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Sonic Transformed iOS CONFIRMED (For December)

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Amy cannot be selected = dealbreaker

Multiplayer locked = another dealbreaker


If I didn't have a Facebook account, that would also have been another dealbreaker.


WTH were they thinking with these IAPs?! I mean this game reeks of IAPs! I am disappointed with you Sega. You think the early success of people spending $40 on Dash's IAPs is going to happen again? Until this game goes free (or they remove most of these IAPs lockables), I will not touch this. SUMO please tell me you have tried to reason with this bullcrap of IAPs.

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Is that what I think it is? A microtransaction link right next to the weapon/accelerator button?


"Take that my facebook friend... Oh shit I just bought 50 Blowfish!"

Looks like it. Why would you want/need to buy stars while in a race? Maybe you can buy your All-Star move to use?

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... ... .... So which one of the TSS staff would you like to review this version of the game?


Shadzter = $3.99

Hogfather = $3.99

VEDJF = $3.99

Swiss = $3.99

Dreadknux = $3.99

Vizard = $3.99


TSS Multi-Review VIP Super Pass = $9.99


The TSS Review experience Super hyper Combo Wish Mode + Ryo Hazuki Console mode = $12.99



Quote this post? $1.99

Like this post? $2.99



For those prices, I'd expect the review score to be in the high 80s. Arbitrary numbers for all!


Normally I'd do some sort of take on this from a different perspective... but I can't think of one for this port. I'd give it a try to see if it's an overreaction on the fanbase's part but the buy in is pretty steep for that many micro transactions. :(

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Actually... I was looking at the initial announcement again and a thought occured to me...




Did I miss anything?


Yeah, you probably can unlock them without spending anything, but really... a racing game without multiplayer, other characters and GP mode from the start?


Edit: Oh... so apparently I misread 'three' as 'there' when I saw this last night which made it seem hilariously worse than it is... ... .. yeah I was quite tired when I looked at this image.

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Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed promotes texting while driving. For shame.

*looks at right side of screen* God where the heck is that boost I really need it right no-OH MY GOD *crashes into giant poker chip*

Narrator: 10,000 people are killed by selecting items while driving, don't let the next one be you.

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Okay guys, after some research about this game I found out more:


  • You start the game off with 5000 rings and 1 star
  • All characters are locked from the beginning.
    • However Sonic, Amy, Tails and Ulala can be purchased with rings (around 3000 rings) from the start. You can choose ONE character only from the four as you have 5000 rings (unless you fork up some cash)
    • The rest of the characters can be purchased with rings too--- after you complete some certain events in World Tour (or weekly/daily challenges?). Like Knuckles will be unlocked for you after you finish a certain event and you purchased him with rings (3000 or 5000? I forgot)
  • You know that Spin wheel we have in the console versions while the race loads? That has been enhanced! And not in a good way...
    • There are three slots. Single Spin, Double Spin, Triple Spin.
    • Single Spin gives you one item to use in the race. Costs 500 rings
    • Double Spin gives you two items to use in the race. Costs 1000 rings.
    • Triple Spin gives you three. Costs 1 star.
    • You can get an All-Star move if you are lucky.
  • World Tour Difficulties
    • EASY mode on World Tour on each event is free to play.
    • MEDIUM, HARD and EXPERT modes on each event are locked and cost stars (or rings?) for them to be unlocked. Whether the mode is unlocked forever when you pay once or you pay each time I don't know. Look at "Free Races Forever" shop item pass.
  • Challenges (There are two types of challenges...)
    • Complete a weekly challenge and you earn stars to spend.
    • Complete a daily challenge and you earn rings to spend.
  • The Shop (The items)
    • VIP Pass - Unlock Sonic, Tails, Ulala and Amy from the start with multiplayer unlocked. 30 Stars included in the bundle. $5.
    • Free Races Forever! - All World Tour difficulties unlocked and can be replayed forever. Probably $8+
    • Character Booster Pack -  Unlock Amigo, BD Joe, Gum, Joe and Eggman forever. Probably $8+
    • Boss Character Pack - Unlock Metal Sonic and Ralph forever. $5.
    • Rivals Characters Pack - Unlock Knuckles and Shadow forever $5.
    • Ring Converter (4 Packs - Convert stars to rings)
      • 12,000 Rings = Costs 12 Stars
      • 28,000 Rings = 24 Stars
      • 64,000 Rings = 48 Stars
      • 96,000 Rings = 64 Stars
    • Star Store (Use your cash to purchase stars)
      • Don't know the US$ yet but there are 4 packs to buy - 10, 50, 110, 170.

Note: You earn rings by completing a World Tour event.


So if I buy around 50 all star moves I can use them one after the other in a single race?

It's possible. I don't think it applies online though, just single player.

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So you need to pay rings in order to play on higher difficulties? Geez this really is the version for casual gaming which isn't a bad thing but it could be bad for the people who like to have a challenge.

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This game is iOS 7 only too. You must have iOS 7 on your iOS device to play this game. And I would never recommend iPhone 4 users to get this game. Any other iOS 7 device though should be fine.


P.S - But I personally recommend anyway that you should never get this game regardless on what device you have until they sort out the IAP stuff. It's ridiculous and pathetic. I know Sumo worked hard on this game but come on.

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I don't think iOS 7 is even available on 4th gen devices, so they have no choice.

It won't be another Sonic Dash for them.

iOS 7 is on 4th gen devices.

The IAPs in this are way OTT. I could tolerate them if them (without buying any) if the game free like ASR is. But for the price of this, sorry it's just not happening.

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