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Sonic Lost World Launch Trailer

Badnik Mechanic

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I don't know if this particually matters considering todays events but... yeah.


Wii U launch trailer.




3DS launch trailer.




This sarcasm is a little uncalled for, and if you read through it a few times, you may get an impression of why it derailed this topic, so I took the liberty of removing it. To all other members, respond to the actual topic at hand in order to keep it alive. Thanks! -Diz

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I'm excited. Watched the trailers, got me pumped to play another Sonic game. The only negative I'm dwelling on right now is that I have to wait until the 29th.


I haven't been around TSSMB as often as I have been in the past, mainly because of times like this when a game releases and there is more dwelling on any sort of negative that can be found than simply playing and enjoying the latest installment in a franchise. Not to say that we must blindly love everything, nor am I saying that I don't enjoy discussing the negative points, but after "the dark times" of '02 through to '08, I've come to look forward to Sonic games again. Sure Colors, Generations, and Lost World don't reach the highs of the '90's, but they're far from the crap of the mid '00's. I look at the negatives being lodged against Lost World and they seem so insignificant to Sonic '06, 60% of Sonic Unleashed, and Sonic 4 Episode 1. In a perfect world, Sonic games would get 10/10 and be masterworks, but I've found my life is far less stressful when I enjoy whats to be enjoyed, and don't dwell on and go into a depression because boss stages are unexciting or controls have changed from the last game. 

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That 3DS trailer got me excited. The only thing I don't like is the reaction to the special stages. I really don't want to move around in literal circles in the special stages. I would have preferred the Mario and Luigi Dream Team mechanic of just moving the console side to side for the Luiginary Ball.

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Funny that the US versions are still called 'Launch Trailers' when the game's not out there until the 29th.


Here are the EU versions:

Wii U






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