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LIVECAST: The KickassKawaii Show w/ Edo!

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Welcome to The Kickass Kawaii Show w/ Edo!

There are probably many questions that you maybe asking yourself. What is this show about? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life? Don't fret my dear friend, for in another paragraph or two, we'll be answering all those questions (except maybe the last one, you're on your own). 


This is Edo. (And yes, she drew that)

The Kickass Kawaii Show w/ Edo is a show about Edo playing loads of music, most that come from her love of video games. Throughout the show she will talk about random things that feel like need to be addressed and do whatever she can to entertain the audience. Also, Edo will play requests throughout the show. You can send requetss (with file in attachment) at kickasskawaiiedo@gmail.com Also, If Edo tends to have a high voice, don't panic! It's not your headphones breaking, for Edo tends to have a very chibi-like voice even though she is not young at all. 

Another thing that Edo tries to accomplish is playing a game called
"Name that Video Game Tune" with the people in the Sonic Stadium IRC Chat. 

The game is simple, yet quite difficult. All Edo will do is play three clips of one song throughout the show. These clips are very short (about 2-3 seconds long!) and can be from ANY video game platform (NES, Genesis, PC, Xbox, etc.). All you have to do is figure out what game the song comes from. Extra bonus points are given to those who can even name the Title of the Song. 
But watch out! There is a friend of Edo's that knows this game eve more than she does! His name is Aquas (but she calls him Aquias) and if no one can figure it out, it's up to Aquias to fill in the answer (cause most likely, he'll know it). 

People will get a point for answering correctly and three points for naming the title of the song!
Collecting these points will give you lovely rewards (badges that Edo still needs to work on...sorry)

Here is the list of points given so far: 

Aquias - 5
LeoHightower - 1

For those curious about Edo herself. Edo is 25 and is a female who loves video games. (omg no way!) 
She loves to play video games whenever she gets the chance and also loves to watch anime and draw. Some of her favorite music come from video games. Other music she likes are J-Pop, 80s, Techno, Remixes, and Anime music. 
And for those who are even MORE curious, yes, she loves Sonic The Hedgehog. The game/cartoon/comic series that is. Not him himself (that's kinda weird...how does that even...). Growing up in the world of video games, Edo had eventually bumped into Sonic. Being given a Genesis, Sonic was one of the first games she had ever played on her own. Because of it, Edo loves to collect Sonic stuff whenever she can, mostly figurines and music. 

And there you HAVE IT! All the information you need about Edo and her Kickass Kawaii Show!
You can listen to Edo's Show at Fridays @ 2pm PST.

You can also stalk follow Edo at these 
other places: 

Facebook - 
Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/vicsedobean
Twitter - https://twitter.com/_edobean

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