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[17/05/14 -- SEASON 2 PREMIERE] SSR LiVECAST: The Music Plant Zone

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Vizard!logo by Inferno!


Welcome to the Fantasy Zone!

Get ready!



Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Music Plant Zone, SEGASonic:Radio's remix-centric LiVECAST! Please, please, sit down, make yourself at home! We're all friends here!




...and yes, it is named after that one zone from Sonic Advance 2.



Taking up the mantle for Blitz n' Pieces, the Music Plant aims to bring you only the greatest remixes put together by members of the Sonic community. It was initially created to air previews of The Sonic Stadium Music Albums in previous years before becoming its own entity on SS:R, incorporating what were once Sound Test Saturday and the Sound Check into a weekly hour-long show full of remixes and other goodies!

The Music Plant has broadcasted tunes from all sorts of talented artists like Falk, Rocket Ship Resort, Funk Fiction, The Blast Processors, Freen in Green, and the communities at the SSMB, Sonic Paradox, and OCRemix; now it's now asking for you! If there's a tune of yours you'd like to share with us on the airwaves, or if you've any requests, you need only give me a shout! Always welcome to hear your suggestions!

UPDATE: [10/05/14] THE HIATUS HAS BEEN LIFTED! The Music Plant resumes with a 2 hour season premiere NEXT SATURDAY at 7PM EASTERN. At the usual place, guys!

In the meantime, you are free to check out past shows in the Archive!

Comment/Request via
-Profile: Comment or PM me
-Email: vizardjeffhog@sonicstadium.org


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The Music Plant Zone returns to SEGASonic:Radio next week!

After months off air and on hiatus, the remix-centric show resumes Saturday, May 17th, at 7pm Eastern with a 2 hour season premiere! If you have some time to spare, come on down and join the celebration! A LOT of new material has been procured over the break, and I'll be featuring a good chunk of those later this evening!

Plus, the current status of The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2013 will be discussed over the show as well. To get this out of the way: no, it hasn't been cancelled. I'll mainly be talking about what the situation was like and how things are now, but rest assured that the expected full preview special of the album will air sometime this month. A proper date has yet to be decided, but it is currently scheduled to be on the 31st of May (a regular show has already been planned for next week, and the week after will be a bit of a birthday special dedicated to someone who I'm really close to).

Nonetheless, I thank those who have been more than patient and understanding with me and my sudden leave of absence at the start of the year. As some of you may have figured, the main reason why I had to put just about everything off (including working on the album, managing SS:R, and writing on TSS as is) was because school got more and more and more demanding, and priority had to be placed in favour for my studies as I could no longer effectively juggle my online and offline lives at the same time – I'm nearing the end of my curriculum now that I've finished my third year, so there's only one more to go before it's all over (oh THANK GOD I JUST WANT IT TO END ALREADY). Of course, I'll be talking a bit more about this during the actual show itself.

I hope to see you all at the usual place, the SS:R chatroom!

It feels so good to be back!


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