hopefully someone else can expand on the event with pictures.


Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and between 25 of them managed to devour 50 cupcakes, eat lots of sweets and raise a good amount of money for charity! We had some lovely rare merchandise on show and The Sonic Show kindly donated some codes for a free cd download.


That's it from me for now. Exhausted from such a busy event. I'm going to set up another event for next year in the near future, so stayed tuned for news about that!

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25 is a beautiful turnout for a new event! I'm really looking forward to WSS 2015. I think the choice of location and time is perfect, since the Winter, southwestern focus is a good difference from SoS in the southeast in the Summer. With time I can see this really growing in turnout, and I'll be doing my best to help give it the necessary press. smile.png


I wonder how many of the folks who attended were from within an hour or so away; I think it'd be great if a more casual (and free!) meetup system was in place in the area for the months between the big con. smile.png

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Reporting in that Weston Super Sonic has set up a Facebook Page for future news regarding the event.

If you've ever contemplated a trip to Vegas, I'm looking into finally getting a Sonic Nevada meet going here. A casual meet and greet at Cici's Pizza most likely. Never hurts to get to know a few people! If anyone happens to be taking a trip to Vegas in March, don't hesitate to try and stop by!

Sonic Utah reports that it has replaced its weekly meets with monthly meets; to prevent meetup fatigue I think this was a good choice. They are in the same location as always. Here's the February and March meetups.

Status update on Revolution: while I can't give specifics, I will say great progress has been made. This year's event is looking to be packed with all sorts of surprises, and I can't wait until we formally announce them.

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Avast revolutionaries of the world.

First off a shameless plug for the event I will be hosting come March. I am going to be meeting up with fellow fans for a pizza party just off the Las Vegas Strip on March 27th at 1 PM. The venue is Cici's Pizza at 2415 E Tropicana Ave. Cici's is a restaurant chain that lets you get unlimited pizza, pasta, salad and desert for only 7 dollars, with drink. It's a casual meetup to meet and greet with fellow fans; we'll likely also hit the arcades in the area afterward as well. It should go without saying that each attendee is responsible for paying their own way!

Now let's hop across the ocean! This one concerns Weston Super Sonic. Their next big event isn't until next year, but they are already working on getting meetups going in the Bristol, Taunton, and Weston-super-mare areas. Rurifuu has requested you make yourselves heard on the Facebook page for WSS so as to let her know which area would be most appropriate to start a meetup in! These smaller meetups are meant to not only build up the social community in the southwest, but also to help select staff and volunteers for next year's big event.

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Yes, as Tanner so kindly pointed out ;  the 13th SonicLondon meet has been announced!




Date : 23/2/14
Time 1:30 - late (although if you're planning on coming later do be sure to either communicate with the gang via Facebook, or with one of your friends who you know are attending, as there are no guarantees with regards what time folks will leave. We should be around til early evening atleast, however!)
Venue : Meltdown London, 342 Caledonian Road, London N1 1BB
Age range : 18+


There will be contests going on throughout the day. These will include :

~ Sonic Lost World 3DS Tourney : You will need a copy of the game to partcipate in this (hence why this meet is being advertised as Sonic Lost World Hard Mode. But don't fret if you don't have a copy, because you can still take part in other contests!)
~ Sonic & Sega AllStars Racing (Xbox 360) : The details of this will be decided by our Xbox 360 guy (aka Tareq/Cyburn). They will be confirmed on the day.
~ Art Contest : Draw a picture inline with the Art Contest's theme (to be decided and confirmed on the day by our Art Corner maestro Andrew Hamblin). All entries must be created by event attendees on the day itself


SonicLondon kindly asks all attendees to purchase a drink or two throughout the course of the day at the very least. This is because the reason we are allowed to use the awesome Meltdown premises is in exchange for business. If you don't drink alcohol we urge you to buy a soft drink atleast, or a pint for your buddy.

Meltdown are, however, cool with people bringing in food from outside! So do feel free to bring a packed lunch! A pizza run is also something which may well happen around dinner time... (if you'd like to take part please do ensure you have some cash on you).

As Central London pubs go Meltdown is pretty cheap! You can get a pint for as little as £3.50, and, for those that can afford it, they have a scrumptious range of gaming-themed cocktails! So yea, bottoms up <3


SonicLondon is a wonderful oppurtunity to meet and make new friends with other Sonic fans in the Uk. Many friendships have been forged at SonicLondon (staffie Torch even met his wonderful girlfriend Val at one of our meets). Please don't be put off by the fact this is our 13th meet, yes we have history, but we have new attendees coming all the time. Coming and staying. We're probably one of the least cliquey meetup groups you'll find. So come on down!

To RSVP/see which of your mates are going please see here : http://facebook.com/events/571207212959354/
To check out photos, write-ups and testimonials from our previous meets see here : http://soniclondon.com

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Just a small update regarding WSS and South West meetups.


Weston Super Sonic Meetup - Weston-Super-Mare, Sunday 2nd Feb!

Location: Druckers, The Sovereign Centre (the open cafe)

Time: 1pm onwards.

I know it's fairly short notice, but the plan is to meetup at the cafe for a few drinks and have a general chat. Hopefully we can look at starting to recruit a few people for next year's WSS.  If the cafe is too busy we'll look into going somewhere else, so ideally anyone who wishes to attend should arrived by 1:15pm.

We need staff and contributors for all sections of the event. Good with paperwork? Advertising? Or maybe you're a good voice actor. We need you!

We will be hosting several meetups throughout the year in various locations, so if you miss this meetup, don't panic! We are planning Bristol and Taunton meets as well! Once I can confirm dates, I will post them up here and on the facebook page.

If you live closer to Plymouth, I will be attending the brand new expo named AniManga POP! on Saturday 8th Feb at the Holiday Inn, Armada Way. I'll be there with a table of my own work, but I'm also planning on doing some advertising for WSS on the day. So if anyone is interested, they can have a chat with me there.

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Greetings fellow Boomers around the world!

While I let some of the news slip in various circles, I’ve made sure to keep a lid on a lot of things to make this Hedgehog Day extra special. I’ve been excited to reveal a fair bit of news today, so here it goes!

First off, let’s talk about Sonic Revolution, as in the organization. We are proud to report we have formally affiliated with Sonic the Comic – Online and Fans United for SatAM! We are also in talks with affiliation with two other Sonic fan sites. When I originally thought of looking for affiliates, FUS and STCO popped out first – through their hard work and dedication, they have made the desires of their particular fanbases a reality. This is much in line with Sonic Revolution’s goals; though they may focus on animation and comics (respectively) whereas we focus on conventions, we are all ultimately working for the cause of fan empowerment, and it’s an honor to be associated with both. We hope to see more affiliates in the future; it would be a blast if the Sonic fanbase was united.

Secondly, great news for those living in Latin America and the Iberian peninsula! Other fans have formed groups similar to Sonic Revolution in Portuguese and Spanish. While these are NOT part of the Sonic Revolution organization, they operate under the same name in their respective languages and have the same goals; we give them our full support, naturally. If you speak either of the two languages, feel free to give them a look. There’s a vibrant community in Brazil via Planeta Sonic for one example, so we are certain that events could be brought to the whole of the Ibero-American countries. Sonic Revolution is also interested in having bilingual contacts who are able to speak Spanish and Portuguese, who can keep track of these groups’ events and pass the news onto us.

Thirdly, more Sonic fan events! There’s a new one scheduled for No Brand Con later this year on April 25th in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It is of course, hosted by Sonic Wisconsin, and here is the event page! They will be meeting in the Plaza Hotel and Suites’ lobby at 2 PM.

Weston Super Sonic, meanwhile, has announced plans for a Bristol meet this month and a Taunton meet next month. More details as they come, though Claire (SSMB user Rurifuu) has welcomed comments on the best times and dates for people to try and maximize turnout. They also had a meetup a few hours ago (as mentioned above), so let it be known they’re most definitely bringing the regular meetup scene to the southwestern UK! Weston Super Sonic has also announced that it will be hosting a craft contest at next year’s event, giving you close to year to prepare – a “craft” is any piece of work that does not count as a costume or artwork.

Fourth, something I’ve been excited to reveal for a good month or so. While Sonic Revolution 2014’s date and location are not yet finalized (we’ll have them very soon, don’t worry)… we can at least tell you about a special surprise we have planned.


It is my honor to reveal that we have partnered with animator Christopher Wilcots and director and writer Doryan Nelson, the team behind the upcoming Sonic Prologue fan film. We felt that as a fan event it was only proper we give the ability to showcase work to promising projects, and Sonic Prologue most certainly fits the bill! The film will sadly not be finished in full by the time of Revolution, but we will be showcasing a scene from the film via projector screen; this scene will be a Revolution exclusive.

There is plenty more goodies prepared for Sonic Revolution 2014. However, it’d be no fun if we revealed them all at once, now would it? Stay tuned for more event date and details as they come.

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Unfortunately not!

If this thread did get any sort of official recognition I'd prefer for it to be pinned, myself.

While I'm here:

Sonic New York and SoCal have reached the 50 member mark, while Sonic Nevada and Sonic Illinois have passed 25 members.

This is the result of a new marketing strategy of mine to find people close to the major cities. These are where the bulk of the new members are coming from: NYC (SNY), Los Angeles (SSoCal), Chicago (SIL), and Las Vegas (SNV).

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Bit of a double post but I've been writing this up on and off:

HelenBaby’s tips covered a lot of points about getting a meetup group going; I figured I’d make an additional guide to cover some more specifics. A lot of people feel intimidated at the prospect of hosting an event, and so I’m writing this to help folks overcome such anxiety.

Step I. Forming a Meetup Group

This can be done through a variety of ways. The most common way is to form one on Facebook, though theoretically any social media form can work.

Firstly I suggest checking to see if there’s a meetup group already in operation here: http://www.sonic-revolution.net/home/meetups/

Starting a Facebook group is simple – go to an existing group page (such as https://www.facebook.com/groups/sonicrevolution/) and in the upper right, click “Create Group.” Fill in your details and give it an appropriate name related to your location and Sonic – i.e. if you were focusing on all of Canada, you’d best go with “Sonic Canada,” but if you were focused on just Toronto, “Sonic Toronto” would be a better idea. With that, people will be able to easily locate your group.

For easy reference, with Facebook groups, it is suggested you click the Gear in the upper right, click “Group Settings,” and scroll down to Group Address – fill in the URL with something memorable, as Facebook’s default URL for a group is a bunch of numbers that will be hard to remember.

Step II. Spreading the Word

This is where it gets tricky. You must try and get others to find out about your group and any events it will plan. The best way to do this is to use existing groups and pages – get in touch with the various Sonic fansites, Facebook pages, etc. to try and promote your group. If nothing else, join large groups and post about your own group. For example, there are several large Sonic fan groups on Facebook; sharing the word there is a good start, as is mentioning it on forums. Sonic Boom, Summer of Sonic, and other conventions have pages of their own all over the place – these are great areas to find people who would go to your event. Besides your own efforts, feel free to send me a message, whether via PM or directly to my e-mail at ogilviemaurice@gmail.com so that I can help spread the word for you.

Groups take time to grow, but as exposure increases, more people will join up. Once you’ve got a sizable group of people in close proximity, your meetup system will really take off.

With regards to Facebook, it is possible to search people by city and interests, provided these are publicly listed (for example, you could look up everyone who likes Sonic the Hedgehog and All Stars Transformed who resides in St. Louis). You could message these people about joining your group, but use precaution: if you message too many people or your message is considered spam by the people you send it to, you could see your account suspended. If you’re going to contact people you don’t know personally to join your group, make sure your message not only gives a good explanation but is very polite – also personalize the message rather than just copy and pasting. Even if no one considers your message spammy, Facebook keeps tabs on how many messages you send, so do not send too many. As tempting as it is to machinegun invites across hundreds of profiles, it's also a fantastic way to get yourself banned.

Consider printing or writing cards or flyers you could pass out at another big event that might draw a Sonic-friendly crowd. Anime and gaming conventions are perfect for this. If someone shows a clear interest in Sonic and is local, this is a great way to pass the word onto them so they will join your group.

Step III. Get to know people

While some of us are able to meet up with strangers and carry on conversations easily, for many this is quite awkward. Before hosting meetups, it is suggested you get to know at least a few of the attendees. Any social media form, from Facebook to Instant Messaging, is useful for this. I can speak from experience that it is a LOT easier to converse with someone when meeting them in person if you’ve spoken a few times before online; get to know each other’s likes and dislikes, etc. This is a great way to make sure your meetup is a success.

Within groups, don’t hesitate to exchange alternate contact information: one great idea is to share codes/usernames on online networks such as PSN, XBL, and Nintendo. This allows you to build friendships via some competition. If you feel comfortable, you could even give e-mail addresses or phone numbers, but it’s best these be exchanged via PM for obvious reasons.

Step IV. Planning The Meetup

This is the goal of every meetup group, and while they are easy to set up, you should still keep a few points in mind. Step III already covered how you should try and get to know a few people in your meetup group via online messaging before actually meeting in person, but there are a few more points.

Firstly, choose a time, date and location. While it doesn’t hurt to ask around for good times for everyone, it’s best to make decisions on your own; asking too many people for their input can slow things down considerably. Above all, pick a time, date and location that will be convenient for you – as you will be the host, you want to make sure you can show up. Location is a key detail – be specific on where people meet up (e.g. instead of a neighborhood, say the front of a restaurant or other business). For good attendance, it’s recommended your date be mentioned well in advance, and the location be somewhere affordable and accessible to all members.

Another key detail is make sure that the area you are going to will be FUN for you, even if no one shows up; it is very possible you will have low turnout on your first few meetups, and you should plan accordingly. If you go to an arcade, restaurant, etc. you can still have tons of fun even if you’re alone. Having meetups on weekends is a good idea as many Sonic fans are students who will have free time on those days.

Second, if you have a phone, it is suggested you exchange numbers with regular attendees so that you can easily locate each other. Remember the ultimate point of a meetup is to make more friends with the same interests, so don’t be shy about this part!

Third, if your meetup involves going out to eat or having to pay for any activities, it is suggested you stick with a model where every person pays for themselves. This will keep the events cheap to host down the line.

Fourth, if there are any gaming or anime conventions in your town, definitely consider attending one as a group (or even alone); these are great fun for Sonic fans and you can often find new meetup attendees at the con. Existing gatherings allow you to both have fun as well as increase the size of your own group!

Fifth, in line with the third point, decide what sorts of activities you will have. While it can be a simple activity such as eating or bowling, you could also consider drawing or playing games. Meetups that last several hours will normally have several activities, so consider the example of Sonic London, with its tournaments and such and not just chatting.

Finally, it is suggested you make an event page for your event on Facebook. Simply go to your group, click the Gear, and click “Create Event.” Fill in time, date, location, and other details; it suggested you set the Privacy of the event to “Public” so people not in the group can mark themselves as Going. Finally make sure to check the box that will invite the whole group to the event.

This will create a page where people can discuss the event beforehand, and also give you a link that you can share with people. Be sure to send the link to ogilviemaurice@gmail.com so I can share it as well!

Step V. Hosting the Meetup

The day is here. You’ve promoted and invited, and a decent turnout has shown up. As it was your event, it falls to you to keep things running smoothly.

Hopefully you had a good string of activities planned. When in doubt, you can fall back on old fashioned conversation. Discuss your favorite Sonic games, your favorite characters, above all try and remain positive; Sonic can be a divisive fandom, but be sure to always remain polite in your discussions, even if you disagree. While Sonic is the unifying factor as a group, you can talk to members individually about other things that interest them; a lot of Sonic fans also enjoy Nintendo franchises, for example. What began as a friendship from Sonic can become a full-fledged friendship if you keep finding topics to speak about and things to do.

It is always good to have a close friend who you can fall back on if you’re unsure what to do. Even if your friend is not as interested in Sonic as yourself, they can still be invaluable as they are someone you know well already and can prevent the possible awkwardness of being alone or in a small group.

Above all else, make sure everyone has a great time. If someone seems alone and left out, try and strike up a conversation with them or invite them to join another activity. No one wants to be alone at these events; they wouldn’t come if they did. Making sure every attendee feels welcome and enjoys themselves is good both on a personal level, and in making sure they attend future meets.

Step VI. The Future

So your event is over and was hopefully quite successful. What now?

Plan future events, of course! Depending how close everyone is, you could make your meetups every week, every month, every few months, whatever you decide. It is suggested to space them out a fair bit so as to ensure everyone can get time off and otherwise plan for it. As you regularly meetup, you’ll develop friendships and hopefully gain new members. Don’t hesitate to ask members of the group to bring along any friends with the same interests.

Also consider changing the location of each meetup to keep things fresh. One time it could be a restaurant, another an arcade, another a comic book shop, etc.

Patience is key – it will likely be a while before your group gets really big, but it will be worth it. Always remember to try and hold meetups at places you’d be able to find fun if you were alone, just in case no one shows up. Even if only one or two people show up, it is amazing how much fun you could have; getting to know each other online will help as it will make things less awkward due to your already knowing each other.

With a bit of planning, patience, and effort, you can form a strong, tight-knit group of fans in your locale and never feel alone in your interests.

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Some really good tips and advice Ogilvie! I think I might have to write up one from my own experiences soon!



WSS Meetups


I just wanted to provide some info regarding the small meetups we're having for Weston Super Sonic. Due to work life, hosting weekend meetups have gotten a little harder recently. But since most people have stated they would prefer a weekend date, I'm going to do my best to set those up. Sadly, this means them likely having a very short notice!


First off I've confirmed our Cardiff meet. This one wasn't on the list, but since I'm attending anyway, I thought it would be fun. The plan is to meet just inside the building at 1pm, find somewhere to chat about WSS developments and have a lot of fun at a con as a group of Sonic fans. Afterall, cons are better as groups!


As for our February Bristol meetup, the only weekend day available left I have to host it this month is the sunday during Sonic London! So I'm not going to cause a clash by hosting it on the same day and push the weekend meetup date further into March instead. Hopefully I can give everyone more than a weeks notice then. I may still set up a weekday date soon.



We have recently been looking at Fundraising for WSS, as we have a goal of £500 for next year's event! This would give us enough funding to book an amazing room on the Grand Pier with loads of screens available and everything we could possibly want from a venue, as well as being able to accommodate up to 200 people! We want next year's event to be amazing.


We will still be making the event free, but the more you donate the more perks you get. We are currently working on the reward items, such as badges, t-shirts and tote bags. If just 100 of our 200 attendees donated £5 each to the event, we could afford our dream venue. 


Keep an eye on the WSS facebook page for the reward system launch really soon!

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Just a reminder that the next SonicLondon meet is this Sunday, and it looks like a fair few Sonic fandom superstars will be attendance! Indeed our RSVP figures are currently a massive 46 yeses and 26 Maybes. This could easily be our biggest meet ever...

Nintendo have once again ever so kindly pledged to donate some goodies for us to give away as prizes, can't wait to see what they send us this time =3


I published an article about the meet on my site 3DSBlessed this morning. Do check it out : http://3dsblessed.com/?p=1634


One last time ; for full details/to RSVP for this meet please see here : https://www.facebook.com/events/571207212959354/

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The next meetup on the Weston Super Sonic tour has been announced!


Monday 17th March, 12pm


Where: The Food Court, The Galleries, Bristol.


Due to issues of availability, to get a meetup going this month, I have had to force it onto a weekday. But for some people this may be better anyway. Lots of us have weekend jobs.


We're going to be discussing Weston Super Sonic, showing off some of the goodies we have planned, looking at refining some of last time's ideas and hopefully doing a little fundraising. I'll be bringing my 3DS again for anyone interested in a few multiplayer games, plus a few drawing supplies. Later on we can always visit some of the game stores if we need to kill time. 


As per usual, we'd appreciate if you can let us know if you're attending, so we know who we're expecting! Find our event on the WSS facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Weston-Super-Sonic/202794443248556

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Reporting in that I've been given the keys to the @SonicRevolt Twitter so will now be able to post event updates there as well.


I'll also throw out that Sonic Revolution 2014, due to its sheer size, has We will be releasing 50 more free tickets on Saturday at 10 AM PST; those who show proof of reservation at the Holiday Inn with the code SGR will receive a guaranteed ticket.

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Hiya everyone,

Sorry this has taken me so long but I thought I’d swing by and make a post about how the last SonicLondon meet went. As always it was a success, this time we had 36 guests. Here are the results of our contests :


Sonic Lost World Tournament

  • 1st Place (joint) : Alan Hockham and Ben Thomas
  • Runner-up : Claire Gristwood

Sonic Transformed Tournament

  • 1st Place : Joshua Phillips
  • Runner-up : Andrew Wilson
  • Runner-up : Levi Miles

Art Contest

  • 1st Place : Euan Kennedy
  • Runner-up : Katie Mazurek
  • Runner-up : Baijan


  • Sam


Here are some videos taken at the meet :




Photos :



Please enjoy!

Our next meet's been announced by the way! I'll make a proper post about it shortly. In the meantime please feel free to check out the details/RSVP here : https://www.facebook.com/events/271441743015578/?fref=ts

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Afternoon Florida fans! Sonic Tampa will be holding a meetup on April 5th, and all Sonic fans are invited to attend!


The venue is the Boba House restaurant at 2764 University Square Dr. in Tampa, Florida! The fun begins at noon local time, and everyone is encouraged to bring any Sonic games or comic books they may have.

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Gooood evening my fellow New Yorkers and everyone else who's going to be on the East Coast this May!

Sonic New York is putting together a meetup in Central Park on Saturday, May 31st, and all Sonic fans are welcome to attend. It is a casual event, being a picnic. It is advised you bring your own food and drink, but you are more than welcome to bring more for others to enjoy. If you'd like, bring sports gear, board games, handheld gaming devices, etc. so as to have some fun with other fans!

There is no start or end time at present, but I'll post updates as they come. You can RSVP via the event's Facebook Page.

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