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Sonic VS The Deadly Six (Boss Battle Discussion)


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In Sonic Lost World, Sonic will have to fight each member of the Deadly Six. So far, it looks like they appear at the end of each Zone 2 and Zone 4 of each area on the Lost Hex:

  • Zazz battles Sonic in Windy Hill
  • Zomom battles Sonic in Desert Ruins
  • Zor battles Sonic in Silent Forest
  • Zeena battles Sonic in Frozen Factory
  • Master Zik battles Sonic in Tropical Beach
  • Zavok battles Sonic in Sky Road
  • It was said in one of the Spanish Previews that was taken down, that there are 8 worlds, although we only currently know about 7 of them...

Today, footage of a the Zazz battles have been revealed, along with new footage of Windy Hill Zone 2.




In the first fight:

  • Zazz takes at least 9 hits to be defeated (well, Sonic hit the moon 6 times and Zazz 3 times)
  • Zazz can be hit with a Homing Attack
  • Sonic can attack the moon like object Zazz is using
  • Wisps cannot be used



In this fight:

  • Sonic chases after Zazz in 2D until he appears in front of Zazz and has to avoid crashing into him
  • Zazz will roll the ball towards Sonic to try and hit him instead of using the stars
  • It only takes 3 hits to knock out Zazz this time
  • Wisps cannot be used

How do you feel about these Mini-Boss Fights? 


Just by watching it, do you think they could been better?


Do you think the other Boss Battles will be harder and more challenging?


How will Zazz and Puffy's tag team change the fight in the Nightmare DLC?

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These look like the mini-bosses of Zazz I bet because they are way too easy to hit, Zazz takes six hits in both fights altogether, Zazz's descent from the moon everytime it gets hit reminds me of the cortex boss fight in crash bandicoot:warped where you have to knock him off and hit him only once and rinse & repeat..

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This boss battle still could of been interesting though mini boss or not. 


Funny how new information there is always something related back to a mario game.

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Totally fine with this for the most part under the consideration that this IS the first stage, and as per usual they are simple as hell. Hopefully they'll be a nice difficulty curve to The Deadly Six as you take 'em down one by one. 


I'm also very happy to mini bosses back! Hopefully this becomes more of a staple...

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Well I'm glad that it seems to be back to the Mega Drive day of "you can pretty much hit me anywhere anytime" and not anything like Mushroom Hill Act 2 IN 3D!!! (as in the Boost games) or Rush's "I-can-only-be-hit-in-a-certain-place-at-a-certain-time-and-oh-man-I-wonder-how-long-I-can-drag-this-on" insanty.

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  • 2 weeks later...

They all look easy to me but then again I am really good at platforming games in general but this fight looks like its holding your hand throughout the whole battle.

They "look" really easy but when you fight them your probably gonna get hit at least once or twice on the harder of the Deadly Six fights. And Idk if you only fight the Deadly Six as mini bosses or if they have main boss fights as well..

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