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SLW: Deadly Six Extened UK Trailer "They sound just like...!"

Badnik Mechanic

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I don't see this on the forum yet.




I think it's the boss trailer from last week, only in english.





Zor's opening line is basically the Sonic fanbase in a nutshell ... .. /joke.


Edit 2: Oh we're also talking about it in the general thread... I don't know whats going on anymore... I've just got home from school.

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New thread for new news.

No need to clog things up in a mega thread when we have a subsection.


Ah, fair does.



Hmmm, each theme played for each character has a slightly different style. That's cool


Or not. Having a hard time hearing.

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Zor's 2nd battle looks a lot like the spring yard zone boss layout and also quotes heard...

Zazz: 'You won't like me when I'm angry', 'I'm gonna mess you up', 'I've been itching for a fight all day', 'Stinkin Hedgehog'

Zeena: 'You're going to pay for that', 'I'm just getting ready', 'I'd say you got the right girl going for the job', 'Yaah', 'oooh', 'Now you wouldn't hit a lady would you?'.

Zor: 'Bad news is the one thing I enjoy', Sigh 'another pointless conflict is about to begin' sigh, Zor sounds bored.

Zavok: 'Play time is over hedgehog', 'I will show you my full strength', 'Let's put an end to this hahaha!!', Zavok sounds like Clancy Brown

Zomom: 'I think I'll have you for dessert', 'You're barely a snack', He sounds like Wreck it Ralph.

Master Zik: 'Your time is almost over rash hedgehog', 'I shall teach ye a lesson in respect, a painful lesson', 'Your lesson begins now'.

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Is it me, or does Zazz sound like Dr. Rockso from Metalocalypse? Or a slightly less profanity laden version of Bender from Futurama?


That aside, I'm impressed with the English voices so far. They seem to fit well with each character, though Zeena borders a little on Smurfette for me.

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Well. Those were some voices. Some great voices, I might add.


Zor. At first I thought it really was Roger, but now I can see Vic doing this voice. And I freakin' love it. "SIGH."


Zazz's voice sounds fantastic. I expected him to sound like Jet, but he sounds more like the Nack voice in Darkspeed's Archie dubs.... with a higher pitch. Interesting. 


Master Zik was perfectly fitting. I thought it was just going to be a Master Shifu voice, but it works well. 


Zavok... all right. When I first heard it, even before this trailer, he sounded like Father from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I was impressed then. Now... not so much. It's not the voice that's my problem, it's the delivery. Sounds a little more laid back or relaxed. Good voice, but it needs to get a little more aggressive. Otherwise, it fits great.


Zomom. No real issues. Sounds more like Senor Wreck it. Pretty good stuff.


Zeena's voice threw me off at first. It sounds like Laura Bailey, which is a good thing, but it sounded a little too close to her Maka voice in Soul Eater. Now that I listen to it a second and third time, I've gotta say that it fits better than I'd hoped!


Really, all of these voices are pretty great. Their lines only emphasize this.

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