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I'm really surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet: 

When I first saw this when Episode 2 of Sonic Boom aired, I was brought to tears from laughing so hard even though poor exhausted Sonic didn't deserve that slap. The hilarity factor simply overrode any sympathy I was feeling for Sonic with this scene, I admit ;). Sonic may be my favorite character of all time but that doesn't mean there aren't moments that I would like to slap him myself with some of the silly things he says and does at times. So that, also in addition to this totally catching me off guard, I'm sure that is one thing among many Dr. Eggman has wished to do to Sonic so to actually see that happen in this scene of the Sonic Boom cartoon was surreal as well as hilarious :P

This is another example among many which proves that Dr. Eggman is an awesome and entertaining character no matter what it is he's doing IMO. Especially with this scene as to this day I honestly don't find this any less funny as it still cracks me up to the point of getting teary-eyed ^_^.

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On 4/24/2016 at 2:50 PM, Mister X said:

Have another Knuckles-related video:

Probably been posted here before, but I figured I'd remind everyone of this masterpiece.


I found a nightcore version!

So many Knuckles memes...

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One day i found a page of the dengeki ds sonic colours manga. Praise Google Images.

So i asked a friend and got this translated.


right to left, top to bottom.


1. You're going to invite me on a space vacation?

2. What? You're going to let me eat all the chilli dogs i want?!

3. Heh, looks like I understand you pretty well!

*gets judo flipped*

Sonic: WHYYYYY?!

Tails: I'll make a translating machine...

it seems you got it completely wrong

text on left: As Tails said, first he'll have to make a translating machine, right?

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On 5/29/2016 at 3:03 PM, Green Eyes said:

Sonic no.



I think they were going for "pisses all over the competition." but they kinda faffed it and got this instead.

I can't tell what Sonic's sitting on?


I think it's a windowsill Is that advert real?

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