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SLW: Opening Cut Scene "Eggman... what have you done?"

Badnik Mechanic

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I fucking love how devious Eggman is with his trolling of Sonic like that, just great. I also like how Eggman pulls out a fucking handgun to shoot Sonic and Tails, haven't seen that since SA2, so cool.


And oh wow CG cutscenes! How ive missed you!

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Well this was a nice surprise! CGI cutscenes are back, and the story's already topped Colors and Generations by a landslide (because there's actually a story with a sense of progression, adventure, urgency and more character interactions to boot!). I hope these cutscenes will make it into the 3DS version, similar to UnWiished or at the very least, Colors DS. Really don't want speech bubbles with text for cutscenes, to be honest. =/

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