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Have Sega peaked in terms of original-challenging bosses? *SPOILERS*


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Since most weren't fond of the bosses in Sonic Lost World (and Generations doesn't necessarily count outside of two bosses since most of them were existing one's given a major upgrade, but still felt pretty easy besides Egg Dragoon despite being FUN!), as well as Sonic Colors bosses besides the final boss, what do you guys think?

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The cyan skylander guy riding the moon was pretty terrible in general, both in terms of being interesting and making any kind of gameplay sense.  Super boring pattern and thoroughly unintuitive, attack him by hitting his weapon (The yellow moon), would be like if the famous wrecking ball boss's weak point was the wrecking ball.  

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Keep in mind I haven't actually fought any bosses in the game, but from what I observed, the bosses look better than Generations, and a tad better than Colors, but the difference seems marginal. I don't know why they've had such a hard time with bosses recently, though. It's kind of been like this since Shadow the Hedgehog (I liked some of the bosses in Heroes, shhhhh).


This game has more bosses though, but then the bosses themselves all seem relatively short, so I guess I can say it's better than being trapped in an overly long and tedious boss fight. It's just weird since the bosses looked so easy compared to the game's stages.


Bright side is that no boss looked Time Eater levels of terrible, though.

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Most Sonic bosses kinda suck. Aside from some of the bosses in Rush Adventure, there's really no game in the series that I can load up and say "I want to fight a boss!" They're a thing you do to move on with the game, and you only ever come back to them if you're going for a ranking or if you're replaying the game. So even if the Deadly Six fights are even kinda subpar for this series, I'm not really surprised or disappointed by it.


There's also the issue that the fights are generally at the ends of acts, so they can't really be structured as big, complex challenges without throwing a wrench into the pacing.

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The 3DS version's bosses actual have a health bar & legitly look harder, I bet it has better bosses. The Wii U Bosses:


Zazz: His Moon shoots easy as Pre-K stars to avoid, charges at you like a baws, 2nd fight he throws the moon at you which is slightly more difficult, still easy as shit.


Zomom: Sky Diving Boss is fun as shit, shoots some spiked balls at you & tries to land on you, if you fall off the lego head, your dead. 2nd battle was pretty epic too, 1st part of this fight has you avoiding his quakes to HA him, then you drill to chase after him, afterwards he turns into a sand tornado & chases you back & forth as you parkour between lego heads to avoid & hit him.


Master Zik: Pretty boring, rolls around on a ball of fruit & you need to juice his fruit so you can HA him, you can shoot yourself behind him with the juice, 2nd time around he uses the Hauduken or however you spell that shit & has a fruit barrier, 2nd time around is funner..


Zeena: Pretty nice actually, your in a giant snowball & you pretty much shoot through Zeena's snowmen to reveal her in one of the snowmen & then HA her, 2nd time around looks epic but shes so slow the boss is a fucking joke, I saw someone spam the HA on her before she even got to spin around, pretty much she spins around a snowball head or two that shoot lasers you need to hop over.

Zor: 1st fight is lame, wait till the ball comes around & kick it back at his bird thingie's face then HA him, 2nd time around is actually fun as fuck, your on a row of destructive platforms that Zor turns into a shadow launches clones of himself & shoots himself around, breaking the platforms that your standing on & can easily screw you over, 1 hit & hes down.


Zavok: 1st time around, his dragon shoots fire at you & you need to HA the back of his dragons tail to reveal a platform for you to HA across so you can reach Zavok & HA him, do this like 2-3 times & hes out, 2nd time around hes so trolling, he shoots lasers from his dragon, does a Mega Punch on yo ass & shields himself where you need to kick him & repeadly HA him till you knock him off his dragon, not that simple as it sounds.


Then you have the final boss which im not gonna go into detail about because its pretty much Nega Egg Robo 2.0, his 2nd phase which is faster can be difficult but pretty easy.


These bosses could have been harder but ehh, Sega was never that bright when it came to most Sonic bosses anyway so cool story =D! I cant wait to see how the 3DS versions bosses play out as they actually have health bars & not a 3 hits your out sorta deal.

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I can't say much about how fun the bosses in Lost World are since I'm not going to be buying the Wii U version, but it seems the bosses in this game have been lacking.. hell, what's the word? I guess spectacle will do.






I know I'm being a tad bit unfair comparing Lost World's bosses to Generations as Generations had to bring back the most popular final bosses in each era, but Lost World's battles against the Deadly Six just seem repetitive to me, mainly in the fat one's case(its Zom or something right?) You're just repeatedly climbing over ledges until he shows his face and you hit him, which is how it seems with a lot of the other bosses. While it's true the bosses in Colors and Generations were very easy, and I would like for them to up the challenge factor, at least the visual design in them gave me this huge "oh shit" feeling.

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Here are my impressions on the bosses


Zazz: He can be cheesed if you hit the moon quick enough I liked his comments everytime he got served but he is quite easy about 5 hits 6 hits on the mech moon.


Zomom: His first fight was straightforward but the second one can be a bitch if you don't time the wall running carefully


Zik: He dragged on by floating through the juice and using rocket every three times you hit him his second fight was easy never hit the shield once


Zeena: Loved the boss fight with snowball vs snowman I had to find the correct one to hit zeena and rinse and repeat, second encounter I hate Ice physics here boss was quite challenging


Zor: He was incredibly straightforward and slow haven't faced him the second time yet still unlocking the totem ruins stage overall this game can make you or break you, I Iike challenging games this is an example of one.

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Nope no hard mode for the Wii U version sorry also here are my impressions for all bosses



      Round 1: He's easy to beat not much of a challenge.

      Round 2: Still easy to beat his attacks are telegraphed.


      Round 1: He's slow as hell and easy to beat.

      Round 2: His tornado spin attack is slow as molasses it was boring he's also easy to defeat.


      Round 1: just make him follow you to the fan and onwards his blasts are slow and he's easy as hell not a fun boss fight.

      Round 2: Still he's easy to defeat and that rocket transition between planetoids is annoying.


      Round 1: Was actually fun you need to find the right snowman with Zeena inside it and hit her again overall it's pretty fun and easy.

      Round 2: She was pretty challenging since the ice physics were more of your problem than her.


      Round 1: It was pretty straightforward hit the owl and hit him after he falls off.

      Round 2: It was a piss poor battle he only needs three hits and he's gone.


      Round 1: It was pretty dull after you hit the tail climb on the dragon mech and make your way to Zavok and homing attack.

      Round 2: He can be a handful if you don't know how to defeat him if you do he'll stomp the dragon causing the tail to break off.


Boss Rush 1: It's pretty easy to beat all three but the lava pulls a dick move like the stream in the biolizard battle overall okay.

Boss Rush 2: Can be difficult with Zeena since if you homing attack her you are guaranteed to hit the spikes too but she's not that hard, Zor isn't even a boss fight more like a rush to the top and Zavok's isn't really difficult along with his second form which can be easy.


Eggman: He's just like the same attack strategy of a mix between the time eater's crushing hands and egg nega wisp's lasers overall not even difficult.

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